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Aeropress vs Clever Dripper: Know The Exact Difference

Henry Muller

If you're a coffee lover, you're likely always searching for the perfect brewing method to extract the most flavor and aroma from your beans.

The AeroPress and the Clever Dripper are two popular options in the world of manual coffee brewing, each with its unique approach to crafting that perfect cup of coffee.

In this blog, I will be comparing Aeropress and Clever Dripper to help you decide which one might best fit your coffee-brewing needs.

Aeropress overview

What is Aeropress?

The Aeropress is a compact and ingenious coffee brewing device that has become a favorite among coffee connoisseurs since its introduction in 2005.

Designed by Alan Adler, the mind behind the Aerobie Flying Disc, this innovative gadget revolutionizes how coffee is brewed. At its core, the Aeropress combines air pressure and immersion brewing to extract rich flavors from coffee grounds.

It comprises a cylindrical chamber, a rubber-sealed plunger, a detachable cap, and a filter. To use it, one places a paper or metal filter in the cap, adds coffee grounds (usually medium-fine grind), pours hot water, stirs the mixture, and then gently presses the plunger.

This creates a vacuum seal, forcing water through the coffee grounds and filter, resulting in a clean and flavorful cup of coffee.

The Aeropress offers numerous benefits, including portability, ease of use, versatility in brewing, quick brew times, minimal cleanup, affordability, and a capacity to produce a clean and smooth coffee with vibrant flavors and reduced bitterness.

While it primarily caters to single servings, its simplicity, and ability to experiment with various brewing parameters make it a beloved choice for coffee enthusiasts worldwide.

How to use Aeropress?

Using the Aeropress to brew a delicious cup of coffee is a straightforward process.

Step 1

Start by assembling the Aeropress. Place a paper or metal filter in the detachable cap, and then attach the cap securely to the bottom of the cylindrical chamber.

Step 2

Add your preferred amount of coffee grounds to the chamber. A medium-fine grind is ideal, and the quantity can be adjusted to suit your taste.

Step 3

Bring water to a boil and let it cool down to the temperature you want for brewing. Sprinkle the hot water on top of the coffee grounds in the machine. Make sure that all of the grounds are completely wet.

Step 4

Use the provided stirrer or a spoon to stir the coffee-water mixture gently. This step helps to distribute the grounds and promote extraction evenly.

Step 5

Insert the plunger into the chamber and exert a light downward force. The plunger creates a vacuum seal, pushing coffee through the filter and into the cup.

Step 6

Once you've pressed down the plunger thoroughly, remove the Aeropress from your cup, and you're ready to enjoy your freshly brewed coffee.


1) Brewing Control

The Aeropress offers precise control over brewing variables, including grind size, water temperature, and steeping time. This control allows you to customize your coffee to achieve the perfect flavor profile.

2) Portability

Its compact and lightweight design makes the Aeropress ideal for travelers, campers, or anyone with limited space. It's easy to carry and doesn't require electricity, making it versatile.

3) Versatility

The Aeropress can deliver whether you prefer a strong espresso-like shot or a milder coffee. Its flexibility lets you experiment and adapt to your coffee cravings.

4) Less Brew Time

The Aeropress is known for its speed. It can produce a flavorful cup of coffee in just a few minutes, making it perfect for those hectic mornings.

5) Minimal Cleanup

Cleanup is a breeze with the Aeropress. After brewing, you eject the used coffee grounds and rinse the device, saving time and effort.

6) Affordability

The Aeropress is reasonably priced, making it accessible to most coffee lovers without breaking the bank.

7) Flavor Profile

It produces a clean, smooth cup with bright flavors and low bitterness. The air pressure and immersion brewing method extract the best qualities from your coffee beans.

8) Durability

Made of durable materials, the Aeropress can withstand frequent use and is known for its longevity, offering excellent value for its cost.


1) Single Servings

One of the primary drawbacks of the Aeropress is its limited capacity. It typically brews only one cup of coffee at a time. This can be inconvenient for those who need to brew larger quantities for multiple people or gatherings.

2) Paper Filters

While some users appreciate the use of disposable paper filters for the clean cup it produces, others may have environmental concerns. Constantly using paper filters can generate waste, although reusable metal filters are available as an eco-friendly alternative.

3) Complexity for Beginners

Despite its versatility, the Aeropress might initially seem a bit complex for beginners. Paying attention to things like grind size, water temperature, and steeping time can be hard for someone who is new to making coffee.

4) Limited Espresso Imitation

While the Aeropress can create a concentrated coffee similar to espresso, it may not fully replicate the complexity and cream of a true espresso machine for those who are particular about their espresso shots.

5) Potential for Breakage

Although generally durable, some users have reported issues with the rubber seal on the plunger, which can wear out over time. Additionally, the plastic construction may not be as resilient as metal or glass alternatives.

Clever Dripper Overview

What is a clever dripper?

The Clever Dripper is a unique and innovative coffee brewing device that combines the best elements of pour-over and immersion brewing methods. It was designed to simplify the coffee brewing process while ensuring a consistently flavorful cup of coffee.

This cleverly designed dripper consists of a plastic or ceramic cone with a valve mechanism at the bottom. To brew coffee with the Clever Dripper, position a paper or metal filter in the cone and fill it with the desired quantity of coffee grounds. Then, pour heated water over the grounds and allow them to steep for a predetermined amount of time.

What sets the Clever Dripper apart is its ingenious valve system. Simply set the dripper on top of your coffee cup or carafe after the steeping period is over, and the valve will open to let the brewed coffee trickle through. This mechanism gives you control over the steeping time and extraction, much like a French press, but with a pour-over of clean and bright results.

How to use a clever coffee dripper?

Step 1

You'll need a Clever Dripper, coffee grounds, hot water (just off the boil), a timer, and your favorite coffee mug or carafe.

Step 2

Insert a metal or paper filter into the Clever Coffee Dripper. Warm the dripper and rinse the filter with hot water to eradicate any paper flavor.

Step 3

Determine the intended quantity of coffee grounds. The standard ratio of coffee to water is approximately 1 part coffee to 15 parts water. Adapt according to your flavor preferences.

Step 4

Start a timer and add enough hot water to adequately saturate the coffee grounds with water. Allow approximately 30 seconds for the coffee to develop.

Step 5

Pour scalding water over the coffee grounds in a circular motion until the desired water-to-coffee ratio is reached. To ensure uniform extraction, stir gently.

Step 6

Place the lid on the Clever Dripper and percolate for the desired amount of time, usually between 3 and 4 minutes.

Step 7

Place the Clever Dripper atop your cup or carafe, and coffee will percolate through the valve. Remove the dripper, and your cup of coffee is ready to be consumed.

Step 8

Experiment with different coffee types, grind sizes, and steeping times to find the perfect brew that suits your taste. The Clever Coffee Dripper offers control and convenience for a consistently great cup of coffee.


1) Consistency

The Clever Coffee Dripper offers a foolproof brewing process, ensuring consistent results every time. The steeping time and extraction are easy to control, leading to a reliably flavorful cup.

2) Versatility

It accommodates various grind sizes and coffee types, allowing you to experiment and customize your brew to match your preferences.

3) Convenience

The Clever Dripper combines the best of pour-over and immersion methods, offering a hassle-free way to brew excellent coffee without requiring extensive equipment or complex techniques.

4) Full Flavor Extraction

The immersion-style brewing lets the coffee grounds interact with the water thoroughly, resulting in a full-bodied and aromatic cup with a clean finish.

5) Ease of Use

Its simple design and valve mechanism make it beginner-friendly. Follow the steps, and you'll get a consistently great brew without the steep learning curve.

6) Minimal Cleanup

Once you're done brewing, cleaning up is a breeze as you only need to dispose of the used filter and rinse the Clever Dripper.

7) Portability

The Clever Dripper is compact and lightweight, making it ideal for travel or use in places with limited access to specialized coffee equipment.


1) Limited Capacity

The Clever Dripper is primarily designed for single-cup brewing. If you need to brew large quantities of coffee for a group, you'll have to repeat the process multiple times.

2) Steep Time Dependency

While the steeping time is adjustable, some coffee lovers may prefer even more control over the extraction process, which the Clever Dripper might not provide to the same extent as other methods.

3) Maintenance

The valve mechanism may become prone to wear and tear with time, perhaps resulting in leaks or difficulty in functioning. Regular cleaning and maintenance are necessary to keep it in good condition.

4) Extra Equipment

While the Clever Dripper is relatively simple to use, it still requires additional items like filters, a kettle for heating water, and a timer. Some users may find this less convenient than all-in-one brewing systems.

5) Subjective Taste

The Clever Dripper's immersion-style brewing may not suit everyone's taste preferences. Some coffee enthusiasts prefer the precision and control offered by other brewing methods, such as pour-over or espresso.

Aeropress vs clever dripper: Quick comparison

The Aeropress operates by using air pressure to extract flavors in which coffee grounds are loaded into a chamber and hot water is then pressed through a filter. On the other hand, Clever Dripper uses a pour-over technique in which coffee grounds steep in hot water, and the brew is released through a valve at the bottom of the device.

Aeropress provides control over various brewing factors, including brew time, temperature, and the amount of agitation, the Clever Dripper offers a more hands-off brewing experience, relying on steeping without requiring constant interaction.

Also, the Aeropress is quick to brew whereas Clever Dripper takes a longer time. Where Aeropress is known to produce a stronger cup of coffee, the Clever Dripper produces a full-bodied and rich cup of coffee.

let's have a look at other differences.

1) Brewing Method


The Aeropress combines air pressure and immersion brewing. After steeping the coffee grinds in hot water, the coffee is extracted by pushing the plunger down and forcing the coffee through a paper or metal filter.

Clever Dripper:

The Clever Dripper uses immersion brewing as a method of brewing. Similar to the pour-over method, coffee grounds are steeped in hot water for a predetermined amount of time before being released through a valve at the bottom into your cup.

Winner: Both

The choice between these brewing methods largely depends on personal preference. Some may prefer the added pressure and filtration of the Aeropress, while others appreciate the simplicity and control of the Clever Dripper.

2) Ease of Use


The Aeropress is known for its ease of use. Add coffee grounds, pour hot water, stir, and press. It's straightforward and beginner-friendly.

Clever Dripper:

The Clever Dripper is also quite easy to use. Add coffee grounds, pour water, steep, and then release the brewed coffee. It's a user-friendly option, especially for those new to manual brewing.

Winner: Both

Both the Aeropress and the Clever Dripper are extremely user-friendly, making them suitable for both novice and seasoned coffee enthusiasts.

3) Portability


The Aeropress is compact and lightweight, making it a fantastic choice for travelers, campers, or anyone on the go. It easily fits into a backpack or suitcase.

Clever Dripper:

The Clever Dripper is also relatively portable, but it's bulkier than the Aeropress due to its larger size. It may not be as convenient for travel as the Aeropress.

Winner: Aeropress

The Aeropress wins in terms of portability due to its compact size and weight, making it an ideal companion for coffee lovers on the move.

4) Versatility


The Aeropress is highly versatile and allows for various brewing methods, including traditional, inverted, and even espresso-style. You can experiment with different recipes to find your preferred taste.

Clever Dripper:

The Clever Dripper is versatile in its own right, but it primarily excels in the immersion brewing method. While you can adjust the steeping time and grind size, it may offer a different range of experimentation than the Aeropress.

Winner: Aeropress

For those who enjoy exploring different coffee brewing techniques, the Aeropress offers a wider range of possibilities.

5) Brew Time


The Aeropress typically produces coffee in about 1-2 minutes, depending on your preferred brewing method. It's known for its quick brew time.

Clever Dripper:

The Clever Dripper's brew time is slightly longer, usually ranging from 3-4 minutes. It requires a bit more patience.

Winner: Aeropress

If you're in a hurry and need your caffeine fix fast, the Aeropress is the better choice with its shorter brew time.

6) Coffee Used


The Aeropress generally requires a finer grind and allows for the use of a variety of coffee beans. It's versatile when it comes to coffee selection.

Clever Dripper:

The Clever Dripper is less picky about the grind size and can work well with a coarser grind. It's forgiving if you need access to a grinder.

Winner: Clever Dripper

For those who appreciate the convenience of not worrying about grind size, the Clever Dripper is the winner in this category.

7) Clean-Up


The Aeropress is relatively easy to clean. You simply remove the filter cap, eject the coffee puck and filter into the trash, and rinse the plunger and chamber.

Clever Dripper:

The Clever Dripper is also straightforward to clean. You remove the filter, dispose of the coffee grounds, and rinse the device.

Winner: Both

Both the Aeropress and Clever Dripper are hassle-free when it comes to clean-up, requiring minimal effort.

8) Price


The Aeropress is budget-friendly and offers excellent value for the quality it delivers. It's an affordable option for most coffee enthusiasts.

Clever Dripper:

The Clever Dripper is also reasonably priced, falling within a similar price range as the Aeropress.

Winner: Both

In terms of affordability, both the Aeropress and Clever Dripper are accessible to a wide range of consumers.

9) Flavor


The Aeropress is known for producing a clean and crisp cup of coffee with the option to experiment with various brewing methods for different flavor profiles.

Clever Dripper:

Due to the immersion brewing method, the Clever Dripper tends to produce a slightly fuller-bodied and aromatic coffee.

Winner: Tie

Flavor preference is highly subjective, and both the Aeropress and Clever Dripper excel in their own ways, appealing to different taste preferences.

10) Durability


The Aeropress is made of durable substances, so it can be used for years without showing a lot of wear and tear. It's made to last.

Clever Dripper:

The Clever Dripper is also made from quality materials, but its valve mechanism may be susceptible to wear over time. With proper care, it can still last a long time.

Winner: Aeropress

In terms of long-term durability, the Aeropress edges ahead with its robust design and fewer moving parts.

11) Grind Size


The Aeropress generally requires a finer grind size, which is ideal for those who prefer espresso-like or strong coffee.

Clever Dripper:

The Clever Dripper is more forgiving and can work with a coarser grind, making it suitable for those who prefer a milder brew.

Winner: Clever Dripper

For those who value flexibility in grind size, the Clever Dripper's tolerance for coarser grinds is an advantage.

12) Ease of Traveling


The Aeropress is a favorite among travelers due to its compact size, low weight, and durability. It's the ideal choice for coffee lovers on the move.

Clever Dripper:

While the Clever Dripper is portable, it may not be as convenient for travel as the Aeropress due to its larger size.

Winner: Aeropress

Once again, the Aeropress takes the lead when it comes to ease of traveling, making it the preferred choice for coffee enthusiasts on their adventures.

Clever coffee dripper or aeropress: Which one to choose?

Both devices have their strengths and weaknesses, making it challenging to declare an overall winner. The choice ultimately depends on your individual preferences and needs.

The Aeropress is the superior option if you value portability, versatility, quick brew times, and durability. It's the perfect companion for those constantly moving and those who enjoy experimenting with various brewing methods.

On the other hand, the Clever Dripper is an excellent choice if you prefer a more forgiving brew process, flexibility in grind size, and a slightly different flavor profile. It's user-friendly and offers a unique immersion brewing experience.

Both instruments have earned their place in the hearts of coffee enthusiasts worldwide. Whether you opt for the Aeropress's precision or the Clever Dripper's simplicity, you can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee every time. The ultimate winner is the one that aligns with your taste and lifestyle.

Wrapping up

Here, I have got you covered with a comparison between the Aeropress and the clever coffee dripper. The Aeropress shines in terms of portability, versatility, brew time, and ease of cleaning, making it a go-to for travelers and experimenters.

On the other hand, the Clever Dripper offers flexibility in grind size and a balanced flavor profile, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a more traditional drip-style brew. Whichever you choose, both these methods can help you brew a fantastic cup of coffee, tailor-made to your liking.


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