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Start with a recipe

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Start with a blog

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Choose your coffee brewing method
Choose your coffee brewing method

Topics we’re interested in

  • Different brewing methods and tips
  • Informative posts on coffee makers
  • Varieties of coffee grinders
  • Anything related to coffee beans
  • Trending news, business or just any good story related to coffee

Our Style and Guidelines to Follow

style to follow

  • Come up with a title that grabs the audience’s attention.
  • Be honest and authentic. Allow your personality to shine through your content.
  • Your story should be informative and provide some insight to the readers.
  • Use a conversational tone like you’re talking to a friend.
  • Make use of bullet points and numbered lists appropriately.
  • Make use of headlines and subheadlines to organise your content.

Guidelines to follow

  • Your content should be unique. It must not have been published elsewhere.
  • Your post should be strictly related to coffee.
  • Keep your introduction short, preferably less than 100 words. It should intrigue readers to read more.
  • Don’t include images/graphics or videos in your post that leads to copyright infringement.
  • If you mention any study, fact or statistic, make sure you include a link to the source.
  • We reserve the right to edit or decline your post if it violates our guidelines and doesn’t resonate with our brand.