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7 Best 4-Cup Coffee Makers to Buy in 2024

Henry Muller

Are you a coffee lover who brews frequent cups in a day but ends up brewing more than required? Then you must check out these coffee machines that have the capability of brewing 4 cups of coffee in a single session.

These coffee machines offer a convenient and efficient way to brew delicious cups of coffee without wasting any.

In this article, I will give you a list of the best 4-cup coffee makers. Along with this, I will also give you a buying guide that will help you choose the right 4-cup coffee machine.

Things to consider when buying a 4-cup coffee maker

1) Size

Consider the size of a 4-cup coffee maker, as it directly impacts the functionality, convenience, and space utilization in your kitchen.

A 4-cup coffee maker is easily portable and takes up less counter space, which makes it ideal for individuals and homebrewers with 2-3 coffee enthusiasts.

Check the coffee maker's size and make sure it fits your kitchen. Also, consider the size of the carafe and check if it can hold enough coffee as per your needs.

2) Performance

The performance of a coffee maker determines the overall user experience with a 4-cup coffee maker.

So pick a coffee maker that can brew mouth-watering cups and has settings like a programmable timer, brew strength settings, or automatic shut-off to improve your customized coffee experience.

3) Quality

The durability and reliability of a coffee maker depend on the quality of its materials. It is important to select a coffee maker with a carafe made of high-quality materials.

Stainless steel carafes, for example, are known for their top-notch durability compared to glass carafes.

Opting for a coffee maker with a high-quality stainless steel carafe can extend its lifespan, ensuring that you can enjoy delicious coffee for a longer period.

4) User-friendliness

To ensure an effortless user experience, it is vital to have a 4-cup coffee maker that supports easy brewing and cleaning.  
Opting for a coffee maker that is simple to clean, disassemble, and maintain will significantly reduce the time and effort spent on the brewing process. This convenience makes the coffee-making experience hassle-free and enjoyable for users.

5) Brewing speed

Different coffee makers having the same 4-cup brewing capacity may differ in speed. While some coffee makers can brew 4 cups quickly, others may take more time.

So it is better to look for the brewing speed before you make a purchase. Also while considering the brewing speed, you should make sure that the coffee machine brews coffee quickly while maintaining the quality of the coffee.

6) Includes carafe or not

Carafe helps you store the brewed coffee as well as keep the coffee warm for a longer period. So it is better to have a coffee brewer that includes a carafe, be it thermal or normal.

However, whether a coffee maker will include a carafe or not depends on its price. So in my opinion choose a 4-cup coffee maker that includes a carafe.

7 Best 4-cup coffee makers

1) Gevi 4 Cups small coffee maker

Gevi 4 Cups small coffee maker

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All the GEVI coffee makers are known for their easy operability. You just need to press the ON/OFF switch, and within minutes, you can enjoy the enticing aroma of freshly brewed coffee. The ON/OFF indicator light keeps you informed about the status of the machine.

This Gevi 4-cup coffee maker includes a keep-warm function thanks to which you can prevent the brewed coffee from getting cold.

This coffee maker is included with a stain-resistant warming plate that keeps your coffee warm after it's brewed until you decide to turn it off. This feature ensures that every cup you pour is steaming hot and ready to be enjoyed. So even if you get distracted from the brewing, you can enjoy warm coffee every time.

This 4-cup coffee maker is designed with a removable filter basket that includes a reusable filter. This not only saves money and reduces waste but also makes the cleanup process quick and easy.

Thanks to its auto-pause feature, you can remove the carafe and pour yourself a cup before the brewing is complete. In short, just pause, pour, and indulge in your favorite coffee on demand.

Being compact, this coffee brewer can be stored even if you have less space in your kitchen or office area that too without sacrificing the brewing quality.

This 4-cup coffee maker comes with a 600W fast-boil drip extraction system which ensures a quick and efficient brewing process. Within just 4-5 minutes.

The six-hole outlet in this coffee maker ensures an even distribution of steam over the surface of the coffee grounds during the brewing process. With this feature, you can ensure flavor extraction, resulting in a rich and robust cup of coffee with every brew.

Despite being small, the water storing capacity of this machine is 600 ml which allows you to brew up to 4 cups of coffee with ease. The visual gauge makes it simple to monitor the water level, ensuring you never run out of water during the brewing process.

This coffee machine features a separate-type basket and filter design which makes it convenient to remove, clean, and reassemble. This thoughtful construction not only simplifies maintenance but also ensures consistently great-tasting coffee.

You also get a carafe with this coffee maker. This carafe is manufactured from borosilicate BPA-free material so that you can ensure the absence of harmful chemicals in your coffee. Additionally, the coffee maker comes equipped with an anti-leaking hole in the water tank and overheating protection.


1) Dimension: 9.52"D x 7.32"W x 12.2"H

2) Weight: 2 pounds

3) Wattage: 600W

4) Type: Drip coffee maker


  • Auto pause
  • Fast brewing
  • Includes carafe
  • Removable filter basket
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to use


  • The filter compartment is hard to open
  • Carafe seems fragile

2) Brentwood TS-213BK small coffee machine

Brentwood TS-213BK

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The Brentwood TS-213BK is one of the top small 4-cup drip coffee makers available in the USA. It comes with an easy-to-use design, so even if you are new to operating coffee makers, you will be able to do this without much hassle.

Since this coffee maker has a brewing capacity of 4 cups, it is perfectly suited for individual use or a small household.

The Brentwood TS-213BK comes complete with a 4-cup glass coffee carafe that allows you to see the rich color of your coffee as it brews. The warming plate feature keeps your freshly brewed coffee hot and ready to drink.

This coffee maker includes a reusable filter basket, which helps you save money. This also reduces unnecessary waste. With a convenient water level window, you can easily see the amount of water required for your desired number of cups. This feature promotes precise measurements.

If you buy this coffee machine, you will get a coffee scooper, which will help you achieve the perfect coffee-to-water ratio.

This machine is easy to clean, too. The unit's components can be effortlessly disassembled for a quick and thorough cleaning, maintaining the coffee maker's optimal performance over time.

Since this 4-cup coffee machine includes a cool-touch housing and carafe handle, you can be assured of safe handling during and after the brewing process.

The built-in power indicator light keeps you informed about the operational status of the coffee maker. This feature provides added convenience by letting you know when the machine is on and ready to brew your coffee.


1) Dimension: 24.08 x 28.89 x 26.48 inches

2) Weight: 2 pounds

3) Wattage: 650W

4) Type: Drip coffee machine


  • Warm plate feature
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to use
  • Includes carafe
  • ON/OFF LED indicator


  • No automatic cut-off

3) Elite Gourmet drip coffee brewer

Elite Gourmet drip coffee brewer

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The Elite Gourmet coffee maker features a semi-transparent water reservoir with a 5-cup capacity. The level indicator ensures you always have enough water ready for brewing by this you can eliminate the need for guesswork and ensure a smooth coffee-making process.

Though here you are looking for a 4-cup coffee maker with this coffee maker, you can even brew 5 cups of coffee.

Thanks to its Pause 'N Serve feature, you can enjoy a cup of fresh coffee mid-brew. Whether you're running low on time or craving a quick coffee fix, this feature lets you enjoy a cup without disrupting the brewing process.

The swing-out basket of this coffee maker comes with a reusable filter, offering an environmentally friendly alternative to paper cone filters. Not only does this reduce waste, but it also saves you the additional cost of constantly buying disposable filters.

This coffee maker comes with an ON/OFF switch with which you can easily start and shut this machine. This switch also includes a light so you can easily identify whether the machine is on or off.


1) Dimension: 7.9"D x 6.6"W x 9.2"H

2) Weight: 2.64 pounds

3) Wattage: 1200W

4) Type: Drip coffee maker


  • Pause and serve feature
  • Includes reusable filters
  • Re-usable filter
  • Easy ON/OFF


  • Spilling problem

4) Mr. Coffee's 4-cup coffee machine

Mr. Coffee's 4-cup coffee machine

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Mr. Coffee's programmable coffee maker is an excellent choice for coffee enthusiasts wishing to brew four cups of coffee. If I talk about its brewing capacity, then it can brew up to 25 oz. of coffee, which equals two 12-oz. cups.

Thanks to its Brew Later feature, you can set your coffee maker ahead of time and wake up to freshly brewed coffee. This convenient option ensures that your favorite brew is ready for you as soon as you need it. So if your mornings are busy, it can help you save a good amount of time.

Due to its well-designed ergonomic carafe, it offers a hassle-free pouring and handling experience. With the inclusion of ounce markings on the carafe, you can easily ensure the perfect coffee-to-water ratio for a consistent taste of the coffee.

This 4-cup coffee maker also includes the Grab-A-Cup Auto Pause feature. With this feature, you can simply pause the brewing process, pour yourself a cup, and then resume brewing without any spills or mess.

With this machine, you will never face the issue of overflowing water, as it comes with a small transparent water window through which you can see the water level. This feature will also prevent you from running out of water.

Along with this, its 2-hour auto shut-off feature automatically turns off the coffee maker after two hours, so even if you forget to switch it off, you don't need to worry about it.

Thanks to its lift and clean filter basket, you can easily remove and clean the filter basket. This will help you keep your coffee maker working for a longer period of time.

This 4-cup coffee-making machine also includes a water filtration disk and frame that help remove chlorine from water. This simple yet effective addition ensures your coffee tastes its best every time you brew it.

To save you from worrying about running out of paper filters, this coffee brewing machine comes with a reusable nylon coffee filter. After each use, you just need to wash the filter, and it's ready for the next brewing session.


1) Dimension: 10.24 x 9.41 x 7.09 inches

2) Weight: 3.03 pounds

3) Wattage: 900W

4) Type: Programmable drip coffee maker


  • Auto shut off
  • Easy to clean
  • Brew later feature
  • A transparent window to see the water levels
  • Ergonomic carafe design
  • Includes reusable nylon filters


  • Can’t withstand rough handling

5) Dominion 4-cup coffee maker

Coffee maker by Dominion

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The Dominion 4-Cup coffee machine comes with a fast brewing process so that you can enjoy your favorite coffee quickly and efficiently.

Its slim and compact design is an excellent space-saving solution. This makes this coffee maker a good fit for small kitchens or office spaces. When not in use, you can put this coffee maker into cupboards or cabinets so that you can keep your countertops clutter-free.

You can stay informed about the coffee maker's status with the on/off LED indicator light, which indicates when the unit is being used. The coffee maker's auto-pause feature enables you to grab a single cup (1 cup = 5 oz) of coffee while the rest continues to brew.

With transparent water window markings, you can easily brew a precise amount of coffee without fear of spillage.

Also, with this 4-cup coffee maker, you will not face dripping issues as it comes with a glass carafe that is designed to prevent dripping so that you can ensure a mess-free coffee experience.

The added benefit of cord storage around the base of the unit allows you to neatly roll up the cord for easy storage, keeping your kitchen or office space organized.

Thanks to the built-in insulated stay-warm plate, you can keep your coffee consistently warm even after brewing, ensuring that your last cup tastes as delicious as the first.

The removable filter basket allows for quick and easy clean-up, while the hot plate can be easily wiped down. For added convenience, you also get the large and easy-to-open top lid, which simplifies the process of cleaning the inside of the coffee maker.


1) Dimension: 10.71 x 9.29 x 7.95 inches

2) Weight: 3.05 pounds

3) Wattage: N/A

4) Type: Drip coffee brewer


  • Well-marked for precision
  • Includes stay-warm plate
  • Cord storage for easy storage
  • Compact size
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to use


  • According to some users, this machine brews less coffee than it is set for

6) KRUPS drip coffee maker

KRUPS drip coffee maker

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This compact coffee maker comes with a large door opening so that you can refill it with water easily. Its deep water tank has a good capacity which allows you to brew up to 4-5 cups of coffee. So if you have fewer people to drink coffee, it is good to consider this coffee machine.

With the visible water level window, you have the right water-to-coffee ratio which allows you to customize your brew to your desired taste.

Since this machine comes with a permanent filter and measuring spoon, you can simply pour the desired amount of fresh ground coffee directly into the unit, eliminating the need for disposable paper filters.

You can start the brewing process with just a single button which makes this 4-cup small coffee maker very much easy to operate. Along with this, you get two buttons for the same purpose on the front and back sides of the coffee maker. This feature enhances the convenience of using it.

Thanks to its innovative Pause & Brew system, you can sneak in a cup mid-brew without any spills or interruptions. This feature lets you get coffee on demand and you don't need to wait for the coffee to be brewed.

After brewing, this coffee machine activates its Keep Warm function which helps to keep the brewed coffee warm for up to 1 hour. So, if you want to enjoy 4 cups of coffee 4 times in an hour, you can do that without letting the coffee get cold.

As it is equipped with a reusable coffee filter, you can reduce waste while providing you with a seamless brewing experience. The included measuring spoon ensures you get the perfect amount of coffee every time.

The no-drip carafe ensures mess-free pouring. With the easy on/off button, you can simplify the operation.

Since this coffee machine is made with materials that are easy to wipe down. The carafe is also dishwasher safe so even if you don't want to clean it manually, you can use a dishwasher to do so.


1) Dimension: 5.71"D x 8.07"W x 10.08"H

2) Weight: 2.78 pounds

3) Wattage: 650W

4) Type: Drip coffee maker


  • Pause and brew
  • Keep warm functionality
  • No spillage of water
  • Dishwasher-friendly carafe
  • Includes extra accessories
  • Single button ON/OFF


  • No auto shut-off

7) Hamilton Beach compact coffee machine

Hamilton Beach compact coffee machine

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Hamilton Beach coffee maker is so compact that it can fit even under small kitchen cabinets. Its optimized size ensures it won't take up more countertop space so even if you have limited kitchen real estate, you can store it easily.

The FrontFill water reservoir and swing-out brew basket allow for easy access even under cabinets which simplifies the process of adding water and coffee grounds to the coffee maker. This design not only enhances convenience but also reduces countertop spills and messes.

With the Hamilton Beach coffee maker, you can brew the perfect amount of coffee for your daily needs, minimizing coffee waste. Its capacity to brew up to 5 cups ensures you have just the right amount without any leftovers.

Programming this 4-cup drip coffee maker and the clock is easy with Easy-Touch programming. You can set the coffee maker up to 24 hours ahead, ensuring hot coffee is ready and waiting in the morning when you wake up.

The Auto Pause & Pour feature allows you to remove the carafe during the brewing process with this feature you can hold the flow of coffee to pour yourself a cup without making a mess. This handy feature lets you enjoy a quick coffee fix mid-brew without any spills.

The water-level window on the Hamilton Beach drip coffee brewer features clear markings which makes it easy to see the exact water level as you fill the reservoir. This ensures precise and effortless filling, preventing overflows and ensuring a perfect brew every time.

You can adjust the strength of the coffee to match your preference or mood with this machine. With these adjustments, you can choose between regular or bold settings which helps you enjoy your coffee just the way you like it.

The coffee maker automatically turns off after 2 hours if not used. So even if you forget to shut off the coffee machine, you can sit and relax because the machine will shut it down.


1) Dimension: 8.1"D x 5.8"W x 10.3"H

2) Weight: 3.16 pounds

3) Wattage: 700W

4) Type: Drip coffee maker


  • Auto shut off
  • Clear markings for precision measurements
  • Auto brew
  • Minimal coffee waste
  • Compact design
  • Includes a timer


  • You may find buttons hard to press

What is a 4-cup coffee maker?

The 4-cup coffee maker is a small coffee brewing device that can help you brew four to five-ounce coffee in one batch. Its compact and sleek design makes it the favorite choice of homebrewers and seasoned baristas.

It is space-saving and has different features, like programmable timers, brew strength options, and automatic shut-off, which makes it preferable.

For whom is a 4-cup coffee machine suitable?

The 4-cup coffee machine is suitable for individuals or households brewing coffee for 1 to 2 people, limited counter space, travelers, or college students who need a compact and portable coffee maker.

It saves time and energy by brewing a smaller amount of coffee and provides a hassle-free and efficient coffee-brewing experience.

Wrapping up

I hope by now you have a clear idea about the coffee makers for 4 cups, the factors to consider before buying them, and their wide benefits. Try it on your own and share your experience with me.


1) How long does a 4-cup coffee maker last?

The lifespan of these coffee machines can vary depending on various factors. It strongly depends on how well a coffee maker is maintained and the quality of the machine. However, you can expect a good 4-cup coffee brewer to work

2) How many scoops of coffee do you need to make 4 cups of coffee?

Different coffee makers have different brewing capacities and strengths, so it's a good idea to refer to the specific guidelines provided by the manufacturer for your particular 4-cup coffee maker model. Also, experimenting with different coffee-to-water ratios can help you find the perfect balance to suit your taste.

3) Is using these coffee makers the same as using the other coffee makers?

No! Using this coffee maker is not similar to using other coffee makers. It is designed to brew a smaller amount of coffee and is more compact than other coffee makers.


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