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10 Best Coffee for Cold Brew to Buy in 2024

Audrey Harrison
Home brewer

Choosing the right coffee is important to make a good cold brew.

The type of coffee beans, how dark the beans are roasted, and the size of the grounds all matter a lot.

In this article, I will give you the list of the best coffee for cold brew.

I will add both whole beans and grounds here.

Types of coffee to choose for cold brew

1) Medium to Dark Roast Level

Cold brew lovers generally prefer coffee beans of medium to dark roast level as they tend to have a fuller body and sweeter, more pronounced flavors once brewed cold.

The chocolate, nutty, and caramel notes of medium and dark roasts taste better in cold brew.

2) Single Origin Beans

Single-origin coffees from Ethiopia, Colombia, Brazil, or Guatemala offer unique flavor profiles that can make your cold brew stand out.

Ethiopian beans, for example, can add floral and fruity notes, while Colombian coffee might contribute a balanced sweetness.

Here, I don’t mean that you should not use the blends. You can consider the blends that are specifically designed for cold brew are made to achieve a balanced flavor profile.

3) Coarse Grind Size

If you are going to buy cold brew grounds then go for coarser ones.

It is because, in cold brewing, you steep the coffee for 12-24 hours if you use finer ones, you may end up with over-extraction and bitterness.

On the other hand, if you use coarse grounds, you will achieve a smooth and balanced flavor in your cold brew.

4) Freshly roasted

It will be far better if you roast the beans on your own but if you are not going to do that then you must consider the freshness of the beans.

For the best flavor, use beans that have been roasted within the last two weeks to a month. While buying the cold brew beans, you should check the roasting date.

5) Consider coffee notes

While choosing the beans, have a look at their notes too. It is important to choose flavors that can withstand the long steeping process and remain vibrant when served cold.

Choosing coffee with chocolate, nutty, or caramel notes can provide a rich flavor profile. Additionally, fruity notes, such as berry or citrus, can lend a refreshing and vibrant quality to the cold brew.

Best coffee for cold brew

1) Stone Street

Stone Street coffee beans

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It includes roasted whole-bean coffee. The coffee beans used in this product are sourced from high-quality Arabica beans from Colombia.

You might know that Colombian beans are famous for their size and premium quality. Also, the dark roast level brings out the rich flavors, mixing nutty and chocolatey notes into a delicious cold brew.

You should note here that this product is designed to be strong yet smooth, with just a touch of sweetness, and it's low in acidity, so every sip is a pleasure.

It comes in a 5 lb bulk bag specially designed to keep your coffee fresh. The bag has a foil lining and a one-way valve to lock in freshness, plus it's easy to open and scoop from.

All the beans are roasted in small batches that you find the uniform roast level in each bean.

2) Volcanica

Volcanica ground coffee

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This cold brew ground is made from 100% pure Ethiopian coffee beans. It is made up of medium-roasted beans.

This coffee comes with fruity or wine-like notes. You will also find hints of lemon, blueberry, and blackberry that excite your taste buds.

This product is USDA Organic and Fair Trade certified.

3) San Francisco

San Francisco Bay grounds

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These grounds come with velvety, sweet, and impeccably balanced flavors.

This product is made to deliver the ultimate cold brew experience.

You can these grounds in a 4:1 water-to-coffee ratio.

The coffee beans used in this product are 100% Arabica which are selected and cultivated in high-altitude regions.

Also, this coffee is certified Kosher.

4) Tiny Footprint

Tiny Footprint Whole bean coffee

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These whole beans are USDA Organic, Fair Trade, and Shade-Grown certified.

They come with the intense tones of this dark roast, which features hints of chocolate that complement the traditional Nicaraguan flavors of apricot, fig, and spice.

These beans are single-origin and roasted in small batches.

They are also roasted in a vintage 90-kilo German-built Probat drum roaster which is known for uniform and consistent roast level.


Cold Brew Lab breakfast blend

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This is COLD BREW LAB's organic Breakfast blend. These coffee grounds are medium-roasted and specially designed to elevate your cold brew routine.

If I talk about its grind size then it is coarsely ground which is the most recommended size for cold brew.

6) Lifeboost Single Origin

Lifeboost Coffee Single Origin

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These whole coffee beans are not only flavorful but also low in acid.

The beans are sourced from the mountains of Central America and are shade-grown at high elevations.

The beans are sun-dried and washed with spring water which preserves their natural flavors.

These cold-brew coffee beans are medium-roasted.

7) Cooper's Cask

Cooper's Cask Coffee

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This product contains coarsely ground coffee made from single-origin Guatemalan coffee beans.

It comes with smooth notes of caramel with hints of cherry and orange.

All the beans used to make this cold brew ground are roasted in a small batch.

8) Dunkin's packs

Dunkin's ground coffee packs

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Each ground packs are specially made to provide a rich and full-bodied cold brew experience.

You can make two 48 fl. oz. pitchers of cold brew coffee using a single pack so after getting this product, you will have enough supply of coffee.

9) Don Francisco's

Don Francisco's ground coffee

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Each package of this product contains four pitcher packs using which you can make 12 coffees of 8-ounce amounts.

This coffee product is made with 100% Arabica coffee beans that are USDA-certified organic.

The coffee beans to make this ground are medium-dark roast.

10) Coffee Masters

Coffee Masters grounds

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If you want to drink cold brew having the taste of pumpkin spice, you can consider this product.

It comes with 100% Arabica beans which are ethically sourced.

All the packets are pre-measured for convenience of use.

You simply need to remove one packet and place it into 12 oz of cold water, steep for 12 to 16 hours, then remove the single-serve coffee pack and pour the brewed coffee over ice.

And your cold brew is ready.

This product is infused with creamy pumpkin and the perfect blend of spices.

Each bag contains 10 single-serve cold brew pumpkin spice coffee packets, yielding over 15 total cups of delicious coffee.

In Summary

Here, I have got you covered with the best coffee that suits cold brew.

Selecting the right cold brew coffee brand is a matter of personal taste, but you can consider several factors to choose the most suitable one.

Consider medium to dark roasts for a richer body and sweeter flavors and go for single-origin beans.

Also, look for the right grind size and freshness of the coffee.

Then you also consider the notes of the beans if you have your personal preferences.


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