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7 Best Coffee For Moka Pot to Buy in 2024

Audrey Harrison
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Want to have the excellent Moka pot coffee experience? Try using the beans that are most suited to it.

In this article, I will give you a list of the best coffee for Moka pot.

Along with this, I will also include some considerations that you need to keep in mind before buying them.

Let’s begin

Things to consider when buying coffee to use for Moka pot

1) Type of coffee

You need to choose between whole beans and pre-ground coffee based on your preference for freshness and convenience. 

Whole beans maintain flavors and aromas longer due to less exposure to air, while pre-ground coffee offers convenience but may sacrifice freshness.

2) Roast level

The roast level affects the taste profile and quality of brewed coffee. Generally, medium-to-medium-dark roast coffee is considered good for Moka pots.

3) Ground level

For whole beans, the ground level doesn't apply, but for ground coffee, it is very important. The ground level can impact the overall taste profile.

For Moka pots, medium-fine ground coffee is preferred. However, experimenting with different ground levels can help you find your preferred taste.

4) Freshness

You need to aim to purchase beans or grounds that are as fresh as possible, as coffee is at its peak flavor shortly after roasting. 

If you are using whole beans, grind them just before brewing, and store them in an airtight container, away from light, heat, and moisture, to preserve freshness.

5) Single origin or blend

Single-origin beans offer unique flavor profiles from a specific region, while blends offer a balanced flavor. You can experiment with both to find what suits your taste preferences.

6) Intensity and strength

Many brands indicate the intensity or strength of the packet, which can help you choose the right coffee for your taste.

7 Best coffee for Moka pot

1) Lavazza Qualita Rossa

Lavazza Qualita Rossa

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It has flavors similar to chocolate and dried fruit. They are medium-roasted, which means they balance between the bright, vibrant notes of a light roast and the deep, robust flavors of a darker roast.

This product provides a perfect balance between acidity and body which makes it suitable for various brewing methods.

While these beans are 100% Arabica, they are a blend of 70% Brazilian Arabica and 30% African Robusta.

The Brazilian Arabica provides a velvety smoothness, complementing the rich chocolate undertones, while the African Robusta adds depth and fullness.

Both of this enhances the overall taste profile of the coffee.

2) Sulawesi

Sulawesi whole beans coffee

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These beans are from Sulawesi, also known as Celebes.

If you like the intriguing complexity of Sumatra Mandheling Coffee but seek a lighter, less pungent, and less heavy alternative, this product is worth considering.

It offers a nuanced flavor profile that presents the finest aspects of Sumatran coffee but with a unique subtlety, allowing the true essence of the beans to shine through.

The medium roast level is applied to the whole beans which makes sure that the true flavor characteristics are preserved and brought to the forefront.

This roast allows the coffee's natural qualities to shine and makes the perfect balance between preserving origin-specific notes and showcasing delightful flavors

3) San Francisco Bay

San Francisco Bay beans

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It comes with a mix of dark and medium-roasted beans which creates a rich medium-dark roast.

It offers a deep flavor while keeping the subtle notes of the beans.

This coffee comes with the balance and smoothness.

Each sip brings a mix of tastes, from the rich dark roast to the subtle hints of the medium roast.

This coffee product is made from 100% Arabica beans grown at high altitudes.

It is also certified Kosher, showing our commitment to high standards.

4) Copper Moon coffee beans

Copper Moon whole beans

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The beans in this blend come from Sumatra's volcanic soils which are known for their bold and complex flavors.

They offer a smooth and smoky character with herbal notes.

The subtle roasted almond undertones provide a delightful contrast, while the earthy aroma envelops you in a comforting embrace.

These beans ensure freshness, preserving their intricate flavors and aromas until you're ready to grind and brew.

5) Peet’s coffee

Peet’s medium-roast ground coffee

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This coffee is made from 100% Arabica beans and comes with a medium roast blend.

It features a smooth toffee undertone which is complemented by the rich nuances of toasted nuts.

The flavor profile of this medium roast includes smoothness, toffee, and toasted nut notes that create a balanced blend that brings a subtle sweetness and the comforting richness of toasted nuts to your cup.

Each bag of this product is labeled with a roast date which ensures that you have a clear understanding of its freshness.

6) Starbucks’

Starbucks’ medium roast ground coffee

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This ground coffee is packaged in a 12-ounce bag for your enjoyment.

It includes a combination of Latin American coffees, each contributing its unique character to create a smooth and well-rounded cup.

Starbucks upholds the highest quality standards to ensure that the coffee you receive is exceptional in every way.

The 100% Arabica coffee beans used in this blend are carefully roasted and deliver the same fresh taste you would experience in the cafes of Starbucks.

7) Folgers Black Silk

Folgers Black Silk dark roast coffee ground

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It comes in three 20.6-ounce canisters.

This product is designed to deliver a rich depth of dark coffee flavor.

The beans are carefully selected and roasted to ensure a high-quality cup of coffee that reflects our commitment to excellence.

Each canister contains enough coffee for up to 180 suggested strength 6 fl oz servings which ensures that you have a plentiful supply for yourself.

What Coffee Suits Moka Pot Best?

It is good to use coffee that is ground to a fine consistency, similar to espresso. This allows for proper extraction and a rich, flavorful brew.

If I talk about the roast level then the medium to dark roasts work well, as they provide a balance of boldness and smoothness.

You can also look for the coffee that comes with a rich, chocolaty profile or those with nutty undertones.

Final thoughts

Here, I have covered you with the best coffee to use with a Moka pot.

I have included both whole beans as well as coffee grounds.

Moka pot is very easy-to-use brewing equipment but to get the most out of it, you need to use the coffee.


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