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7 Best Coffee Makers Under $200

Henry Muller

Choosing the right coffee machine is crucial when it comes to brewing a good cup of coffee.

You will find different types of coffee makers in various price ranges. 

In this article, I will give you a list of the best coffee makers under $200.

Let's begin.

Factors to consider when buying coffee machines for under $200

1) Brewing method

The brewing method determines the type of coffee your coffee maker can make. Some common methods include drip brewing, single-serve pod systems, espresso brewing, etc. Each method offers a different flavor profile and brewing process.

Consider your personal coffee preferences and the type of coffee you want to make regularly before choosing a coffee brewer.

2) Capacity

The capacity of a coffee maker is the number of cups it can brew in a single session. It can range from single-serve machines that brew one cup at a time to larger drip brewers that can make multiple cups at once.

You should consider your daily coffee consumption or the number of people in your household who will use the machine and then decide the capacity of the coffee machine you will need.

3) Size and space

Coffee machines come in various sizes, and it's essential to choose one that fits comfortably in your kitchen or the space where you plan to use it. If your kitchen or office has too narrow space then it is better to buy a small coffee machine. If you have enough space to store the machine, you can consider buying a bigger coffee machine.

Here, I have mentioned the dimensions of each coffee machine in the specification part for your convenience.

4) Brewing time

The brewing time shows how long a coffee brewer takes to prepare a cup of coffee.

Single-serve machines are generally faster, as they brew a single cup at a time, while drip brewers might take a few minutes to complete a full pot. If you need your coffee quickly, opt for a machine with a shorter brewing time.

5) Programmability

Programmable features allow you to set specific parameters for brewing, such as a timer to start brewing at a certain time or an option to adjust the brew strength.

These features can add convenience and flexibility to your coffee routine, especially if you want your coffee ready when you wake up in the morning.

6) Water filtration

Coffee flavor can be affected by the quality of the water used for brewing. Coffee machines with built-in water filtration systems can help remove impurities and improve the taste of your coffee. This is especially beneficial if you have hard water or poor water quality in your area.

7) Maintenance and cleaning

Easy cleaning and maintenance are essential for keeping your coffee maker in good working condition. Look for machines with removable parts that are dishwasher-safe or easy to clean by hand. Regular cleaning is crucial to prevent the buildup of coffee residues and ensure the longevity of your coffee brewing machine.

8) Coffee grinder

Some coffee makers come with integrated coffee grinders, allowing you to grind fresh coffee beans just before brewing. This ensures the freshest possible coffee and enhances the flavor.

However, coffee machines with built-in grinders are more expensive, so consider whether this feature is a priority for you.

9) Durability and build quality

The durability and build quality of a coffee machine can significantly impact its performance and lifespan. Look for models made from high-quality materials. A well-built machine is more likely to withstand regular use and provide years of brewing satisfaction.

10) Special Features

Coffee makers that are available for under $200 come with extra features that enhance your overall coffee brewing experience. 

For example, some machines have adjustable brewing strength settings, brew pause, or even a cold brew option for iced coffee lovers.

So, if you have a good budget, you should consider these advanced features as they will enhance your coffee brewing experience to the next level.

7 Best Coffee Makers Under $200

1) Gevi 10-cup drip coffee machine

Gevi coffee machine

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It can brew 10 cups of coffee in a single session. You also can customize your coffee output by selecting the number of cups you desire. You just need to simply press the "CUP 2-10" button to choose between 2 to 10 cups.

This machine also gives you the option to choose between using coffee beans or pre-ground coffee powder. One of its advantages is that it comes with a built-in burr grinder.

Thanks to this grinder, you can get freshly brewed coffee grounds every time. It is so easy to use that you don't even need to put these grounds manually into the brewing chamber. Instead, the freshly ground coffee powder automatically falls directly onto the filter, ensuring that every cup is as fresh as it can be.

This in-built grinder also allows you to grind the beans at different grind levels. So, you can choose the ground level as per your preference. If you prefer the coffee pre-ground, you simply need to press the "GRIND OFF" button to bypass the grinder.

It features an automatic start function that lets you set a timer for when you want your coffee to begin brewing. You can set it up the night before, and wake up to the delightful aroma of freshly brewed coffee.

A handy bell will alert you when your coffee is ready to enjoy. Worried about your coffee getting cold? Don't be. The machine includes a warming plate in the carafe that keeps your coffee hot for up to 120 minutes after brewing.

It also offers a unique blooming function, a process that enhances the full-bodied aroma and taste of your coffee. Before each brew cycle, hot water gently moistens the coffee grounds, causing them to swell. This blooming effect intensifies the flavor profile, ensuring a truly memorable coffee experience.


1) Dimension: 14.33 x 10 x 18.9 inch

2) Weight: 12 pounds

3) Wattage: 900W

4) Brewing capacity: 10 cups

5) Special feature: In-built burr grinder, blooming function


  • Fast brewing
  • Optimal extraction
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • An in-built conical burr grinder
  • Includes removable double drip tray


  • Noisy

2) Ninja CP307

Ninja CP307

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Ninja CP307 comes with advanced flavor extraction technology with Auto-IQ which allows you to extract the flavor and aroma of the coffee in its real form.

It offers a multitude of coffee brew settings, accommodating your preferences and exploring a wide array of flavors. With Smart Basket Recognition, the system effortlessly identifies the basket and displays suitable drink options.

Since it can be used to make tea, you get separate with the Ninja's separate coffee and tea baskets, allowing you to brew either coffee or loose/bagged tea without any compromise.

From a single cup or travel size to a half-carafe or full carafe, the Ninja caters to your brewing needs with six different brew sizes. Choose from five brew styles—Classic, Rich, Over Ice, Cold Brew, or Specialty—to tailor the strength of your beverages to perfection.

Keeping the brewed coffee hot for a long time is also crucial and for that, you get an in-built double-walled thermal carafe which helps you keep the coffee warm for 2 hours. This thermal carafe also comes with a good storage capacity so that you can keep a good amount of coffee warm.

The fold-away hot and cold frother turns milk, whether hot or cold, into a velvety smooth froth in just a few seconds

Along with this, you also get the convenience of brewing directly into a cup allows you to use any brand of coffee whether it's loose-leaf or bagged.


1) Dimension: 10.01"D x 11.81"W x 15"H

2) Weight: 11.73 pounds

3) Wattage: 1500W

4) Brewing capacity: 6 cups

5) Special feature: In-built thermal carafe, separate baskets for tea and coffee, permanent coffee filter


  • Comes with an in-built thermal carafe
  • Six different brew sizes
  • Better flavor extraction
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Smart basket recognition


  • Consumes high electricity
  • Heavyweight reduces its portability

3) OXO brew 8-cup

OXO brew 8 cup coffee maker

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Whether you crave a single mug or desire a full pot, the OXO Brew 8-cup coffee brewer can help you with both. It uses its patented BetterBrew technology, with which it can control water temperature, volume, and brewing time. All these can help you achieve the perfect brew that meets the exacting standards of the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA).

Its Rainmaker showerhead ensures water is evenly distributed over coffee grounds, while the integrated bloom cycle allows for optimal flavor extraction, delivering coffee that tantalizes your taste buds with its richness and aroma.

The double-wall, vacuum-insulated thermal carafe preserves the heat of your coffee, which allows you to enjoy every sip at its ideal temperature. The brew-through, pour-through lid eliminates fuss, granting effortless pouring without the need to open the carafe lid.

The OXO Coffee brewer goes beyond versatility with its ability to brew a single cup of coffee directly into your favorite travel mug. You simply flip the well cover to accommodate shorter mugs or remove it entirely to make space for tall travel mugs.

Enhance the flavor of your one-mug brew with the optional single-serve brew basket accessory, which fits into the large basket for a delightful single-serve experience.

It is compact in size, so you can store it even in small storage areas. Since its body is made of stainless steel, it is more durable and can also withstand rough handling.

Its cleaning mode ensures the machine stays in tip-top shape. Its other components such as removable parts, the brew basket, single-serve brew basket, coffee scoop, well cover, and Rainmaker, are dishwasher-safe. The carafe and lid are hand-washable with mild detergent for effortless maintenance.


1) Dimension: 10.5"D x 13.5"W x 7"H

2) Weight: 10.29 pounds

3) Wattage: 1400W

4) Brewing capacity: 8 cups

5) Special feature: BetterBrew - an advanced water temperature control technology, vacuum insulated carafe, extra coffee brewing accessories


  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Optimal flavor extraction
  • Compact size
  • Good brewing capacity
  • Includes vacuum insulated carafe
  • Includes other coffee brewing accessories


  • Not programmable

4) Ninja CFN601

Ninja CFN601

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With this coffee machine, you can brew a single-serve espresso using your favorite coffee grounds in various sizes, ranging from a single cup to a travel mug or a full 12-cup carafe.

Delight in an array of brewing options with 9 sizes and 3 brew styles for coffee grounds—Classic, Rich, and Over Ice. Elevate your coffee indulgence further with 3 different styles for your preferred espresso capsules—Espresso, Lungo, and Over Ice.

It includes a 19-bar pressure system powered by Barista Plus Technology. This technology delivers an ultra-flavorful espresso with a silky-smooth crema, ensuring every sip is a sublime experience. Brewing at the optimal temperature and pressure unlocks the full potential of your coffee, enticing your taste buds with each luxurious drop.

This coffee machine allows you to brew your favorite espresso capsules in three different styles. Choose from Espresso (1.35 oz), Lungo (3.75 oz), and Over Ice (1 oz) for personalized coffee experiences that cater to your mood and preferences.

With this coffee brewing machine, you can brew coffee grounds in Classic, Rich, or "Over Ice" styles. Select from 9 different sizes, accommodating cups, travel mugs, and even a full 12-cup carafe, providing versatility to suit any occasion or gathering.

Whether it's a single espresso shot or brewing into an 8-inch travel mug, the adjustable cup tray adapts to your needs, ensuring a seamless and mess-free brewing experience. The system includes a used capsule storage bin that can hold up to 20 capsules, making recycling effortless and environmentally friendly.

You get some of the advanced features in the coffee brewer such as Delay Brew, Keep Warm, and Clean functions. These features make coffee brewing very enjoyable


1) Dimension: 12.21"D x 9.84"W x 14.96"H

2) Weight: 13.63 pounds

3) Wattage: 1260W

4) Brewing capacity: 12 cups

5) Special feature: Delay brew, extra accessories, distinct brewing options


  • Low electricity consumption
  • High brewing capacity
  • Distinct brewing options
  • Optimal flavor extraction
  • 19-bar pump
  • Includes extra accessories


  • Heavyweight reduces its portability

5) Zojirushi EC-YTC100XB coffee machine

Zojirushi EC-YTC100XB

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It helps you produce up to 10 cups of rich, aromatic hot coffee. If you are an iced coffee lover, you should consider it, as it brews enough concentrated brew for up to 4 cups of delightfully refreshing iced coffee.

With a high brewing temperature of 200°F, it ensures the water reaches the perfect temperature for extracting the fullest flavors from your coffee grounds.

Before brewing, the pre-infusion cycle evenly wets the coffee grounds, allowing them to bloom and release their full flavor and aroma potential. This innovative process ensures optimal extraction.

For those hot summer days, it offers a unique feature for brewing iced coffee to perfection. The iced coffee water measure lines enable you to adjust the water-to-coffee ratio, resulting in a stronger brew that retains its boldness even when diluted with ice.

You can begin your mornings with the pleasure of fresh coffee, courtesy of the coffee maker's 24-hour programmable timer with a digital clock. Wake up to the aroma of your favorite brew, making mornings more enjoyable.

When you need your coffee quickly, the Time Saver mode comes to the rescue. It efficiently reduces brewing time, delivering your hot coffee faster without compromising on taste or quality.

You can customize your coffee-making experience with the option to switch the Sound Signal to Mute for quieter operation. Enjoy the tranquility of your surroundings as your coffee brews to perfection.

It ensures your safety and peace of mind with its BPA-free construction. All surfaces that come into contact with your food or beverage are free from harmful substances. Additionally, it is cULus-listed, meeting stringent safety standards.


1) Dimension: 8"D x 10.63"W x 15.88"H

2) Weight: 9 pounds

3) Wattage: 1200W

4) Brewing capacity: 10 cups

5) Special feature:


  • Optimal brewing temperature
  • High brewing capacity
  • Low electricity consumption
  • Programmable
  • Suitable to brew iced coffee


  • Limited brewing styles
  • No adjustable brew strength

6) Bonavita 8-cup

Bonavita 8 cup coffee maker

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It is an SCA-certified coffee maker that can help you brew 8 cups of coffee within 6 minutes without altering the quality of the coffee. It uses a temperature range of 195°–205°F (91°–96°C), which ensures optimal extraction every time you brew coffee using it.

If you are a pour-over lover, you definitely should consider this coffee machine, as it can automate the pour-over brewing process.

Its optional pre-infusion mode sets this machine apart from the other coffee machines that are available for under $200. It delicately wets freshly roasted coffee grounds, which allows for degassing before brewing. This process enhances the extraction and brews better coffee for you.

Bonavita's showerhead design optimizes the saturation of coffee grounds, which ensures an even extraction. It also includes a flat-bottomed filter basket that ensures uniformity in every brew, so you get the same quality brew every time.

Bonavita incorporates a dishwasher-safe carafe lid, filter basket, and showerhead, which makes it easy to clean.

Though this pour-over brewing machine includes some plastic components, they are BPA-free.

The double-walled stainless steel thermal carafe keeps your coffee hot and fresh for longer, so you can leisurely savor every drop.

Its outer body is made of stainless steel, which makes it more durable even if it is used roughly sometimes.


1) Dimension: 12.4"D x 6.8"W x 12.2"H

2) Weight: 6.13 pounds

3) Wattage: 1500W

4) Brewing capacity: 8 cups

5) Special feature: Auto-brew, thermal carafe


  • High brewing capacity
  • SCA-certified
  • Advanced features such as auto-brew and pre-infusion mode
  • Includes thermal carafe
  • The plastic components used are BPA-free
  • Dishwasher-safe components


  • Limited customization
  • High power consumption
  • Difficult for beginners

7) Cuisinart 72 oz

Cuisinart 72 oz coffee maker

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It has a brewing capacity of 72 oz. It is fully programmable and suitable for homebrewing.

It is compatible with single-cup pods of any brand of single-cup pod, including Keurig K-Cup pods. It also includes a reusable filter cup that empowers you to explore a variety of hot beverages.

It allows you to brew five distinct cup-size settings, ranging from 4 ounces to 12 ounces. The adjustable brewing temperature ensures that your preferred temperatures are achieved, guaranteeing the ideal cup every time.

From the auto-on/Off feature to the adjustable temperature control, the unit is fully programmable, which grants you complete control over your coffee experience. The backlit blue LCD settings with clarity, making customization effortless.

Thanks to the removable drip tray, you can also use a travel mug without facing the difficulty of placing it. Just remove the drip tray, put the mug in place of it, and pour the brewed coffee directly into it.

It also comes with a built-in charcoal water filter that ensures the purest taste in every cup. Though it includes some plastic components, they are made of BPA-free material.

Along with this, you also get a blue light indicator that warns you whenever there is a low amount of water so that you can refill the reservoir again.

Since the water reservoir is removable, you can easily refill and clean it.


1) Dimension: 9.33"D x 11.03"W x 12.13"H

2) Weight: 8 pounds

3) Wattage: 1100W

4) Brewing capacity: 9

5) Special feature: LCD, programmable, distinct cup size settings


  • Consumes less electricity
  • High brewing capacity
  • Programmable
  • Allows you to brew different sizes of cups
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean


  • Less durable
  • Only suitable for coffee pods
  • Lacks quick brewing

Wrapping up

Here, I have got you covered with the best coffee makers that won't let you spend more than $200.

They can make your coffee brewing experience so good if you buy a good one. And to do that, you need to know lots of things about coffee makers.


1) Are coffee makers under $200 worth buying?

Yes, many coffee makers of this range offer great value, with various features like programmability, brew-strength control, and built-in grinders, making them worth considering for budget-conscious buyers.

2) How often should you buy a new coffee maker?

On average, consider replacing your coffee maker every 3-5 years or when it exhibits signs of malfunction or significant wear.

3) Should you leave the coffee machine on all the time?

No, it's not advisable to leave the coffee machine on continuously. Turn it off after each use for safety reasons and to conserve energy.

4) What coffee maker is the least wasteful?

The coffee machines that use reusable filters produce very little waste as compared to the coffee machines that use disposable pods and paper filters. As far as the coffee grounds are concerned, almost all the coffee makers will produce the remaining coffee once the brewing process is done. However, you can reuse them in various creative ways that will not harm the environment in any way.


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