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7 Best Coffee Makers With a Timer (For Precise Brewing)

Audrey Harrison
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Imagine waking up to the alluring aroma of freshly brewed coffee, ready to serve your morning caffeine ritual. Now, picture having that cup of coffee waiting for you, freshly brewed and piping hot, without you making any effort.

It's not a rosy dream; it's the charm of a timer that today’s advanced coffee makers include.

In this article, I will give you a list of the best coffee makers that come with a timer. Along with it, I will also provide you with the buying guide that will help you choose the right in-built timer coffee machine.

Let’s start.

Things to consider when buying a coffee machine with a timer

Before you purchase a coffee maker with an in-built timer, you must consider a few things. Let's understand them.

1) Brewing capacity

First, figure out how much coffee you want to brew at once. Coffee makers come in different sizes, so make sure that the model you choose can brew enough coffee to meet your daily caffeine ritual.

2) Type of timers

There are various types of timers available in coffee machines. Some permit you to set a specific time for brewing, while others provide more advanced settings. Consider what matches your lifestyle and routine the best.

3) Timer precision

The precision of the timer plays a great role. You need a coffee maker that can begin brewing at your set time, ensuring your coffee is ready to drink when you need it.

4) Coffee strength control

Some coffee makers with timers allow you to adjust the brew strength. Whether you prefer a bolder or milder coffee with chocolate notes, you can’t skip this feature.

5) Maintenance and cleaning

Pick a coffee maker that is handy for cleaning. No one wants a coffee maker that takes longer intervals to disassemble and clean. By opting for a model with easy-to-remove and dishwasher-safe components you can make your maintenance effortless.

7 Best coffee makers with a timer

1) Gevi drip coffee maker

Gevi drip coffee maker

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This coffee maker has a brewing capacity of 1.5 liters, which is approximately 10 cups of brewing capacity. This means you can brew a sufficient amount of coffee for a small gathering of coffee lovers.

You can also adjust the number of cups brewed by simply pressing the "CUP 2–10 button. It allows you to set the desired quantity (2, 4, 6, 8, or 10 cups). By doing this, you can minimize waste and ensure that you brew the perfect amount every time.

Since it is equipped with a burr grinder, you can also use whole coffee beans along with the coffee grounds. The burr grinder ensures a consistent grind, preserving the beans' complete flavor profile.

One of the features I like about this coffee brewer is that the coffee grounds fall directly onto the filter. This streamlined process makes this machine easy to use.

Along with all these features, it also allows you to adjust the brewing capacity. It offers three strength control settings with which you can adjust the intensity of coffee to strong, medium, or mild.

Additionally, the machine comes with eight coffee grind control grades that range from coarse to fine. This versatility lets you customize your coffee based on the type of beans and your desired drink. If you prefer pre-ground coffee, you can simply press the "GRIND OFF" button to bypass the grinder.

The built-in automatic start function allows you to set a timer for your desired brewing time.

Thanks to its programmable timer, you can ensure that your coffee begins brewing precisely when you want it to. Moreover, it also includes a prompt bell to alert you when your coffee is ready. Plus, it also comes with a warming plate that keeps your coffee warm in the carafe for 120 minutes.


1) Dimension: 16.9”H × 8.38”W × 12.36L”L  
2) Weight: 9.92 pounds  
3) Brewing capacity: 10 cups  
4) Timer type: Programmable  
5) Wattage: 950W


  • Includes timer
  • In-built grinder
  • Adjustable brewing strength
  • Multiple brew size
  • Easy to use
  • Auto shut-off


  • Noisy
  • Difficult to refill

2) Black+Decker CM1160B

Black+Decker CM1160B

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This in-built timer coffee maker comes with rubberized buttons that ensure that you have full control at your fingertips.

The easy-to-read screen prominently displays essential information such as the clock, brew time, and programming options. With this intuitive interface, you can easily use the coffee maker's settings.

Thanks to its "Sneak-a-Cup" feature, you can temporarily stop the flow of coffee, allowing you to pour your first cup without the risk of drips and spills.

This coffee maker comes with a "2-Hour Auto Shutoff" feature. After brewing your coffee, it automatically turns off, so even if you forget to switch it off manually, you don't have to worry about it. Also, this feature prevents this machine from being on unnecessarily. This also helps you save electricity.

It also includes a "Water-level Indicator" that removes the guesswork. The front-facing window you can see the exact amount of water that will be transformed into your favorite brew. This feature ensures that you consistently use the right amount of water for your desired coffee strength.

Thanks to its "24-Hour programmable timer," you can have a fresh cup ready whenever you need it. Set the timer according to your preferences, and let this coffee brewer handle the rest.

This coffee machine includes a "Removable brew basket" that can be easily taken out and is dishwasher-safe which makes it very easy to clean. It's also compatible with basket-style paper filters, providing you with options for your brewing process.

Also, being lightweight, it is more portable than any other coffee machine with a timer.


1) Dimension: 8.25"D x 12.25"W x 11"H  
2) Weight: 4.5 pounds  
3) Brewing capacity: 12 cups  
4) Timer type: Auto shut-off  
5) Wattage: 975W


  • Includes digital clock
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with water level measurement
  • Auto shut off
  • Lightweight


  • Users usually complain about its durability

3) Cuisinart coffee maker with a programmable timer

Cuisinart coffee maker

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This coffee maker offers you five serving sizes, ranging from 4 ounces to 12 ounces. This allows you to customize your coffee quantity according to your mood and preferences.

This coffee machine is also compatible with any brand of single-cup pod, including Keurig K-Cup pods. Along with this, you can also use a reusable filter cup.

With the Extreme Brew feature of this coffee maker, you can have your coffee brewed up to 25% faster than traditional models. This machine comes with a 42-ounce removable water reservoir, ensuring you have enough water to brew multiple cups without constantly refilling.

Additionally, the flip-down shelf accommodates shorter mugs. This eliminates the need for paper filters as it comes equipped with a reusable gold-tone, commercial-style filter.

It also comes with a glass carafe that features a stainless-steel handle and body. This adds durability and style to your coffee-making process.

This coffee brewer also comes with some advanced fully automatic features like a 24-hour brew start, a self-clean function, auto-off, a ready alert system, etc.

Like other in-built timer coffee brewers listed here, this one also allows you to control your brew strength, ensuring you get the perfect cup every time, whether you prefer a light or strong coffee flavor.

Additionally, you can adjust the carafe water temperature, enhancing the extraction process and achieving the precise taste you desire. The built-in charcoal water filter ensures that the water used is of the highest quality, contributing to the overall flavor profile of your coffee.


1) Dimension: 10.88"D x 10.13"W x 16.25"H  
2) Weight: 12 pounds  
3) Brewing capacity: 12 cups  
4) Wattage: 1100W


  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to use
  • Includes charcoal filter
  • Comes with advanced features
  • Durable carafe
  • Large brewing capacity


  • You can’t silence the beeping sound
  • The water reservoir on the K-cup side is small and needs frequent refilling

4) Gourmia digital coffee machine

Gourmia digital coffee machine

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This coffee machine comes with an integrated coffee grinder. With this built-in grinder, you can grind your coffee beans right before brewing, which helps preserve the beans' full flavor profile.

This coffee maker can be programmed to brew at a time that suits your schedule. Set it at night on a timer, and wake up to the enticing aroma of a freshly brewed morning cup.

This coffee maker comes with a "freshness indicator." The timer prominently displays how much time has passed since your coffee was brewed. With this feature, you can always ensure that you're enjoying your coffee at its freshest, without any guesswork.

This coffee maker offers an adjustable 4-hour keep-warm feature, which allows you to extend the time your coffee stays warm. So even if you get caught up in a morning meeting, you can enjoy this coffee warm.

Its removable parts are dishwasher-safe, which reduces your cleaning efforts, so you can spend more time with your coffee rather than sparing extra time for cleaning.

With this coffee maker, you can brew 12 cups of coffee in a single session. So even if you arrange a small gathering at your home or office, this machine will be enough to brew a sufficient amount of coffee.


1) Dimension: 12.71"D x 13.5"W x 8.35"H  
2) Weight: 10 pounds  
3) Brewing capacity: 12 cups  
4) Wattage: 1000W


  • Most parts are removable
  • Large brewing capacity
  • Keep warm feature
  • In-built grinder
  • Includes timer


  • Durability issue

5) Yabano programmable coffee machine

Yabano programmable coffee machine

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This coffee maker allows you to brew your coffee within 24 hours as it comes with an auto-brew feature. So, if you want your coffee to be ready as you wake up, you can set it up the night before and wake up to the smell of coffee in the morning.

Since this coffee machine is compact in design, it won't need much kitchen space. The coffee-brewing capacity of this machine is 12 cups.

With a sizable 60-ounce water reservoir, it can brew a full 12 cups of coffee at a time.

It also comes with a built-in keep-warm pad. So, once the brewing is done, it will keep your coffee hot for up to 2 hours, which allows you to return for a second cup without sacrificing temperature.

Also, if you don't turn this machine off, it will automatically shut off after 2 hours.

You also get customized strength control with this machine. It offers a "thick" button that allows you to adjust your coffee's strength and intensity.

This machine includes a "Pause Mid-Brew" feature that allows you to temporarily pause the brewing process so you can pour a cup without any spills or drips.


1) Dimension: 6.6"D x 8.6"W x 14"H  
2) Weight: 4.7 pounds  
3) Brewing capacity: 12 cups  
4) Wattage: 800W


  • Large brewing capacity
  • Auto brew feature
  • Keep warm feature
  • Adjustable brewing strength
  • Pause mid-brew


  • The water level indicator is black which makes it unreadable

6) SHARDOR coffee brewer

SHARDOR coffee brewer

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This smart drip coffee maker has an LCD screen and touchscreen controls, which make it incredibly easy and intuitive to choose your preferred start time and strength settings.

With the ability to program your coffee brewing up to 24 hours in advance, you can enjoy hot coffee precisely when you need it. You just need to set your desired brewing time, and this coffee maker will take care of the rest, ensuring that you wake up to the delightful aroma of freshly brewed coffee.

The 10-cup thermal stainless steel carafe is vacuum-sealed to keep your coffee hot and drinkable for hours. This means you can enjoy your coffee at your own pace without worrying about it cooling down too quickly.

This coffee maker understands that and offers a "brewing strength adjustment" setting. Whether you prefer a regular cup or something bolder and more robust, this feature allows you to customize your coffee to your exact taste.

If you have ever experienced those moments when you can't wait for the entire pot to brew before having your first cup, This coffee maker has a solution with its "Pause and Serve Function. The anti-drip system enables you to pause the brewing process mid-brew, allowing you to pour a cup without making a mess.


1) Dimension: 15 x 10.94 x 7.83 inches  
2) Weight: 5.85 pounds  
3) Brewing capacity: 10 cups  
4) Wattage: 900W


  • Adjustable brew strength
  • Keep warm feature
  • Programmable
  • LCD screen makes it easy to operate


  • The brewing capacity is low

7) GE drip coffee machine with timer

GE drip coffee machine with timer

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This coffee machine features a non-stick, stain-resistant warming plate that can keep your brewed coffee warm for a longer period of time. Also, this machine consists of a removable brew filter, which is dishwasher-safe too.

This coffee maker offers a "Single Serve" option. Along with this, you can also brew your coffee directly into a travel mug. This eliminates the need for a separate container.

This coffee machine comes with "1-4 Cup Settings," which let you brew coffee in sizes of 1 to 4 cups.

Thanks to the 24-hour programmable auto-brew feature, you can prepare your brew up to a day in advance and wake up to hot, freshly brewed coffee.

This in-built digital timer coffee maker comes with a "Mid-brew Pour System, which allows you to pour yourself a drip-free cup of coffee mid-cycle, eliminating the wait and ensuring that your coffee is ready when you are.


1) Dimension: 2.3"D x 8"W x 14.8"H  
2) Weight: 7.7 pounds  
3) Brewing capacity: 10 cups  
4) Wattage: 1500W


  • Adjustable brew size
  • Compatible with a travel mug
  • Auto brew
  • Mid brew pause


  • Consumes more electricity

What is a coffee maker with a timer?

As the name implies, a coffee maker with a timer is a machine that brews coffee and provides you the facility to track brewing time as well.

These coffee machines are usually programmable and use their timer to shut off and on the brewing process at a given time.

It means you can adjust brew settings and control when your coffee starts brewing and shuts off. All you have to do is simply load your coffee maker with water and coffee grounds, set the timer, and get freshly brewed coffee without any fuss whenever you need it.

Such coffee machines are best for people who have busy schedules and want a morning coffee dose or crave a flavorful cup when they return home after a tiring day at work.

Types of in-built timer coffee machines

1) Drip coffee makers

Drip coffee makers with timers are most preferred. It can easily cater to people who require a large brewing capacity. Additionally, it provides the convenience to predefine a time to start brewing your coffee.

It functions by heating water and dripping it over ground coffee beans to extract the flavor and oils. Drip coffee makers with timers can be programmed to start brewing at a specific time, so you can wake up to a fresh cup of coffee.

2) Single-serve coffee makers

For those who prefer only single cups of coffee, single-serve coffee makers with timers work the best. It brews just one cup at a time. Also, it favors you to schedule your brew precisely whenever you need it.

Most single-serve machines use pre-packaged coffee pods or capsules to brew individual cups. It comes with a distinct range of options, allowing you to pick from various flavors and coffee brands.

3) Espresso Machines

Espresso lovers can also take advantage of timed brewing. Here the hot water is passed through finely ground coffee beans to make robust coffee. Espresso machines with timers have a pre-installed timer that allows you to program the machine to start brewing at a particular instance.

4) Pour-over coffee drippers

Pour-over coffee drippers need manual brewing where hot water is poured over ground coffee beans for extraction. However, certain pour-over coffee drippers have a timer that aids you in automating the brewing process.

Types of timers that come with a coffee maker

1) Automatic brew timer

If you desire a cup at a specific time you can use a coffee maker with an automatic brew timer. People running on the go and craving a delectable cup of coffee as a morning dose in the morning or after a tiring day at the office can approach for automatic brew timer.

2) Auto shut-off timer:

If you want your coffee machine to automatically shut off after brewing, you must go for a coffee maker with an automatic shut-off timer. Coffee lovers aiming to save energy and prevent coffee from over brewing must try these coffee makers.  

Benefits of using a coffee machine that comes with a timer

There are various advantages of investing in coffee makers with timers:

1) Convenience

Coffee makers with timers are the most convenient. You can make the preparations the night before and wake up to an aromatic and flavorful cup, saving you time and effort.

2) Consistency

With timed coffee makers, you can enjoy a consistent brew with the same coffee flavor and strength every day.

3) Saves energy

With a timer, you no longer have to worry about the brewing time and can save energy. Not just that, it also reduces wear and tear on your machine.

4) Customization

By using coffee makers with timers, you can relish a tailored cup customized to match your coffee tastes. You can experiment with different coffee strengths, temperatures, and grinds and can enjoy a blissful cup without any hassle.

5) Lower coffee wastage

If your coffee maker has no timer, you may end up brewing coffee that is over-extracted or under-extracted. When you do so, you will brew another coffee for yourself and throw away the previous coffee.

With an in-built timer, you can avoid doing this guesswork and prevent a lot of coffee wastage.

Wrapping up

Here, I have got you covered with the top coffee makers that come with a digital timer.

Such coffee brewers can ease your morning caffeine ritual. It can give you a seamless and delightful coffee experience.

Whether you are a solo sipper or a batch brewer brewing a pot of coffee, there's a timed coffee maker that can help you brew flavorful cups.

Make sure you consider factors like brewing capacity, timer precision, and maintenance while making a choice that works best for your needs and preferences.


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