Dual-function coffee maker brewing espresso and drip coffee simultaneously

7 Best Dual Coffee Makers (2024)

Henry Muller

When you want a coffee maker that can be both drip coffee as well as espresso, you need to consider a coffee maker that can brew various types of coffee.

It is a perfect appliance for both solo sippers and social brewers.

They come with innovative features and customizable settings, ensuring a delectable brew every time. 

In this article, I will give you a list of the best dual coffee makers.

Things to consider when buying a dual-brew coffee maker

1) Brewing capacity

Select a dual coffee maker based on the brewing capacity as it affects the versatility, adaptability, convenience, time efficiency, and personalization capabilities.

2) Build quality

As the build quality directly affects its life, you need to invest in a well-constructed machine that can stand the test of time which provides you with a satisfying and dependable brewing experience.

3) Brewing speed

Also, its brewing speed should suit your lifestyle and preferences. If you're a busy professional and are always in a hurry then pick a coffee maker that can save time with its fast brewing speed.

4) Ease of use

It also should come with user-friendly controls, intuitive interfaces, and easy settings to streamline the brewing process.

It ensures that you enjoy your coffee without struggling with complex procedures.

5) Ease of cleaning

You should be able to maintain your dual coffee brewer without any hassle and save overall brewing time with a coffee machine that is easy to clean and has removable parts.

6) Includes advanced features or not

With advanced features like programmable timers, temperature control, or brewing strength options, you can ease your brewing and get a flavorful cup.

7) Includes carafe or not

Consider whether it includes a carafe or not for convenience and ease.

As you might need it while brewing large batches for social gatherings. You can pick a stainless steel carafe instead of a glass carafe for durability.

7 Best Dual Coffee Makers

1) Espressione

Espressione combination espresso + coffee maker

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It comes with a powerful 19-bar high-pressure pump from Italy. It operates at 1250 Watts for rich espresso crema.

Its thermoblock heating system rapidly heats and maintains a consistent brewing temperature for flawless espresso, cappuccinos, and lattes.

The machine's die-cast aluminum filter holder features a unique 'mustache style' outlet for brewing two cups at once.

It also includes a plastic steam tube with a stainless steel steam nozzle for expert milk frothing, ideal for creamy cappuccinos and lattes.

It comes with a brewing capacity of 10 cups.

It also comes with a heatproof thermal carafe with volume markers and a heating plate to keep your coffee hot for hours.

Its stainless steel body ensures durability, while the removable frontal water tank and drip tray make its cleaning easy.

The adjustable drip tray accommodates both espresso cups and large coffee mugs.


1) Dimension: 13"D x 14.6"W x 11.4"H

2) Weight: 19.4 pounds

3) Brewing capacity: 10 cups

4) Operation mode: Fully automatic

5) Wattage: 1250W


  • Keeps coffee warm for longer periods
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to operate
  • Removable water tank
  • Better extraction


  • Doesn’t include an auto timer, auto off, or a pause-to-pour function
  • Doesn’t brew both coffees simultaneously

2) Ninja CFP301 DualBrew Pro

Ninja CFP301 DualBrew Pro

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It is a versatile dual coffee maker that works with both coffee grounds and pods.

It offers nine ground brew sizes, from small cups to full carafes, and four pod brew sizes (6, 8, 10, and 12 oz.).

It allows you to brew 4 varieties of coffee. It can brew a super-rich coffee concentrate for lattes, macchiatos, and more.

Thanks to its independent hot water system that offers two temperature settings (hot and boiling), you can easily make hot beverages.

The built-in, fold-away frother lets you froth milk for various coffee recipes, and it's removable for easy cleaning.

Its water reservoir is multi-position which means you can place it on the side or rear of the machine, making it flexible for different spaces.

Also, it is removable which makes refilling easy.

It also comes with a dedicated clean function, dishwasher-safe parts, and a removable Ninja pod adapter for deep cleaning.


1) Dimension: 9.13"D x 11.39"W x 15.54"H

2) Weight: 9.69 pounds

3) Brewing capacity: 12 cups

4) Operation mode: Fully automatic

5) Wattage: 1550W


  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with a removable water reservoir
  • Fully automatic
  • In-built milk frother
  • Lightweight


  • Customers usually complain about its durability

3) Keurig K-Duo

Keurig K-Duo coffee maker

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It stands out for its versatile brew sizes. You can brew a 6, 8, 10, or 12-cup carafe, as well as a 6, 8, 10, or 12 oz. cup, giving you flexibility in serving sizes.

It features a 60 oz. water reservoir for single-serve and carafe brewing. The removable reservoir makes refilling and cleaning easy.

With its 12-cup glass carafe and accompanying heating plate, you can keep coffee warm for longer periods, ideal for serving multiple people.

The auto-brew function lets you schedule brewing up to 24 hours in advance, ensuring your coffee is ready when you need it. 

Its pause and pour feature allows you to pour a cup mid-brew, giving you flexibility.

Unique to this machine is its smart start feature, which combines heating and brewing, eliminating the wait time before selecting your cup size.

For energy conservation, the brewer turns off within 5 minutes after the last single-cup brew and the heating plate turns off 2 hours after the last carafe brew.


1) Dimension: 12.76"D x 10.94"W x 12.92"H

2) Weight: 13.2 pounds

3) Brewing capacity: 12 oz

4) Operation mode: Fully automatic

5) Wattage: 1470W


  • Includes advanced features such as auto-brew, pause and pour, and auto-shutoff
  • Easy to clean and use
  • Keeps coffee warm for extended periods
  • Durable design


  • Slow brewing speed
  • The temperature can’t be changed

4) De'Longhi

De'Longhi all-in-one combination coffee maker

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It allows you to brew coffee and espresso simultaneously, catering to different preferences in your household.

This 2-in-1 machine saves you from buying and operating two separate coffee makers, offering convenience and efficiency.

With a 15-bar pressure pump for the espresso part, it ensures better extraction of coffee flavor and aroma.

The advanced steam wand makes it easy to prepare milk-based espresso drinks.

Its 24-hour programmable timer lets you schedule brewing for the next day, while the digital touchscreen display makes operation simple.

The bold setting function allows you to adjust the flavor and aroma of your coffee to your liking.

The spill-proof carafe design ensures no drops are wasted, making pouring easy and mess-free.

Also, you will get different useful accessories like a POD filter, measuring scoop, charcoal filter, etc for better coffee brewing experience.


1) Dimension: 11.02"D x 14.52"W x 12.79"H

2) Weight: 13.67 pounds

3) Brewing capacity: 10 cups

4) Operation mode: Fully automatic


  • Includes extra accessories
  • Mess-free brewing
  • Adjustable flavor and aroma
  • Auto-brew feature
  • In-built steam wand


  • Customers find some accessories missing

5) Hamilton Beach 49976 FlexBrew

Hamilton Beach 49976 FlexBrew

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It offers convenience on both the single-serve and carafe sides.

It allows you to make either single-serve coffee or a full 12-cup carafe, depending on your needs.

The automatic pause and pour feature lets you pour a cup mid-brew, so you don't have to wait to enjoy your coffee.

Each side has its own water reservoir which makes it easy to gauge the water level. The easy-view water windows let you monitor the water levels to avoid running out while brewing.

The carafe side features a programmable timer and a 2-hour auto-shutoff which keeps your coffee warm and ready for you. 

Thanks to its Select-a-Brew feature, you can adjust the strength of your coffee.

The cup rest securely holds a standard-size cup and is removable to accommodate taller travel mugs.

It also includes a storage area inside for either the single-serve pod holder or the brew basket, keeping everything organized and within reach.


1) Dimension: 11.4"D x 12.2"W x 13.7"H

2) Weight: 6.37 pounds

3) Brewing capacity: 12 cups

4) Operation mode: Fully automatic

5) Wattage: 1050W


  • Lightweight
  • Consumes less electricity
  • Auto-brew
  • Auto-pause


  • Takes longer to brew

6) Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Trio

Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Trio 2-way coffee maker

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It offers two brewing options for single-serve: coffee grounds or coffee pods.

For larger quantities, you can brew up to 10 cups using the carafe side like a traditional coffee maker, with the 10-cup thermal carafe keeping your coffee warm for longer.

You can set up wake-up-ready coffee with easy-touch programming and enjoy your first cup quickly with the auto pause and pour feature.

The "Select-a-Brew" feature allows you to choose between bold or regular brewing strengths, and despite its 10-cup capacity, you can also brew a single cup.

The thermal carafe keeps coffee hot and fresh-tasting, while the Auto Pause & Pour feature lets you pour a cup mid-brew.

The machine accommodates tall mugs up to 7 inches, and you can program it to brew coffee at a specific time.

Each brewing side has its own easy-to-fill water reservoir with a water window, ensuring you always add the right amount of water.


1) Dimension: 13.6"D x 14.5"W x 15.13"H

2) Weight: 8 pounds

3) Brewing capacity: 10 cups

4) Operation mode: Fully automatic

5) Wattage: 1050W


  • Consumes very less electricity
  • Lightweight as compared to its peer products
  • Good brewing speed
  • Auto-brew
  • Programmable
  • Two water containers for separate measurements


  • A spilling issue might be there

7) Elite Gourmet EHC116

Elite Gourmet EHC116

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It is praised for its brewing speed which allows you to quickly brew two 14-ounce mugs of fresh coffee at home, with a total brewing capacity of 28 ounces.

Also, it is very easy to operate this machine. It just requires one button to brew hot, freshly brewed coffee.

It comes with a reusable mesh coffee filter which eliminates the need for paper filters and frequent replacements.

As it is compact in design, it makes it easy to fit into narrow and small spaces.

It also includes a 14-ounce stainless steel mug, and there's enough space to accommodate two mugs under the dispenser, ensuring fresh coffee is always ready for you or a couple to enjoy.

The water container is marked precisely for one and two cups of coffee. So there is no need for any other special measurement equipment to ensure the correct amount of water is used.


1) Dimension: 19"D x 25"W x 34"H

2) Weight: 3.35 pounds

3) Brewing capacity: 28 oz

4) Operation mode: Manual

5) Wattage: 900W


  • Consume less electricity
  • Compact
  • Comes with stainless steel interior glass
  • Its cleaning is easy
  • Single button operation


  • Brewing capacity is less
  • Doesn’t include advanced features

Wrapping up

Here, I have got you covered with the top dual coffee makers.

I also recommend you go through the buying guide that I have included at the beginning of this article. As it will help you choose the right dual coffee maker.

It covers all aspects of convenience, and variety, and serves both solo sippers and batch brewers. So go ahead, select the one, and start brewing a flavorful cup of coffee.


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