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7 Best Iced Coffee Makers in 2024

Henry Muller

Generally, people make iced coffee using the traditional method, which includes adding ice cubes to the freshly brewed hot coffee using a normal coffee maker.

But if you have been drinking iced coffee for a long time, then you know that when you add ice cubes to coffee, the cubes melt and make the coffee watery.

And you will end up with diluted, watery, weak-flavored coffee.

To avoid this problem, one of the best ways is to use iced coffee makers. These machines are specially designed to make iced coffee.

They brew coffee of such strength that you get strong and full-flavored coffee even after you add ice cubes.

In this article, I will give you a list of the best iced coffee makers.

Let's start.

Things to consider when buying an iced coffee maker

1) Brewing capacity

It is the amount of coffee a coffee machine can brew in a single session. If you have fewer people to drink iced coffee, you will need a coffee machine with a low brewing capacity. And if you have more people, you will need an iced coffee brewer that brews large amounts of coffee.

In this article, I have included iced coffee machines from single-serving capacity to 42-ounce brewing capacity.

2) Types of coffee machines

Iced coffee makers are of various types. For example, drip coffee machines with an "over-ice" feature will help you brew coffee of such concentration that it will be compensated even if it is poured directly over the ice cubes.

Other iced coffee brewers will provide you with cooling chambers inside the machine. Such machines help you get chilled coffee directly into a mug.

It depends on what type of iced coffee maker you want in your kitchen or office based on your preferences.

3) Adjustable brew strength

Some people want strong iced coffee, and some want a less strong one. To satisfy everyone’s needs, you will need a coffee maker that gives you the ability to change the brew strength of the coffee.

4) Ease of cleaning

Cleaning a coffee maker shouldn’t be a mess. Dishwasher-friendly and removable components are signs that a coffee maker is easy to clean.

5) Extra accessories

Many coffee makers come with extra accessories such as a scoop, cleaning kit, etc. These extras can enhance the brewing experience as well as machine maintenance.

6) Advanced features

Auto on/off, brew pause, adjustable brewing sizes, etc. are some of the advanced features of the latest iced coffee brewers. If your chosen one comes with them, you can enhance your coffee-making experience.

7 Best iced coffee makers

1) Cuisinart automatic

Cuisinart automatic iced coffee maker

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It stands out for its single-serve brewing compatibility which offers serving sizes from 4 to 12 ounces.

It works with single-cup pods like Keurig K-Cups and includes a reusable filter cup for personalized brewing.

The extreme brew feature delivers coffee 25% faster than traditional methods, ideal for busy mornings.

With a 12-cup glass carafe, stainless-steel design, and automatic features like 24-hour brew start and self-clean, it combines convenience with elegance.

Thanks to its intelligent brewing, you can adjust brew strength for your taste, and ensure no watery coffee.

You can control carafe water temperature for optimal flavor, and enjoy clean water with the included charcoal water filter.

The easy-view water window helps you find the water level. It also includes features like BrewPause.


1) Dimension: 0.88"D x 10.13"W x 16.25"H       
2) Weight: 12 pounds       
3) Operation mode: Fully automatic       
4) Wattage: 1100W       
5) Brewing capacity: 33 oz

2) Keurig K-Elite

Keurig K-Elite Coffee Maker

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It offers multiple size options from 4 to 12 ounces. For those who prefer a stronger coffee flavor, the strong brew button enhances the boldness to suit your taste.

One of the standout features is its dedicated iced setting that allows you to brew hot coffee directly over ice with a simple touch of a button, creating a flavorful iced coffee effortlessly.

With a brewing time of under a minute, it values your time. Its large 75-ounce water reservoir can brew up to 8 cups before needing a refill, and it's easily removable for convenience.

It also accommodates both regular coffee cups and travel mugs up to 7.2 inches tall with its removable drip tray.

Another notable feature is the brewer maintenance reminder which alerts you when it's time to descale your machine to maintain optimal performance and flavor.

Additionally, the high altitude setting ensures the coffee maker functions properly at altitudes over 5,000 feet


1) Dimension: 13.1”H x 9.9”W x 12.7”D       
2) Weight: 3.78 pounds       
3) Operation mode: Programmable       
4) Brewing capacity: 64 oz

3) Mr. Coffee's

Mr. Coffee's single-serve iced coffee maker

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It is designed for quick and easy brewing, delivering the perfect iced coffee in just 4 minutes.

Unlike pouring hot coffee over ice, which can result in a watery drink, this machine uses a precise ratio of hot, concentrated coffee to ice, ensuring a consistently flavorful brew every time.

With an integrated measuring system, this machine simplifies the brewing process, ensuring you add the right amount of coffee grounds for a rich, never-watered-down flavor.

It is user-friendly, requiring simple steps to brew your favorite iced coffee. Its drip-stop feature minimizes mess and makes cleaning easy, so you can enjoy your drink without worrying about spills.

Along with this machine, you will also receive a measuring scoop, tumbler, lid, straw, and a reusable filter.


1) Dimension: 8.8" L x 6.3" W x 13" H       
2) Weight: 12 pounds       
3) Operation mode: Fully automatic       
4) Brewing capacity: 22 oz

4) Wirsh

Wirsh iced coffee maker with pitcher

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It offers a simple solution for creating your favorite chilled drinks with just the touch of a button.

It features a spacious 3-quart glass pitcher, it can brew up to 12 cups of tea or coffee in a single batch.

The pitcher is designed for user convenience, with a large handle for easy lifting and pouring, and it's dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning. 

The machine also includes a removable and reusable filter basket which makes it an easy to clean equipment.

With a convenient strength selector dial, you can customize your drink from mild to strong.

The machine also features an automatic shut-off feature for fuss-free brewing.

It is also ETL-certified and BPA-free.


1) Dimension: 10.8 x 6.6 x 13.7 inches       
2) Weight: 3.9 pounds       
3) Operation mode: Fully automatic       
4) Brewing capacity: 22 oz       
5) Wattage: 750W

5) Famiworths

Famiworths cold coffee maker

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It features deep coffee extraction technology that brews over ice, ensuring a fresh and flavorful cup of iced coffee every time. 

With a simple touch of the "regular" button, you can also enjoy a steaming cup of hot coffee in just 4 minutes, accommodating both K-Pods and ground coffee.

For iced coffee using pods, only 6 ounces of water are needed for optimal flavor.

The large reusable ground filter can hold up to 25 grams of ground coffee, resulting in a bolder and more robust flavor compared to pods.

A clever cap on the filter prevents ground coffee from entering your cup, ensuring a consistently smooth and enjoyable coffee experience.

Thanks to its compact size, it fits seamlessly into small kitchen spaces and is compatible with travel mugs up to 6.7 inches tall, allowing you to take your coffee on the go.

The built-in descaling reminder takes the stress out of maintenance, ensuring your coffee maker stays clean and efficient.

It quickly heats the water to maintain a stable temperature, resulting in the best-tasting coffee.

With a reusable ground coffee basket and lid, this coffee maker prevents unwanted grounds from mixing into your coffee, ensuring a clean and enjoyable brew every time.


1) Dimension: 5.6"D x 8.2"W x 12"H       
2) Weight: 2.64 pounds       
3) Operation mode: Fully automatic       
4) Brewing capacity: 14 oz       
5) Wattage: 1000W

6) Braun multi-serve

Braun multi-serve iced coffee brewer

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It features the ExactBrew System which ensures precise brewing performance with every cup.

This system calculates the optimal water flow, temperature, and speed to match your coffee preference, whether you prefer it over ice, light, bold, or somewhere in between, delivering perfection at the touch of a button.

With exclusive heating technology, it brews a full pot of coffee in under 8 minutes while preserving the rich flavors and aroma of your coffee.

Three sensors monitor temperatures throughout the brewing process, ensuring your coffee reaches and maintains the ideal temperature quickly.

This machine is certified by the Golden Cup SCA and offers seven brewing size options, from a pod-free single cup to a full carafe, accommodating your preferences effortlessly.

Featuring a visible display, it ensures you always know when your coffee is brewed to perfection.

The carafe's long, narrow shape traps moisture, preventing a bitter taste from developing in your coffee.


1) Dimension: 7.1"D x 13"W x 15"H       
2) Weight: 10 pounds       
3) Operation mode: Fully automatic       
4) Brewing capacity: 49 oz       
5) Wattage: 1650W

7) Go Classic

Go Iced classic coffee makers

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It is designed specifically for brewing refreshing iced coffee.

Unlike conventional coffee makers optimized for hot brews, this machine excels in balancing brew time, water temperature, and coffee ground quantity to create the perfect iced coffee.

Equipped with a scoop, this machine simplifies the process of brewing hot, concentrated coffee over a full cup of ice, ensuring a delectable and full-bodied iced coffee that remains undiluted and never becomes watered down.

Designed for ease of use, it features a straightforward interface, a 42-ounce water reservoir, and a self-clean option, making it the ideal iced coffee companion.

The reusable filter simplifies maintenance, eliminating the need for disposable paper filters and reducing waste.

Capable of brewing coffee in four different iced coffee sizes, ranging from 15oz to 30oz,it offers versatility to suit your preferences.

Its compact size makes it a space-saving and portable option, ideal for any kitchen or coffee lover on the go.


1) Dimension: 10.5"D x 5.25"W x 11.5"H       
2) Weight: 4.41 pounds       
3) Operation mode: Fully automatic       
4) Brewing capacity: 42 oz       
5) Wattage: 1450W

What is an iced coffee machine?

It is a specialized coffee appliance developed to brew coffee that is specifically meant to be served cold over ice.

Unlike traditional coffee makers, which are primarily optimized for brewing hot coffee, these are made to produce coffee that remains flavorful and refreshing even after you add ice cubes to it.

They brew coffee at a higher concentration, which can compensate when further dilution is added in the form of ice.

You just need to fill a glass with ice cubes and put it under it. The hot coffee will be directly poured over the ice, and you can readily enjoy iced coffee in a very short time.

They eliminate the need to cool the hot brewed coffee for a long time, so you can enjoy cold and chilled coffee.

Wrapping up

Here, I have got you covered with the best iced coffee makers.

When it comes to making the perfect iced coffee, your choice of equipment makes all the difference.


1) Can all coffee makers make iced coffee?

No, not all coffee makers are optimized for making iced coffee. While you can technically make iced coffee with various coffee makers, specialized iced coffee brewers are designed specifically for this purpose. They often have features like rapid cooling mechanisms, adjustable brewing settings, and a concentrated brewing method that minimizes dilution when the hot coffee is poured over ice.

2) Why does my iced coffee taste watery?

Watery iced coffee can occur when hot coffee is poured directly over ice, causing rapid dilution. To avoid this, consider using a specialized iced coffee maker or cold brew system that brews a more concentrated coffee.

3) Can a drip coffee used as an iced coffee?

Yes, you can use a drip coffee maker to make iced coffee. However, to prevent it from tasting watery, you may want to follow a few tips: brew the coffee stronger than usual, let it cool for a bit before adding ice, or use ice cubes made from brewed coffee. Some drip coffee makers also have an "over ice" setting to help compensate for dilution.


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