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7 Best Puerto Rican Coffee Brands in 2024

Henry Muller

The normal people know Puerto Rico for Old San Juan, a UNESCO world heritage site.

But for coffee lovers, this island all is for its world-famous coffee culture. This place has a long history of coffee farming.

If you are also interested in buying authentic coffee from this place, you are at the right place.

In this article, I will be listing the best Puerto Rican coffee brands.

So let’s start.

Things to consider when buying Puerto Rican Coffee

1) Certification

It is one of the things that you look for to buy authentic Puerto Rican coffee.

To do so, you need to look for coffee that is certified by the Puerto Rico Coffee Regulatory Board (Junta Reglamentadora del Café).

This certification ensures that the coffee meets certain quality standards and is genuinely Puerto Rican coffee.

2) Variety

This coffee is primarily made from Arabica beans, but different varieties are grown on the island, each with its own flavor profile.

Consider the variety of coffee beans used in your buying coffee and how it might affect the taste.

3) Roast Level

It is often medium-roasted to preserve its delicate flavors. However, some brands may offer different roast levels, so choose one that aligns with your taste preferences.

4) Freshness

Like all coffee, freshness is key to a great cup. Look for coffee that has been recently roasted and packaged to ensure the best flavor.

5) Packaging

Coffee should be stored in airtight, opaque packaging to protect it from light, air, and moisture, all of which can degrade the quality of the coffee.

7 Best Puerto Rican Coffee Brands in 2024

1) Yaucono Ground Coffee

Yaucono Ground Coffee

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The first brand in this list is Yaucono, a coffee brand deeply rooted in Puerto Rican tradition.

It is made from the classic medium roast, carefully crafted from premium coffee beans.

It's a smooth, rich blend that hits all the right notes, whether you take it black or with a splash of cream and sugar.

Yaucono isn't just any coffee but it's a staple in Puerto Rican households. The beans are hand-picked, expertly roasted, and ground to perfection, ensuring every sip is a delight.

2) Cafe Crema Medium Roast Ground

Cafe Crema Medium Roast Ground

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You will experience the rich flavors and heritage of Puerto Rican coffee with Cafe Crema.

This brand was founded in 1925 by Don Jose "Pepe" Garrido Morales and his wife Matilde Alonso.

It has been a pillar of Puerto Rican coffee culture for nearly a century. It offers a medium roast with creamy flavors, balanced acidity, and a traditional grind.

Cafe Crema's medium roast delivers a smooth and creamy flavor with balanced acidity.

This product comes with two 14-ounce bags of Cafe Crema ground coffee (28 ounces total).

3) Cafe El Morro Dark Roast Espresso Grounds

Cafe El Morro Dark Roast Espresso Grounds

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You can experience the bold and rich coffee flavors of Puerto Rican with Cafe El Morro.

This gourmet, full-bodied dark roast is crafted from the finest 100% pure espresso beans, offering a genuine taste of Puerto Rican coffee excellence.

It is available in 6 oz vacuum-sealed bags, in either a 1-pack or 4-pack.

Since this ground coffee is dark-roasted, it gives you a rich and full-bodied flavor.

This brand advises us to use approximately 1 tablespoon of ground coffee per 1 ounce of water for espresso.

4) Café Lareño Puerto Rican Ground Coffee

Cafe Lareño Puerto Rican Ground Coffee

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This bundle includes two 14 oz bags so you can have an ample supply of this premium coffee for your enjoyment.

It is made with genuine Puerto Rican coffee beans.

Each batch of beans is selected and roasted separately so that it can have the unique flavors and aromas that Puerto Rican coffee is known for.

If I talk about its flavor profile, it features a rich and bold flavor profile, ideal for traditional espresso or drip coffee

The beans are expertly ground to a medium consistency which ensures an optimal flavor extraction and a well-balanced brew.

As these bags come with vacuum-sealed packaging, they preserve the coffee's freshness and flavor.

5) 4 Smooth Coffee Varieties

4 Smooth Coffee Varieties

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Not one or two, but this product includes 4 different types of Puerto Rican coffee.

They all provide the rich aroma and smooth taste of Puerto Rico island.

This bundle includes 8-ounce bags of Cafe Lealtad, Cafe Lareño, Cafe Oro, and Cafe Coqui.

Each coffee is famous for its delightfully smooth flavor profile which makes it an ideal choice for those who prefer a gentler coffee experience.

What is Puerto Rican Coffee?

Puerto Rican coffee is the coffee that is grown, harvested, and processed in Puerto Rico. This coffee is also known as "Café de Puerto Rico”.

It is known for its high quality, rich flavor, and unique characteristics that are influenced by the island's climate, soil, and altitude.

If I go into the past, Puerto Rico has a long history of coffee production, dating back to the 18th century when coffee was first introduced to the island.

Today, this coffee is primarily grown in the island's central mountain region, known as the Cordillera Central, where the altitude and climate are ideal for coffee cultivation.

It is shade-grown, which means it is grown under the canopy of trees. This allows the coffee beans to ripen slowly and develop more complex flavors.

The most common varieties of coffee grown in Puerto Rico include Arabica varieties such as Typica, Bourbon, and Caturra.

Why Is It Famous?

It is known for its smooth, balanced flavor with notes of chocolate, nutty undertones, and a hint of fruitiness.

It is often described as having a medium to full body with a mild acidity.

Also, since it is regulated by the Puerto Rico Coffee Regulatory Board (Junta Reglamentadora del Café), you get authentic Puerto Rican coffee that meets certain quality standards and is grown and processed under local regulations.

Summing It Up

Here, I got you covered with the top brands that provide Puerto Rican Coffee.

I have here made sure that you only get authentic coffee by ensuring all these are certified by the respective government bodies.

After reading this article, I think you now have the idea that there is a diverse range of flavors and profiles.

The brands like Cafe Rico, Cafe Crema, Alto Grande, and Yaucono consistently stand out for their quality, rich taste, and long-standing reputation. 


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