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7 Best Stainless Steel French Press (Durable)

Henry Muller

Due to a lot of advantages of a stainless steel French press coffee maker, it is very popular among French press lovers. If you are thinking of buying such a French press, you should note that not all stainless steel French presses are created the same.

So, when it comes to finding the best stainless steel French press, you need to be very careful. A high-quality stainless steel French press not only looks stylish in your kitchen as well as an office but also brews a rich, flavorful cup of coffee that is sure to satisfy your caffeine cravings.

In this article, we'll take a closer look at some of the top-rated French presses that are made of stainless steel material on the market, and I will also help you find the perfect one for your needs. So, keep reading to find out which stainless steel French press maker is best for you.

What to look for in a stainless steel French press?

1) Insulation

Insulation is one of the most important factors that you need to consider before buying a stainless steel French press. If your French press comes with good insulation, it can keep your coffee hot for a longer period of time. So, if you don’t want to drink coffee just after it is brewed, you can keep it warm for extended periods.

2) Precise pouring

When it comes to any French press, you should consider the design of the spout and handle as they can promote precise pouring. A good spout can help you avoid the dripping of coffee on the table on which you are using your French press.

Apart from the spout, the handle of the French press can help you hold the French press comfortably so that you can easily pour the coffee into the cup.

3) Cool-touch handle

In French press brewing, you need to pour hot water over coffee grounds. When you add hot water to your stainless steel French press, there is a chance that the handle or outer surface of your French press maker can get hot which can make it difficult to handle.

If you want to avoid this problem, you should choose a French press that comes with a cool-touch handle and has double-walled construction so that heat can’t be passed to the handle and outer surface of the French press maker.

4) Durability

If you are looking for a stainless steel French press, it means you need it to be more durable. But if you buy a French press made of cheap quality stainless steel, it won't be durable.

That's the reason, you should choose a French press made of good quality stainless steel material. In my opinion, you should choose a French press that is made of 18/10 stainless steel (304). It is because this material provides more resistance to rust and is more durable than other stainless steel materials.

Apart from the material, you can also choose a French press that has thicker walls for more durability.

5) Capacity

The brewing capacity of stainless steel French presses available in the United States ranges from 18 ounces to 44 ounces. Which French press you should choose depends completely on the number of people for whom you are brewing coffee.

6) Effective filtration

I have seen many people suffering from coffee ground sedimentation in their cups. If you don't want to suffer from this problem, you need to choose a stainless steel French press that comes with an effective filtration system that separates the coffee grounds from the liquid.

So look for a French press with a tight-fitting plunger that has a fine mesh filter, as it can trap the coffee grounds and prevent them from coming into your cup. Some of the French presses being sold in the USA come with a multi-stage filtration system that can help you get clean coffee.

7) Portability

If you are a frequent traveler, then portability is an important consideration when buying a French press. So, look for a French press that has a compact design and is lightweight, so that you can easily pack your equipment in a bag as well as carry it easily.

7 Best stainless steel French press

1) Frieling double-walled French press maker

Frieling double-walled French press

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One of the major problems that most French press lovers face is the sedimentation of coffee grounds in their coffee cups (because of poor filtering). The Frieling French press coffee maker solves this problem by introducing a patented 2-stage filter system. This filter ensures that you can enjoy a cup of coffee with zero sediments.

When it comes to insulation, this French press maker is also a clear winner. Its double-wall design makes it so well-insulated that it can keep your coffee warm for a longer period of time inside the equipment.

It is made up of 18/10 stainless steel material from inside and out. 18/10 stainless steel is known to provide more corrosion resistance and more ductility.

One of the best things about this French press maker is that all its parts are dishwasher-safe. So you can easily clean them without much hustle.

Its curved beak prevents the spilling of coffee and ensures precise pouring.

Using this equipment is also easy. Just add 2 tablespoons of ground coffee to this French press maker for every cup of water you are willing to brew. Adjust the amount of coffee to strengthen or weaken the flavor of the coffee.

Pour the hot (and not boiling) water into your French press. Stir well, and cover it with the lid. Then let the coffee ground steep for 4-5 minutes, stir again, and then slowly press down on the plunger.


1) Brewing capacity: 36 ounces

2) Weight: 1.04 kg

3) Dimension: 10.1 x 6.2 x 4.5 inches


  • 2-stage filter system
  • Well-insulated
  • Curved beak
  • Eye-catching design


  • Expensive

2) Secura French press maker

Secura French press maker

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Where other stainless steel French press coffee makers use 18/10 stainless steel only on one side, the Secura stainless steel French press coffee maker is made from top-quality 18/10 stainless steel from both the interior and exterior parts of the body. This stainless steel is known as 304-grade stainless steel. It is very well known for its durability, cleaning ease, and resistance to staining.

Secure French press comes with a double-wall construction to provide better thermal retention over single-wall construction. So, even if you have to wait to drink your brewed French press coffee, you can keep it warm inside the French press itself.

To prevent coffee grounds from occurring in your cup and spoiling the taste of your coffee, Secura has included a 3-layered stainless steel filter. This filter is easy to disassemble, you can assemble and disassemble the filter screen and choose the texture of your coffee according to your taste preferences.

While brewing French press, many people face the problem of handling heat, which causes discomfort when holding the French press maker correctly and may lead to spilling. In order to prevent this problem, Secura provides a cool-touch handle and knob so you can ensure comfortable and safe pouring every time.


1) Brewing capacity: 34 ounces

2) Weight: 2.4 pounds

3) Dimension: 6.7 x 6.1 x 9.8 inches


  • Best-budget
  • Provides sediment-less coffee every time
  • Precise pouring
  • Good filtration
  • Customizable coffee texture


  • Plunger is delicate
  • Heavyweight

3) BAYKA French press

BAYKA stainless steel french press

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BAYKA's stainless steel French press comes with a lid that is 10 mm deeper than others, so it can better contain the aroma and heat of your coffee. Along with this, it also allows easy coffee pouring.

It includes an inside marker that can help you ensure accuracy and consistency in your recipes and measurements. The spout marker on the lid allows you to pour the coffee precisely into the cup. It also includes a German-designed groove spout, which is designed to prevent coffee from dripping.

Like the other stainless steel French presses listed here, this one also comes with double wall construction with a vacuum between the two layers, which ensures keeping coffee warm for 3 hours.

Even after pressing, the handle and lid of this French press stay cool. So that you can touch them without burning your hands.

Along with these, this coffee maker comes with a 4-layer filter screen that helps you make grit-free coffee every time.

BAYKA's stainless steel French press only uses high-quality 304 stainless steel (18/10) for better rust resistance. Since the walls of this French press are thicker than the other French presses, it is more prone to damage. The stainless steel used in this equipment is so good that you will never taste a metallic taste in your French press coffee.


1) Brewing capacity: 34 ounces

2) Weight: 1.75 pounds

3) Dimension: 6.89 x 4.13 x 8.7 inches


  • Compact design
  • The high-grade stainless steel used
  • Vacuum insulation
  • Cool touch handle
  • Best in budget
  • Grit free coffee
  • Comes with milk-frother


  • Limited color options

4) Utopia Kitchen French press

Utopia Kitchen French press

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Utopia Kitchen is a very well-known kitchen appliance brand in the USA that also manufactures stainless steel French presses. So, if you are a home barista and want to brew French press coffee at your home or your office, you should give this French press a try.

Utopia Kitchen's French press is made of 304-grade stainless steel. Also, the walls of this equipment are 30% thicker than any other stainless steel French press maker. So even if you handle it roughly, you don't need to worry about the durability of this French press.

Since this French press equipment is double-walled, it provides good heat insulation and can keep your brewed coffee warm for a longer period of time.

People usually avoid using French press makers because they brew coffee that includes coffee grounds, but you won't face such issues with this French press because it comes with a 4-layered filtration system.


1) Brewing capacity: 34 ounces

2) Weight: 1.98 pounds

3) Dimension: 8.66 x 6.06 x 5.12 inches


  • The compact design makes it travel-friendly
  • Thick stainless steel walls
  • Effective filtration


  • No cool touch handle
  • Doesn’t come up with vacuum insulation

5) Mixpresso stainless steel French press

Mixpresso stainless steel French press

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Mixpresso stainless steel The French press is double-walled and insulated, which keeps hot coffee hot for longer. 
To prevent you from burning your hands from hot coffee, it includes cool-touch handles through which heat doesn't get transferred, so it remains unaffected even if you pour hot water into the French press while brewing coffee.

This stainless steel French press maker also comes with a 3-layer micro mesh filter system that traps even the smallest coffee grounds so you get a smooth and delicious cup of coffee free of the coffee sediments. Since this filter screen can be disassembled, its cleaning is very easy.

Apart from the functionality of this equipment, it also provides an elegant look. Its varied touch handle helps you pour in a comfortable and safe manner.


1) Brewing capacity: 28 ounces

2) Weight: 0.15 pounds

3) Dimension: 6 x 3 x 8 inches


  • Lightweight
  • Effective filtration
  • Easy to clean
  • Varied touch handle


  • No vacuum insulation

6) SterlingPro French press coffee maker

SterlingPro French press coffee maker

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If you are looking for a stainless steel French press with a very large brewing capacity, you can give the SterlingPro French press a try. It has a brewing capacity of 44 ounces.

One of the most frustrating things about using a French press is finding those pesky coffee granules floating around in your cup. But with the two-screen system that comes with this French press, you will get granule-free coffee every time.

Like all other French presses mentioned in this article, SterlingPro is also made up of 304-grade stainless steel material, so you don't need to worry about its strength and durability.

You also get two filter screens at no cost with this product. So you can add four filter screens for precise filtration, and you can also adjust the texture of French press coffee based on your taste preferences.

Apart from all of these good features, this stainless steel French press also comes with a double-walled structure, which helps you keep coffee warmer for a long time and also protects you from burning your hand when you come in contact with the surface of the coffee maker.


1) Brewing capacity: 44 ounces

2) Weight: 2.47 pounds

3) Dimension: 10.04 x 6.42 x 5.67 inches


  • High brewing capacity
  • Provides a good filtration
  • High-grade stainless steel is used


  • Heavy

7) WORBIC French press maker

WORBIC French press maker

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The WORBIC French press coffee maker is made up of 18/10 stainless steel, both internally and externally, creating a double-walled structure that makes it well-insulated. That's the reason why it keeps coffee warm for an extended period.

Additionally, the stainless steel material used in this French press maker is dust-proof, rust-resistant, and BPA and PFOA-free. 
This French press comes with a 3-level filtration system that ensures your coffee doesn't have any coffee grounds in it. This ultra-fine mesh filter is strong enough to keep even the smallest coffee particles out.

The French press also features a U-shaped spout. It can help you avoid dropping your coffee onto your table and helps you ensure precise pouring every time. It also comes with a cool-touch handle that prevents your hands from burning while pouring.

It also comes with different measuring levels so you don’t need to measure the amount of coffee you are brewing every time.


1) Brewing capacity: 34 ounces

2) Weight: 2.4 pounds

3) Dimension: 8.7 x 6.38 x 4.88 inches


  • Made up from premium stainless steel
  • Sludge-free coffee every time
  • U-shaped spout


  • Brewing capacity is less
  • Expensive

What is a stainless steel French press?

Where some French press coffee makers are made from plastic or glass, a stainless steel French press is made from stainless steel. It contains a cylindrical container made up of stainless steel,  a plunger, and a mesh filter that is used to brew coffee by steeping coffee grounds in hot water.

These French presses are available in various sizes and styles. You can purchase them from any kitchen and home goods store, as well as online.

Double-walled or vacuum insulated: Which stainless steel French press is good?

When it comes to a stainless steel French press, there are two types of insulation that you should take into consideration. The first is double-walled insulation, and the second is vacuum insulation.

Double-walled stainless steel construction is a commonly used method to insulate French press coffee makers. In this method, an air gap is created between the outer and inner layers of the French press.

This air gap reduces the heat transfer and keeps your coffee warm for longer. Here, you should note that double-walled stainless steel French presses are thicker and heavier than single-walled models of French presses.

On the other hand, vacuum insulation is a more advanced method of insulation. In this method, a vacuum gap is created between the inner and outer layers of the French press maker. This vacuum layer is highly effective. It provides very good heat retention compared to double-walled construction.

One of the biggest advantages of vacuum-insulated French presses is that they are more lightweight and compact than the double-walled French press makers. So you can consider these French presses to be travel-friendly.

Which one to choose between these two depends on the level of insulation you need and how you plan to use your French press. If you want to brew coffee for a large group of people and want it to stay hot for a while, a French press with vacuum insulation is likely the best option.

On the other hand, if you prefer a thicker and more durable French press, a double-walled stainless steel model is more suitable for you.

What are the benefits of using the French press made up of stainless steel?

1) More durability

One of the biggest advantages of using a stainless steel French press is its high durability. These French presses are less likely to break or crack than glass or plastic. So if you want a French press that can withstand the wear and tear of daily use.

2) Heat retention

Stainless steel retains heat better than plastic. So, even if you buy a stainless steel French press without good insulation, it will be able to retain heat better than a glass or plastic French press. So, if you want to take your time enjoying your coffee or brew a large batch to share with friends.

3) Easy to clean

Stainless steel is easy to clean and does not retain flavors or odors from previous brews. This means that you can easily switch between different types of coffee affecting the taste of your brew.

4) Stylish design

There is no doubt that stainless steel French presses look excellent. They also come in a range of styles and finishes, so you can choose one that matches your personal taste and decor.

How to properly clean and maintain the stainless steel French press?

When you buy a stainless steel French press, it is very important to clean and maintain it.

Step 1: Disassemble the French press

Disassembling makes cleaning very easy. Take apart the plunger and separate the mesh filter from the metal frame.

Step 2: Rinse each part with hot water

Once the French press coffee is prepared, your French press can retain coffee residues. In order to remove them, rinse all the parts of your French press brewer with hot water to remove any coffee residue.

Step 3: Scrub the parts

Use a soft brush or sponge to scrub the mesh filter and metal frame with a mixture of warm water and dish soap. Here you should note that using abrasive materials such as steel wool can scratch the stainless steel body of the French press and leave permanent marks.

Step 4: Rinse thoroughly

Rinse all the parts again with hot water to remove any soap residue.

Step 5: Dry the parts

Dry all the parts thoroughly with a clean towel or allow them to air dry before reassembling.


Here, I have got you covered with the top-rated stainless steel French press coffee makers available in the USA market. From high heat retention to high durability, choosing a French press made up of stainless steel material has lots of advantages.

All the stainless steel French press models I have listed here can help you brew a rich and flavorful French press coffee. All these French press models are easy to clean, have high durability, and come in different sizes and designs. So, you will get all the best features that a good French press should have.


1) Can I use chemicals to clean my stainless steel French press maker?

No, you should not use any harsh chemicals on the stainless steel body of the French press. As it can damage the body. Just use a water and vinegar solution to clean your French press.

2) Are stainless steel French presses cheaper than glass French presses?

Well, it depends on the model you choose but in a general scenario, stainless steel French presses are cheaper than stainless steel French presses.

3) Why should you not store your coffee in a stainless steel French press for prolonged periods?

Though stainless steel French presses are better at keeping the coffee warm for extended periods, you should not do it. The reason is that when you store the coffee in it, there is a chance of some extraction even after the plunger is down. So eventually, you will get bitter coffee. So, it is better to pour the coffee into another container once the plunger is pressed.


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