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How to Froth Milk With a French Press? (In Just 3 Steps)

Audrey Harrison
Home brewer

Craving a latte? Well, you don’t need an espresso machine or a frother to fluff up your milk anymore. 

You can trust our old friend, the French press for milk frothing.

If you are wondering how then stay with us as we talk in detail about how to froth milk with French press.

Can you froth milk in a French press?

Yes, you can! It is not only easy and pocket-friendly but also produces great results.

You can get a cup of perfectly frothed milk within minutes with a French press. The plunger, which is a part of the French press, makes for a great tool to froth milk right in the press.

Is frothing milk in a French press worth it?

It might sound insane to someone who is not habituated to it, but believe me, it is just as good.

Just imagine, brewing your coffee and frothing milk in the same humble French press and getting a warm, velvety cup of latte at home.

Pure bliss, isn’t it?‍

What will you need to froth milk with a French press coffee maker?


  • Milk of choice‍


A step-by-step method to froth milk using a French press

Step 1: Heat milk

If you are using a stove to heat your milk, pour all the milk into a saucepan and place it on the stovetop. Keep a low to medium flame and give it a slight stir. Once you see steam forming in the milk, take it off the heat.

Using a microwave is much easier. Just place your bowl of milk in the microwave and heat it for 30 seconds. If the milk doesn’t start to steam by this time, heat for another 15 seconds.

Step 2: Pour milk into the French press

Add the heated milk to your French Press. Fill only a third of the press as frothing will fluff up the milk to double its size. We suggest using a smaller French press for better movement.‍

Step 3: Close the lid and pump

Put the lid on and push the plunger downward to create tiny bubbles. You need to repeat this motion for at least 10 to 15 seconds to double the volume of the milk. You will certainly see a reasonable amount of foam if not the perfect creamy texture in the first go.‍

Tips for frothing milk with French press

1) When it comes to frothing, you should ideally pick whole milk or 2% milk as these milk create an almost precise foam.

2) Don’t overfill your French press. As mentioned earlier, it is best when you fill up a third of the press so that milk doesn’t spill out during the pumping.

3) Try to maintain a temperature of 60°C while frothing milk. 

Mistakes to avoid

Here are some mistakes that you may make while frothing milk with a French press.

1) Over-filling or under-filling the carafe

When you add milk to the French press, you need to make sure that you fill only ⅓ of the press. This will allow the milk enough space to froth up.

2) Not pumping enough

You will have to move the plunger up and down at least for 10-15 seconds to see the foam forming. If you want a creamier texture, you will need to pump more.


Here, I have got you covered with how to froth milk using a French press coffee maker.

That’s all! I am sure you will now agree that milk frothing is possible with the French press and also it is a hack all coffee lovers need to know.

Now you don’t need to run to that corner coffee shop whenever you are in the mood for a latte or a cappuccino. Just pull out that French press and froth your milk as you like it!


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