Hario V60

Hario V60

Hario V60 is a cone-shaped pour-over coffee maker admired for its sleek design and pure brews. It delivers balanced coffee, highlighting the subtle flavors.

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Hario V60

What is Hario V60

The Hario V60 is a cone-shaped pour-over coffee maker with spiral ridges on the inner surface and a large opening at the bottom. Marked for its durability, this iconic dripper is made from high-quality materials such as ceramic, glass, or plastic, enabling complete control over the brewing process. It utilizes paper filters and is favored by coffee enthusiasts for its ability to yield a clean and flavorful cup. Coffee history depicts that it's named as such due to its 60-degree angle and V-shape, making it a versatile and top-notch pour-over device in the specialty coffee world.

History of Hario V60

  • Hario's story began in 1921 in Tokyo, where founder Hiromu Shibata planned to craft heat-resistant glassware for scientific research. Seeking inspiration from traditional cloth filter methods, Hario's designers envisioned a modern alternative.


  • The 1980s saw Hario develop many brewers, but the V60 was not so renowned in the coffee world until 2004. It gained traction when disposable paper filters, specifically designed for the V60 came into the picture. Coffee competitions like the World Brewers Cup embraced the V60, for its ability to yield clean and customizable cups.


  • Today, the V60 reigns supreme as a globally renowned coffee icon, available in different materials.

Roast level

Light to Medium Roast


Grind Size

Medium Fine


Water temperature



Steeping time

3.5-4 minutes

Best Coffee to water ratio



Hario V60 Parts Explained

Hario V60 parts explained

How to use a Hario V60


Fold up the side seam of the filter paper and place it inside your v60 coffee maker.


How to Make Hario V60 Coffee Stronger

Step 1: Adjust the coffee-to-water ratio

Raise the amount of coffee grounds. You can begin with a ratio of 1:15 for brewing using a Hario V60 coffee maker (1 gram of coffee to 15 grams of water) and adjust it as per your taste preference.

Step 2: Choose a fine grind size

Select a finer coffee grind for a perfect Hario V60 coffee. A finer grind enhances the extraction rate, improving the strength of the coffee. Experiment with a few grind sizes to find the right grind size for your coffee.

Step 3: Increase the brew time

Let your coffee steep for a longer duration. It aids in extracting complete flavors from your V60 coffee maker. You can modify it by adding 15-30 seconds more to your usual brewing time.

Step 4: Control water temperature

Try using hotter water for your Hario V60 coffee brewing. However, make sure you do not exceed the recommended temperature (around 200°F or 93°C) to avoid over-extraction and bitterness.

Step 5: Try pulse pouring

Instead of a continuous pour, try pouring in short intervals, letting the coffee bloom between each. Experiment using different brew times and taste the results. Fine-tune the process as per your preferences until you achieve the desired strength.

Hario V60 Cleaning Guide

Wondering how to clean your Hario v60 for a cleaner cup? Try these simple ways to maintain your Hario v60 coffee maker.


Disassemble the components

Begin by disassembling the Hario V60. Remove the paper filter, and separate the cone, dripper, and other detachable parts.


Discard the used coffee grounds

Dispose of the used coffee grounds into a compost or trash bin. Rinse any leftover grounds from the filter and interior of the cone.


Rinse the filter with hot Water

Rinse the other V60 components with hot water to remove residual coffee oils and particles. Once done, keep the cone and dripper under a stream of hot water.


Use a soft brush or cloth

For thorough cleaning, use a soft brush or cloth and gently scrub off the interior and exterior of the cone.


Add diluted vinegar solution

Prepare a solution using an equal amount of water and vinegar. Once done, soak your V60 components in it for about 15-20 minutes. It will help to break down stubborn coffee oils.


Rinse it thoroughly

After soaking, rinse all parts thoroughly with hot water. Make sure that there is no lingering vinegar residue.


Let it air dry

Let all the components air dry completely and reassemble your V60. Make sure there is no moisture left, as it can affect your coffee's flavor.


Why V60

Consistent extraction

The V60's cone shape and spiral ridges allow uniform water distribution, ensuring every coffee ground is soaked thoroughly. This results in a well-extracted and flavorful cup.

Customizable cup

Coffee lovers appreciate the V60's versatility. With complete control over brewing parameters like grind size, water temperature, and pour rate, users can adjust their brewing process to achieve the customized cup as per their taste preferences.

Enhanced aroma and flavor

The V60's design promotes a slow and controlled extraction. It lets the aromatic compounds and coffee flavors develop. This results in a rich and subtle flavor profile in every brew.

Quick brew time

As compared to other brewing methods, the V60 provides a relatively quick brew time, which makes it an excellent choice for coffee lovers craving a quick caffeine fix.

Easy to clean and use

The V60's simple design makes it handy to use and maintain. With minimal components, it's user-friendly for both beginners and experienced coffee lovers.

Compact and portable

V60's compact size and lightweight design make it an ideal brewing companion at home or while on the go. Whether you're traveling or just having space constraints, the V60 fits seamlessly into any lifestyle.

Other Uses of Hario V60

Tea infuser

With fine mesh and cone shape, Hario v60 becomes an ideal brewing tool to make loose-leaf tea. You can simply place tea leaves inside Hario, pour hot water, and let it steep for a clean and flavorful tea.

Flavored water infuser

If you are a fan of flavored water then you can rely on Hario v60. Add fruits, herbs, or even cucumber slices to the V60, pour water from above, and avail a refreshing drink within minutes.

Cold brew maker

You can also use the V60 for making a cold brew. Simply add coarse coffee grounds or tea leaves with cold water in the V60, let it steep in the fridge for an extended period, and then filter out the grounds or leaves for a smooth, cold brew.

Soup strainer

When making a clear broth or soup, the V60's fine mesh can work as an effective strainer, providing a clear liquid by separating solids and impurities.

Quinoa or rice rinsing

Rinse quinoa or rice easily using the V60. The fine mesh aids in removing excess starch, yielding fluffier grains when cooked.


Common Mistakes

Incorrect coffee grind

The wrong grind size can result in over-extraction or under-extraction. So adjust the grind size as per your brewing time. We recommend using finer grinds for Hario V60 coffee maker. Finer grinds are ideal for shorter brew times and coarser grinds for longer times.

Inconsistent pouring technique

Pouring water unevenly might result in an imbalanced extraction. So go for a slow and steady pour, moving in concentric circles to saturate the coffee grounds evenly for your V60 coffee.

Variations in water temperature

Inconsistent water temperature affects extraction. Thus try using a reliable kettle with a temperature control feature to maintain a consistent brewing temperature.

Ignoring the bloom

Neglecting the blooming phase can lead to uneven extraction. So make sure you let the coffee bloom for a certain period by wetting the grounds and letting them release gasses before continuing the pour.

Filter not rinsed well

Improper rinsing can introduce a papery taste to the V60 coffee. So make sure you always rinse the filter with hot water before brewing to eliminate any paper residue.

Neglecting ratios

Incorrect coffee-to-water ratios affect the strength and flavor. Thus measure your coffee and water precisely before adding it to your V60 coffee maker, maintaining the recommended ratios for a balanced brew.

Using the stale coffee

Stale coffee beans result in a flat brew. So coffee lovers suggest using only freshly ground coffee for a perfect Hario V60 coffee to enjoy the full range of flavors in your cup.

Skipping the preheating step

Neglecting the preheating step can lead to temperature loss. Thus for flavorful extraction, we recommend using hot water through the V60 and warming your brewing vessel before starting the brewing process.

Accessories to Enhance V60 Brewing


Barista Warrior SS Filter

This filter is a reusable and eco-friendly option to paper filters that allows oils to pass through for a full-bodied coffee.


Glass Coffee Server

This coffee server is a stylish and heat-resistant container designed to serve brewed coffee from the V60 pour-over cone.


Drip Station For V60

This drip station provides a stable platform to hold the V60 cone and server while allowing for organized and mess-free brewing.


Air Drip Kettle

This air drip kettle is ideal for precision pouring in pour-over coffee brewing, providing a controlled and consistent water distribution over the coffee grounds.


Measuring Spoon

This measuring spoon acts as a precise tool for coffee preparation, aiding coffee lovers to measure the coffee grounds accurately.


Coffee Filter Stand

This filter stand acts as a convenient organizer for multiple coffee filters, providing easy access and efficient storage for filters.


Inverted brewingFlipping the V60 upside down for full-immersion brewing is called inverted brewing. It produces a strong and intense cup.
Stirring StickA stirring stick is a tool used to stir the coffee grounds and water mixture during the brewing process, ensuring even saturation.
Pulse PouringPouring in short intervals instead of continuously to control extraction and highlight specific flavors is called pulse pouring.
DrawdownThe time taken by the Chemex for the water to pass through the coffee grounds and filter into the carafe. A typical Chemex drawdown takes around 4-5 minutes.
Spiral ribsThe spiral ribs are ridges that guide water distribution, preventing channeling and bitterness.
BloomThe initial phase where coffee grounds release gasses, resulting in a foamy top.
Extraction TimeExtraction time refers to the duration it takes to brew a coffee, especially in espresso. It plays a critical role in determining the flavor and strength of the coffee.
ExtractionA process of extracting caffeine and flavor from beans by brewing them with hot water or steam.