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Aeropress Recipe - The Expert’s Way

Henry Muller

The elegant Pour-Over, an ultra-modern espresso maker, the sophisticated siphon, and then you have the Aeropress - a humble, toy-like coffee maker with a plastic body. But as they say, don’t judge a book by its cover. This interesting cylindrical equipment might get your eyebrows creased at first, but once you learn, and try your hand at an Aeropress recipe, you’ll fall for its magic, as many have.


Given that it’s easy to use, affordable, durable, and produces a great cup of coffee, the Aeropress fandom is only growing bigger. In fact, the gadget is so popular that Tim Williams, founder of Melbourne’s Fieldwork Coffee, organizes the World Aeropress Championship every year where coffee buffs from more than 50 countries compete to make the best cup of coffee using their favorite AeroPress recipe. 

Finland’s Tuomas Merikanto bagged the trophy at the 2021 championship, and we being absolutely coffee crazy, couldn’t wait to try out his Aeropress technique. And today, we are going to share the same with you. So, if you’re looking for the best Aeropress recipe out there, stay tuned, because this one is right out of a champion’s pocket.


Tuomas Merikanto’s Winning Aeropress Recipe

Here’s an Aeropress brew guide that is about to take your coffee game up to the next level. The winning recipe from WAC’21 does not only taste amazing, but it is also pretty hassle-free like most Aeropress recipes. And the best part? It takes nothing more than 2.5 minutes to brew coffee with this Aeropress method.


Let’s quickly have a look at everything that’s required for this Aeropress tutorial and then, we can get brewing!



  • Roasted coffee beans of your choice. (For enhanced flavors, you must go for specialty coffee)
  • Filtered water


  • Aeropress
  • Grinder of your choice
  • Filter paper
  • Kettle
  • Kitchen thermometer

How to Set Up

To make the brewing process quicker and smoother, the right setup is crucial. So, to prep up, place 2 filter papers in the filter cap, rinse with hot water, and put them aside. 

Assemble the Aeropress by inserting the plunger into its main chamber. With one side open and facing up, it should now balance on the plunger. Bring water to a boil till it reaches the temperature of 176°F. Now, add 18 grams of coffee beans to your grinder, and we are all set to begin.


Direction of Recipe

For this Aeropress recipe, we are going to use the inverted brew method. One of the greatest advantages of the inverted method is the high level of technical control it offers. Brewing ratios can be kept precise, and turbulence can be regulated. 

Moreover, balance can be maintained between steep time and grind size. As a result, high-end coffee drinkers who are technique freaks and accuracy-oriented, are increasingly favoring the inverted method.



How to Make the Champion’s Aeropress Coffee

Step 1: Grind 18 grams of coffee, maintaining a grind size of medium to coarse.

Step 2: Add the coffee to the Aeropress chamber.

Step 3: Measure and separate 50 grams of water (176°F), and pour the water into the chamber.

Step 4: Stir the coffee 3 times, very slowly. You’ll get a slurry-like composition.

Step 5: With the second pour, add 200 grams of water to the mix. Make sure you don’t add more water than needed.

Step 6: Again, stir 3 times, and let it brew for a few seconds.

Step 7: Now, push the excess air out and fasten the filter cap to the open end.

Step 8: Place a sturdy mug on top and invert the Aeropress carefully.

Step 9: Slowly, push the plunger right away and let all the filtered coffee make its way to your mug. As the chamber creates a vacuum, more flavor is extracted through air pressure. 

Step 10: Now, just swirl the coffee for 30 seconds and pour from an altitude to another cup.

Step 11: Serve and enjoy!



Nutrition Facts

Now that we have brewed a blissful cup of no-fuss filter coffee, let’s have a glance at the nutrition facts of this Aeropress recipe. The nutritional info that we have dug up is going to make the fitness fanatic in you jump with joy. One mug of Aeropress brewed coffee contains-

  • 1 calorie
  • 0 carbs
  • 0.1g of fat
  • 0.3g of protein

However, the beverage barely contains any essential nutrients and can cause harm if consumed in plenty. Just maintain moderation and you’re good to go. 

To Sum Up

Now you know how to make Aeropress coffee and that too, with one of the best Aeropress coffee recipes. We hope the steps were helpful and easy to understand. 

We would suggest you keep exploring Aeropress coffee and go beyond run-of-the-mill recipes like the James Hoffman Aeropress recipe. We’ll keep coming back with more interesting brew guides for our coffee amigos. So, stay tuned!


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