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3 Benefits of brewing coffee using a French Press

Audrey Harrison
Home brewer

If you like to brew your coffee at home and don’t have a French press, we’re sure you must have thought of buying one. And if you are still scouting the advantages of a French press, we can take it from here. Read on to find out everything that you need to know about brewing coffee using a French press.

What is a French press and how does it work?

The French press, invented in the 1800s, is a super convenient coffee maker, used extensively throughout the world. It consists of a beaker, the base, the handle, and a plunger. The beaker is where you put your coffee grounds along with hot water.

The beaker stands on the base and has a handle attached to it. The best part about the French press is its lid. It comes with an attached filter plate and a plunger. So, there is no hassle of filter papers. Once you think your coffee is steeped, you just push the plunger and the filter separates your drink from the grounds. 

As the grounds are directly soaked in hot water while brewing in a French press, it is a form of immersion brewing. The precision to identify when the coffee is appropriately extracted and ready to be consumed plays a key role here.

The goal here is to focus less on controlling the pour, like pour-over methods, and more on controlling the brew time. Lastly, disassembling and cleaning your French press is a must to ensure that you always get good coffee.

What are the benefits of using a French press to brew your coffee?

1) Superior taste and aroma

Nothing beats the richness of fully extracted flavors in a coffee cup made with the immersion brewing method. Letting the grounds soak in water allows the beans to give their all, leading to a delicious, aromatic coffee concoction.

Besides that, the metal mesh filter in a French press prevents the absorption of unwanted oils and pungent flavors. It becomes super easy to separate the sediment from your coffee with this filter. Thus, you can certainly enjoy a fuller mouthfeel and a more flavorful coffee with the French press.

2) Convenience and simplicity

We are definitely on team French press when it comes to convenience of use. There is no need for electricity or extra equipment while brewing in a French press which makes the process hassle-free for an everyday home brewer.

Moreover, it doesn’t take much time and effort to clean and maintain this little coffee maker and doesn’t require any special cleaning tools. Also, given its compact size, and portability, it can be easily packed and carried on trips and outdoor activities.

3) Customization and control

You may feel like we are exaggerating, but trust us, we are not - the ability to adjust the brewing time and the temperature feels like a superpower while brewing coffee. Yes, it does. And the French press allows this kind of control.

It allows the brewer the freedom to add or subtract coffee and water quantities to suit personal preferences. Also, you can experiment with different coffee beans and roast levels without worrying about anything in a French press.

Wrapping up

We are guessing that by now, you must be all set to get a French press home. Given all these amazing benefits, we can easily suggest it as one of the top coffee brewing methods. You get the perfect taste and a smooth brewing experience. What else can we ask for every morning?‍


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