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7 Best Coffee Grinders Under $50

Henry Muller

Are you passionate about your daily coffee ritual but have budget restrictions? Don't worry! In this blog, I've curated the best coffee grinders under $50 that will help you get freshly ground coffee without breaking the bank.

I have also shared its key features, pros, and cons, so you can make an informed decision. These grinders will help you savor the rich aromas and flavors of freshly ground coffee beans from the comfort of your home.

Whether you're a pour-over enthusiast, a French press aficionado, or an espresso lover, these budget-friendly grinders will meet your coffee needs. So, let's dive in.

Things to consider when buying a coffee grinder for under $50

1) Type of burr mill

The burr grinders come in two types: conical and flat. Conical burr grinders are known for their affordability, which makes them preferable where budget is the primary constraint, while flat burr grinders are comparatively more consistent, which makes them an ideal choice when consistency is desired but they are expensive.

2) Electric or manual

If you want quick brewing with low effort, then electric grinders are perfect, but if you hate that grinding sound and want a grinder that is quieter and more portable, go for manual grinders.

3) Brewing capacity

Consider your brewing requirements. If you often have guests or have a large household, select a grinder with a larger grinding capacity, while if you have solo sippers and want fewer cups, a smaller capacity grinder may work and help you save counter space.

4) Grind settings

If you are a frequent coffee brewer who brews different types of coffee, then select grinders with adjustable grind settings; if you rarely brew a few cups, then a grinder without such extra features will also work.

5) Portability

If you love traveling, a compact, manual grinder is the best fit. You can also consider the one with removable handles for ease of carrying.

6) Build quality

If you are clumsy and have rough use, pick grinders made from stainless steel, ceramic, or sturdy materials. Also, make sure the grinder you choose is easy to disassemble and clean.

7) Noise level

If you brew coffee in a shared space or early in the morning, consider grinders that are quiet and can work peacefully. There are many electric grinders that are equipped with noise levels; you can give them a try.

8) Ease of cleaning

If you are someone who is always in a hurry and wants a quick caffeine fix, then pick a grinder that is easy to disassemble and clean in a few steps. If you are someone who doesn't have time issues and wants to cherish the moment, you can ignore this point.

9) Ease of use

Imagine a setting where you are already running late and your coffee grinder even adds to it. Definitely! You don't want it while rushing to the office or a client meeting. In such situations, a grinder that is easy to use and has advanced features like automatic shut-off fits well. In other scenarios, manual grinders are better if you want to savor the process.

7 Best Coffee Grinders Under $50

1) Boly electric burr grinder

Boly electric burr grinder

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This coffee grinder is easy to use. With a one-button operation, you can effortlessly grind your coffee beans to perfection. It's user-friendly and convenient.

It comes with a 12-cup capacity, ensuring you can easily grind enough coffee to satisfy your daily caffeine cravings.

Since the conical burrs used in this grinder are made up of stainless steel, this machine ensures that none of the essential oils in your coffee beans are lost due to oxidation.

This preservation of the beans' natural oils leads to a richer flavor and aroma in your brewed coffee. If you're a coffee purist who values the full spectrum of coffee flavors, this grinder is an excellent choice.

This grinder offers 19 precise grind settings, giving you the freedom to choose the perfect texture for your coffee beans. This enables this grinder to be used for multiple coffee brewing methods.

It offers flexibility in choosing the amount you need, from 2 to 12 cups. This feature caters to both solo coffee drinkers and those who brew for a crowd. The resealable dust-proof lid helps keep your coffee fresh for more extended periods.

It's equipped with a powerful motor that ensures efficient grinding. The safety lock system provides added protection, and the blue light completion indicator adds a touch of elegance. You can count on this grinder for reliable, long-term use.

The conical burr design ensures fairly uniform grinding with precise control over the grind size. This feature is essential for maintaining the quality of your coffee, ensuring that it doesn't become too fine or too coarse for your brewing method.

The "grind on demand" feature allows you to select the amount you want to grind, up to 12 cups. This flexibility ensures that you don't waste coffee or have leftovers, giving you the exact amount you need for your daily brew.

With a lower RPM (Revolutions Per Minute), this grinder operates more quietly and produces less heat during the grinding process. The lower working noise level is needed especially in quieter morning routines.

Since the upper burr of this machine is removable, it is easy to clean. Along with this, it also includes a cleaning brush which helps you keep this grinder clean.

Also, it is compact enough which makes it easy to store even if your kitchen area is small.


1) Dimension: 12.56"L x 9.72"W x 7.56"H

2) Weight: 4.88 pounds

3) Grinding capacity: 7 ounces

4) Operation: Electric

5) Wattage: 200W


  • Multiple grind settings
  • Compact design
  • Conical burrs
  • Less heat generation
  • Low RPM
  • Flexible grind amount
  • Durable


  • You have to regularly shake the grinder as beans get stuck before the grinder intake.

2) Coffee grinder by GRABADO

GRABADO coffee grinders

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This handheld coffee grinder comes with an all-metal construction which increases its durability. Its standout feature is a CNC stainless hexagonal steel conical burr which increases the life of this machine as well as its grinding precision.

The one-piece double bearing fixing and numerical internal adjustable settings are internally optimized, setting it apart from other coffee grinders in its class. For coffee lovers who value quality and longevity in their coffee equipment, this grinder is an excellent choice.

The conical burr in this grinder is made of food-grade 420 stainless steel. This material is not only safe but also ensures fast grinding and low heat generation. Since this equipment can be operated manually, you don't need electricity to use it. This makes it very useful for camping.

The built-in adjustable grinding selector offers 27 gears of thickness and multi-turn adjustment which allows you to fine-tune the grind without relying on scale measurements. This level of precision makes it suitable for various brewing methods, from hand brewing to Moka pots, siphon pots, French presses, and more.

It comes with a three-dimensional vertical stripe non-slip design that not only adds to the grinder's aesthetics but also ensures a firm grip and comfortable hand feel. The black walnut handle knob is designed for comfort, and the crank action is smooth and efficient.

Its extended rocker design makes grinding coffee beans more labor-saving. This grinder is perfect for travelers, allowing them to make a cup of freshly ground coffee during their journeys and savor a higher level of coffee freedom.

The coffee grinder's compact size is ideal for those who are always on the move. It won't take up much space, and it's easy to store. Furthermore, the package includes a cleaning brush and a storage bag for the coffee grinder's manual, keeping it in optimal condition. After use, simply clean it with the provided brush.

It is also included with the point adjustment system that allows for precise grind settings, offering a high level of control to achieve the exact coffee powder thickness you desire.


1) Dimension: 5.71"L x 2.56"W x 7.08"H

2) Weight: 1.32 pounds

3) Grinding capacity: 20 grams

4) Operation: Manual


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Durable
  • Multiple grind setting
  • Easy to clean
  • Comes with cleaning equipment
  • Comfortable grip
  • Low heat generation


  • Grinding capacity is low

3) Secura Home Burr Grinder

Secura home burr coffee grinder

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This electric coffee grinder comes with a see-through bean container with a capacity of up to 8 oz of coffee beans, ensuring you have enough beans on hand for your daily coffee needs.

The ground coffee container can hold up to 5 oz of ground coffee, making it a convenient choice for individuals or small gatherings.

The grinder's one-button operation simplifies the grinding process. Simply press the button to start grinding, and it will automatically shut off once the grinding process is complete.

This feature is not only convenient but also ensures safety and prevents over-grinding.

The quantity control dial provides flexibility, allowing you to grind the exact amount of coffee you need. Whether you're brewing a single cup of coffee or preparing a larger batch for a gathering, this grinder can meet your requirements precisely.

The Secura electric coffee grinder features a commercial-grade conical burr grinding system. This system is known for its ability to retain the maximum natural flavor of your coffee beans. It ensures that your coffee maintains its freshness and aroma, which is highly valued by coffee enthusiasts.

Cleaning is made easy with the removable conical burr and coffee bean containers. This feature simplifies maintenance, ensuring that your grinder remains in excellent condition with minimal effort.

The grinder is engineered with 40mm commercial-grade conical burrs, offering a wide range of 18 grind settings.

These settings allow you to grind coffee from ultra-fine to coarse, making it suitable for various coffee brewing methods. Whether you're brewing espresso or using a French press, you can find the perfect grind size for your needs.

With a convenient one-button ON/OFF operation and the quantity control dial, you have the flexibility to grind coffee for 1 to 10 cups, and the grinder will automatically shut off when it's done.

This simplicity and automation make it a user-friendly choice for coffee lovers of all levels of expertise.

The conical burr design in this grinder offers multiple advantages. It prevents overheating, ensuring that your coffee beans are ground uniformly and preserves their natural aroma.

The removable conical grinding mechanism also makes cleaning a straightforward process.

The coffee bean container can hold up to 8 ounces of coffee beans, eliminating the need for frequent refilling.

Additionally, the coffee grounds container can accommodate up to 5 ounces of ground coffee, ensuring you have a supply of freshly ground coffee ready for brewing.

This grinder is designed to be durable and reliable. It's ETL-approved, meeting safety and quality standards, and is intended for use with North American Electrical Standards.


1) Dimension: 12.95 x 9.17 x 7.2 inches

2) Weight: 4.65 pounds

3) Grinding capacity: 8 ounces

4) Operation: Electric

5) Wattage: 110W


  • Single button ON/OFF
  • Less electricity consumption
  • Flexible grind setting
  • Removable burr
  • Easy to clean
  • Multiple grind setting
  • Conical burrs


  • Noisy and wasted coffee

4) ACKZOT Coffee Grinder

ACKZOT coffee grinders

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The ACKZOT coffee grinder is engineered to deliver cafe-quality coffee at home. With its low-noise operation, easy settings, and compact size, it's a perfect addition to any home coffee setup.

Its conical burr design ensures precise grind settings, allowing you to customize your brewing method for a top-notch coffee-making experience in the comfort of your own kitchen.

The metallic conical burr promotes consistent and uniform grinding. It provides full control over the grind size, essential for maintaining a consistent flavor profile in your coffee. The precise grind speed control minimizes temperature rise during the grinding process, ensuring that your coffee beans remain at the optimal temperature for flavor extraction.

Additionally, the grinder features an innovative built-in cleaning brush, helping you clean residual grounds inside the grinder. This extra effort helps retain the most essential part of the coffee bean, ensuring a pure and unadulterated coffee flavor, free from any unpleasant sour or bitter notes.

This grinder offers a wide range of 48 adjustable grind settings, making it suitable for a variety of daily brewing methods. From fine grounds for espresso to medium for pour-over and coarse for French press, you can perfect your grind size to match your preferred brewing method.

The 2-12 cups selection feature allows you to grind the exact quantity you need, eliminating wastage. With just three easy steps—adjusting the grind setting, selecting the number of cups, and pressing a single button, the burr mill coffee grinder starts and stops automatically based on your requirements.

Coffee grounds can sometimes create a mess during grinding due to static electricity. To address this common issue, this grinder comes with anti-static technology.

The bean hopper, machine body, and grind chamber are specially designed to prevent static electricity buildup, resulting in a "mess-free" grinder that effectively keeps coffee grounds from flying around and creating a mess on your kitchen counter.

The anti-static, mess-free grinding chamber is easy to clean, and the conical burr, bean hopper, and grinding chamber are all removable, making maintenance effortless.


1) Dimension: 13.8"L x 4.3"W x 6.7"H

2) Weight: 4.6 pounds

3) Grinding capacity: 3.5 ounces

4) Operation: Electric

5) Wattage: 150W


  • Multiple grind settings
  • Removable parts make it easy to clean
  • Mess-free grinding experience
  • Anti-static
  • Flexible grinding quantity
  • Conical burrs


  • Louder
  • Grinding capacity is low

5) Hamilton Beach Electric grinder

Hamilton Beach Coffee Grinder

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With this coffee grinder, you can effortlessly customize the texture of your coffee grounds to match your preferred brewing method. Whether you need extra-fine grounds for espresso or coarser settings for drip coffee or French press, you can achieve the perfect grind with just a twist of the dial.

Whether you're brewing a single cup of coffee for yourself or preparing a pot for a group of friends, this grinder simplifies the process.

You can easily customize the number of grounds each time you grind whole coffee beans, ensuring that you're not wasting coffee or overgrinding for your needs.

The grounds container comes with a snap-on lid, which makes pouring ground coffee into your brew basket a hassle-free task.

The large bean hopper, equipped with a lid, allows you to store up to two full cups of coffee beans. This keeps your beans fresh and ready to grind whenever you're in the mood for a fresh brew.

Maintaining this coffee grinder is straightforward. The top grinding wheel can be removed with a few quick turns for cleaning, and a soft bristle brush is included for added convenience. Additionally, the containers and lids are dishwasher safe, ensuring effortless cleanup after use.

The grinder's stainless steel housing not only provides durability but also adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen. Its compact design ensures that it won't take up much counter space. For neat and easy storage, the base features a cord wrap, keeping the cord organized and out of the way when not in use.


1) Dimension: 7.4"L x 5.08"W x 10.59"H

2) Weight: 3.2 pounds

3) Grinding capacity: 4 ounces

4) Operation: Electric

5) Wattage: 200W


  • Allows to grind coffee even for a single cup
  • Multiple grind settings
  • The bean hopper has a large capacity
  • Compact
  • Cord wrapping for storing easily


  • Bit messy as it spills a bit of ground coffee during grinding

6) SHARDOR coffee grinder

SHARDOR coffee grinder

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This coffee grinding machine uses a metallic flat burr coffee grinder system to ensure even and consistent grinding. This design minimizes the risk of overheating the coffee beans, preserving the full flavor and aroma of your coffee.

Whether you're brewing espresso or French press coffee, you can count on this grinder to deliver a uniform grind.

This coffee grinder offers 16 grinding settings, providing a wide range of choices for your coffee grind.

You can adjust the settings to suit your preferred brewing method, ranging from fine grounds for pour-over coffee to coarse grounds for French press.

This level of customization allows you to achieve the perfect grind for your specific coffee needs.

The SHARDOR CG835B features 2-14 cup quantity selection settings, allowing you to grind the exact quantity you need for each brewing session.

Whether you're preparing a single cup of coffee or serving a large gathering, this grinder simplifies the process, eliminating coffee waste.

The grinder's upper burr, hopper, and grinding chamber are all removable, making cleaning a straightforward task. For better cleaning easiness, you will also get a small cleaning brush with this grinder.

Along with this, you will also get a 2-in-1 spoon that functions as both a brush and a scoop, allowing you to conveniently measure and clean your coffee equipment. Additionally, a manual booklet is included to guide you through the setup and usage of the grinder.


1) Dimension: 5"L x 7"W x 9.5"H

2) Weight: 3.08 ponds

3) Grinding capacity: 3.5 ounce

4) Operation: Electric


  • Adjustable grind quantity
  • Allows grinding for single-cup brewing
  • Removable parts make it easy to clean
  • Various grinding settings
  • Durable burr mills


  • There is no way to get the beans out of the top

7) JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder

JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder

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This manual coffee grinder is equipped with a built-in adjustable ceramic burr that offers over 18 manual grind settings. This extensive range of settings provides you with high precision and control over the coarseness of your coffee grind.

Whether you prefer an extra-fine grind for espresso or a coarser grind for drip coffee, this hand coffee grinder is versatile and suitable for all brewing methods. It's the key to enjoying a perfect cup of fresh coffee or espresso in the morning, and it's designed for use with single-serve or drip coffee makers.

This hand crank grinder eliminates 90% of the noise associated with electric grinders. JavaPresse's patented manual ceramic burr assembly operates without the need for batteries or cords, making it a convenient and portable choice for enjoying fresh coffee at home or on the go.

It's particularly well-suited for those who enjoy camping and want a noise-free grinding experience. This grinder pairs perfectly with your coffee maker, ensuring that you can savor your coffee without any disturbances.

This manual coffee bean grinder is equipped with a professional-grade ceramic conical burr, ensuring an incredibly consistent coffee grind. This precision enhances the flavors of even the most exquisite coffee beans in the world.

As you brew your coffee on your espresso machine, drip coffee maker, French Press, or pour-over device, you can savor the fresh aroma of freshly ground coffee. It's the perfect way to start your day with a cup of coffee that's brimming with rich and nuanced flavors.

It comes with JavaPresse's patented ceramic handheld coffee grinder burr undergoes three quality inspections to ensure its durability and longevity. It's built to last five times longer than comparable stainless steel coffee burrs, making it a wise investment for coffee enthusiasts.


1) Dimension: 1.8"L x 1.8"W x 7.5"H

2) Weight: 9.4 ounces

3) Grinding capacity: 100 grams

4) Operation: Manual


  • Ceramic burrs produce less heat
  • Noiseless grinding
  • Various manual grinding setting
  • Consist grinding


  • Weak grip due to metal handle
  • Ceramic burrs are less durable

Types of coffee grinders

1) Burr grinder

You must have heard coffee lovers suggesting burr grinders for consistency. Its working is simple. It works by using two abrasive burrs, where one remains stationary and the other keeps rotating, crushing the coffee beans into a uniform size. Here you can adjust the grind size to meet your specific brewing preferences.

Conical and flat burr grinders are preferred by coffee enthusiasts who want complete control over the grinding.

2) Blade grinder

Blade grinders work similarly to blenders and are more budget-friendly. It uses a spinning blade to chop the beans into different sizes. While they are comparatively less consistent than burr grinders, they are easy and suitable for those who want a simple solution.

Why choose burr grinders?

Burr grinders are preferred by coffee lovers for various reasons.

1) Consistent size

Burr grinders maintain a consistent grind size which results in rich extraction yielding a flavorful cup. The beans crushed using a burr grinder are uniform in size which impacts the flavor and quality of coffee.

2) Customizable grind size

The Burr grinder allows you to adjust the grind size to match your specific brewing method. Whether you prefer a fine grind for espresso or a coarser one for French press, burr grinders provide versatile settings.

3) Preserving the flavor

The slow, precise grinding of burr grinders reduces the heat generation during the process. It even helps preserve the coffee's natural oils and flavors, which results in a richer, more aromatic brew.

4) Control over brewing

Burr grinders allow you greater control over your coffee which is great for people who like to experiment with different grind sizes for a perfect cup.

5) Durability

Burr grinders can withstand rough use with their robust performance. Their sturdy construction makes them a reliable choice for consistent grinding.

Types of burr grinders

When it comes to burr grinders, there are two primary options to choose from

1) Electric burr grinder

Electric burr grinders are an excellent choice for coffee lovers preferring a hassle-free experience. Renowned for their convenience and speed, electric burr grinders work with the push of a button. You can quickly grind your coffee beans to your desired consistency with multiple grind settings, which makes them suitable for various brewing methods.

2) Manual burr grinder

If you are a traveler then manual burr grinders are the ideal companion. They are compact and portable, providing complete control over the grinding process, allowing you to adjust the grind size, operate quietly, and cherish your morning coffee ritual.

How to use a burr coffee grinder?

Step 1: Make your grinder ready for brewing

Before you begin brewing, place the burr coffee grinder on a stable surface, like a countertop or table, and make sure it's clean and free of any old coffee grounds.

Step 2: Adjust the grind size (if possible)

Most burr grinders come with adjustable settings to alter the coarseness of the grind. The ideal grind size depends on your brewing method (e.g., coarse for French press, medium for drip, fine for espresso). It is the best practice to consult your grinder's manual for adjusting the settings.

Step 3: Add coffee beans

Open the hopper or top compartment of the grinder, and add some coffee beans. Be careful that you do not overfill it. Leave some room to prevent overloading and uneven grinding.

Step 4: Grind the coffee

If it's an electric one, Plug in the electric burr grinder and select your desired grind setting if applicable. Then, press the grind button to begin the grinding. The ground coffee will be gathered into a container. For manual grinders, turn the handle clockwise to grind the beans. The ground coffee will drop into a container or directly into your brewing equipment.

Step 5: Clean the grinder

Once done,  clean your burr grinder to prevent any coffee oils and residue from building up. For thorough cleaning refer to your grinder's manual.

Step 6: Store the leftover beans

If your hopper has any unused coffee beans, transfer them to an airtight container to preserve freshness.

Step 7: Brew your coffee

Now that you have freshly ground coffee, you can use it to brew your coffee using your preferred method.

Wrapping up

These grinders are an affordable yet efficient option to level up your coffee game. From blade grinders to manual burr mills, I've covered different options ideal in different scenarios. The importance of a consistent grind size for brewing the perfect cup of coffee can't be ignored. Thus these budget-friendly grinders are surely a must-try.


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