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7 Best Coffee Urns to Buy in 2024

Henry Muller

When you have to serve coffee to a crowd, a reliable coffee urn can help you a lot.

These vessels are designed to brew and keep coffee hot for hours. So you can use them for events, gatherings, or offices where a constant supply of coffee is needed.

In this article, I will be listing the best coffee urns.

Let's start.

Things to consider when buying a coffee urn

1) Capacity

You should consider the number of people you plan to serve regularly. If you frequently host large gatherings or events, choose a model with a higher capacity to ensure enough coffee for everyone.

On the other hand, if you need it for smaller gatherings, get a smaller one.

2) Brewing Time

The brewing time can impact the efficiency of serving.

In busy settings where quick access to coffee is important, a model with a faster brewing time is good. So, you should check the specifications to ensure the brewing time aligns with your requirements.

4) Material and Durability

Its material decides its durability.

If the urn is made up of stainless steel and aluminum, they are durable and resistance to corrosion.

5) Temperature Control

If it comes with temperature control, it can maintain the brewed coffee at an optimal serving temperature. So, if you want your coffee to be warm for longer time, choose a model with this feature.

6) Ease of Cleaning

If it comes with removable and dishwasher-safe parts, it is easy to clean it. So look for such features if you don't want to spend lots of time in cleaning it.

7) Portability

If you are going to use it events or gatherings in different locations, you definitely need to consider its portability. It a coffee urn comes with features like built-in handles and a manageable weight, you can consider it to be portable.

8) Type of Dispenser

They comes with a spigot, lever, or push-button. You need to choose a dispenser type that is convenient for you and easy for guests to use.

9) Size of the model

Once the dispenser is used, you will have to store it at a right place like kitchen or office.

But at the same time, if the model is bigger than the storage area, you won't be able to store it properly. So it is better if you have a look at the size of the mode.

7 Best Coffee Urns

1) Hamilton Beach 40521

Hamilton Beach 40521

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It comes with a 30% faster brewing time compared to traditional models which allows you to brew 45 cups of coffee in just 28 minutes.

This makes it an ideal choice for large gatherings or situations where quick refills are essential.

It is also suitable for you when you have to serve a massive crowd as it is capable of brewing anywhere from 15 to 45 cups. 

What sets it apart is the consistent maintenance of optimal coffee temperature which keeps the brew hot and ready to pour once the brewing cycle is complete.

You can also simplify the coffee-pouring process with the user-friendly one-hand dispensing feature. The easy-press lever allows you to effortlessly pour coffee with just one hand.

Thanks to its cool-touch handles and a secure locking lid, you don’t need to hassle while pouring.

This dispenser is equipped with dual heaters which ensures that your coffee stays consistently hot without any risk of overheating or burning.

This urn comes with a built-in ready light is a visual indicator which illuminates when your coffee is perfectly brewed and ready.

You can also monitor your brewing process with ease using the clear water level markings on the urn's window.

2) Hamilton Beach D50065

Hamilton Beach D50065

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This equipment comes with a one-hand dispensing feature. Its design ensures swift and effortless cup filling which makes it good for busy commercial settings.

Since it comes with a polished stainless steel exterior, it enhances the overall look of the surroundings where it is placed.

Stainless steel also helps this equipment get protected from wear and tear.

Cleaning this equipment is also very easy.

This also comes with a warm heater which maintains the optimal temperature for brewed coffee which enhances its flavor profile.

It also comes with a window which simplifies the filling process and offers a quick visual check of the coffee level.

It also includes visual indicators provide essential cues for optimal timing and ensure a seamlessly integrated coffee-serving experience.

3) Zulay Commercial

Zulay Commercial Coffee Urn

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It comes with a robust stainless steel construction and features a concealed heating element system that ensures prolonged water insulation.

The two-way easy pour faucet allows for single-cup dispensing or continuous pouring.

It also comes with a generous capacity of up to 50 cups.

It is designed for durability with its heavy-duty construction.

The double-wall insulator comprises a 0.41mm thick 430 stainless steel outer layer and a 0.41mm thick 304 stainless steel inner layer which increases its heat retention.

It also comes with a cool-to-touch handle.

It also can deliver a rapid brewing speed of one cup per minute for up to 50 5oz cups, it ensures a continuous supply for substantial gatherings.

It comes with a “heat and keep-warm” indicator light that provides a visual cue, illuminating when the coffee is ready to be served.

4) West Bend 33600

West Bend 33600

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It can brew up to 100 cups at a remarkable one-cup-per-minute speed.

It is useful when you need continuous and efficient flow of freshly brewed coffee.

It comes with coffee-level gauge and interior water level markings which provide clear visibility into the brewing process and facilitate easy monitoring of liquid levels.

It also keeps you informed with the integrated indicator light which signals the completion of the brewing cycle and indicates when your coffee is brewed.

Thanks to an automatic temperature control you can ensure that your coffee stays consistently hot for hours.

It also provides the option for single-cup dispensing or continuous filling.

The heat-resistant base and handles enhance safety and ease of handling which ensures a secure grip even when the urn is filled to its impressive capacity.

Since it also comes with a brush and cleaning tool, you can easily clean this equipment.

5) Waring Commercial WCU110

Waring Commercial WCU110

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It comes with the coffee brewing capacity of 30 cups to 100 cups which gives you the flexibility to adapt to the scale of your event.

Generally, you brew your coffee at an ideal 200°F, and this urn dispenses at approximately 200°F which shows that your coffee is brewed at perfect temperature.

Its ON and READY indicators provide information about the operational status of this equipment. This shows the convenience of using it.

It comes with a removable sight glass which allows you to observe the brewing progress.

This feature also ensures that you are always aware of when it;s time for a refill it so you don't run out of coffee.

6) Professional Series 50-Cup

Professional Series 50-Cup Digital Coffee Urn

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It has the brewing capacity of 100 cups.

It comes with polished stainless steel body which makes it durable.

Its heat-resistant base and handles add a layer of safety and convenience which allows you to handle the urn confidently, even when it is filled to its full 100-cup capacity.

Thanks to its easy-pour spout, you can avoid spills and mess.

Since it comes with a keep warm function, you can keep your coffee warm for a longer period.

It comes with an indicator light that alerts you when the coffee is ready. This feature ensures that your guests can savor a consistently warm cup of coffee throughout your event.

7) SYBO 2022

SYBO 2022

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It can brew 100 cups in just 40 minutes which makes it ideal for catering services, restaurants, churches, schools, offices, and more.

Its durable food-grade 304 stainless steel body protects it from dents and maintains its appearance over time.

It comes with coffee-level marking that make filling and measuring water easy.

It includes a 304 stainless steel filter basket which eliminates the need for paper filters and makes its cleaning easy.

It also comes with the features like automatic shut-off and keep-warm function to enhance safety.

Its easy-to-read "heat and keep warm" indicator light lets you know when your coffee is ready to be served.

What is a coffee urn?

It is a large metal, container which designed for brewing and dispensing a significant amount of coffee.

It is generally used in commercial settings, events, and large gatherings where you have to serve coffee in a large volume.

They are available in various sizes to accommodate different capacities, ranging from small to large crowd of coffee drinkers.

Wrapping up

Here, I have got you covered with the best coffee urns.



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