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9 Best Espresso Machines Under $200 in 2024

Audrey Harrison
Home brewer

If you are an espresso lover, having a single or double shot of espresso can be a great way to start your day.

And it is even better if you get it at the quick start of your morning at home which is only possible if you have a personal espresso maker at home.

In this article, I will provide you a list of the best espresso machines under $200.

Let’s start.

Things to consider when buying an espresso machine for under $200

1) Type of Espresso Machine

It is essential to consider the type of machine that best suits your preferences and expertise level. Manual machines offer complete control but require a learning curve, while automatic machines simplify the process.

Semi-automatic machines strike a balance, providing control over the brewing process while offering some automation.

2) Check the Pressure it can exert

The bar pressure of an espresso machine is crucial for achieving optimal extraction. Espresso machines typically require around 9 bars of pressure to produce a rich and flavorful espresso.

Ensure that the machine you select meets this standard, as the right pressure is fundamental to the quality of your coffee.

3) Check its size and design

The physical dimensions and design aesthetics of the espresso machine should align with your kitchen space and personal preferences.

Consider the available countertop space and choose a machine that not only fits comfortably but also complements the overall design of your kitchen.

4) Ease of Use

Look for a user-friendly espresso machine, especially if you are new to home brewing. Intuitive controls and a straightforward design can significantly enhance your experience.

A machine that is easy to operate ensures that you can consistently enjoy a delicious cup of espresso without unnecessary complications.

5) Consider its water tank capacity

The water tank capacity of the espresso machine is a practical consideration. A larger water reservoir means less frequent refilling, making it more convenient for those who enjoy multiple cups throughout the day.

Assess your coffee consumption habits and choose a machine with an appropriate-sized water tank.

6) Build Quality

Assess the build quality and materials used in the construction of the espresso machine.

Stainless steel is a durable option that not only contributes to the machine's longevity but also resists rust and corrosion, ensuring a clean and safe brewing environment.

7) Check whether it comes with a steam wand or not

If you're a fan of milk-based espresso beverages like lattes and cappuccinos, the presence and quality of a steam wand become crucial.

Ensure that the machine you choose comes equipped with a reliable steam wand that is easy to clean and use which allows you to create creamy froth for your favorite drinks.

8) Grinder Compatibility

Consider whether the espresso machine has a built-in grinder or if it requires a separate one. If you already own a grinder, a machine without this feature may be suitable.

However, an all-in-one solution can be more convenient for those starting their home coffee journey.

9) Cleaning and Maintenance

The ease of cleaning and maintaining the espresso machine is essential for long-term performance. Opt for models with removable drip trays and parts that are dishwasher-safe.

Simple cleaning routines contribute to the machine's longevity and the consistent quality of your espresso.

10) Additional Features

Explore the additional features offered by different espresso machines, such as programmable settings, cup warmers, or pre-infusion options.

While these features may not be essential, they can enhance your overall coffee-making experience and cater to specific preferences.

9 Best espresso machines under $200

1) Mr. Coffee 15-bar

Mr. Coffee 15-bar

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It is semi-automatic, which includes an automatic milk frother that helps you produce espressos, cappuccinos, and lattes.

It comes with a three-button interface and automatic and manual options. It also comes with other espresso-making accessories such as a plastic tamper, a portafilter, and single and double-shot filters.

It has an auto-shutoff feature, so you don't have to wait for it to finish brewing.

Thanks to its internal cleaning function, its cleaning is so easy. Its milk and water container is removable, which makes it easy to clean. You can also put the unused milk in the refrigerator.

It comes with a 15-bar pump that helps this machine extract rich flavor during single- or double-shot espresso brewing.

It is also easy to use. You just have to press the button once for one shot and twice for a double-shot espresso drink.

You can also select the latte and cappuccino drinks using a single knob. It comes with an automatic milk frother that also creates the foam levels you want.


1) Product weight: 10.37 pounds

2) Product dimension: 8.86"D x 11.22"W x 12.6"H

3) Voltage: 110 volt

4) Wattage: 1040W


  • Semi-automatic
  • Comes with a milk frother
  • Removable milk and water tank
  • Auto shut off
  • 15-bar pressure pump
  • Easy to clean
  • Energy-efficient
  • Comes with multiple settings


  • The water reservoir is not dishwater-friendly
  • Noisy
  • Most of the body parts are made of plastic

2) De'Longhi Stilosa

De'Longhi Stilosa

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It can also be easily operated by a newbie. You can make single or double espresso, latte, or cappuccino with this brewer and get barista-quality results.

It comes with a 15-bar pressure pump, which helps you brew authentic espresso shots easily.

Thanks to the 3-in-1 filter holder, you can select one or two espresso shots at a time. This espresso machine is ESE pods compatible so even if you are having a busy morning, you can prepare your espresso quickly and easily.

It is also compatible with coffee grounds so even if you have ready-made coffee grounds rather than espresso beans, you can use them.

Thanks to its self-priming system, this espresso machine starts quickly. One of the features of this equipment is its small size, which keeps it from taking up too much room in your kitchen.

If you want to know the amount of water in the machine, the water level indicator can help you with that. Its water tank is removable, which will make it easy for you to clean.

Its drip tray is removable, so even if you have taller coffee cups, you can still use them.


1) Brewing capacity: 1200mm

2) Product weight: 9.48 pounds

3) Product dimension: 8.07"D x 13.5"W x 11.22"H

4) Voltage: 120 volt

5) Wattage: 1100W


  • High brewing capacity
  • Small size
  • Compatible with taller cups
  • Removable water tank
  • Compatible with coffee grounds as well as ESE cups
  • steam wand with easy cleaning functionality


  • No internal grinder

3) Gevi 15-bar

Gevi 15-bar

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It comes with a 15-bar, high-pressure Italian ODM pump that can get a rich layer of crema on top for you. It also helps to provide the right amount of pressure for suitable extraction and flavor and aroma-rich espresso in just 45 seconds.

Active temperature control is one of the most praised features of this equipment. It helps you to extract better flavor from the espresso beans.

It gives you complete control over the temperature while brewing espresso. It also comes with a dual thermometer; one for water and another for milk.

You can also adjust the foam and steam levels on the Gevi espresso machine and brew a customizable espresso coffee based on your taste.

Another thing that I liked about this coffee appliance is that it comes with a milk frothing wand that rotates 360 degrees, and it is also very easy to use and easy to clean. This wand helps you make milk-based drinks like cappuccinos, lattes, and even a flat white.

It also comes with a removable and transparent water tank having a water storage capacity of 50-ounce. Since it is removable, it is easy to clean as well as to refill. Like all the other espresso machines, it also comes with a portafilter, funnel, and tamper.

The cup holder at the bottom of this espresso machine is removable, allowing you to fill taller cups or mugs with delicious espresso directly from the machine.

One of the features that I liked about this espresso machine is that it comes with a heating cup holder at the top that helps you keep your espresso warm.


1) Brewing capacity: 8.45 ounces

2) Product weight: 8.42 pounds

3) Product dimension: 8.89"D x 14.4"W x 13.85"H

4) Voltage: 120 volt

5) Wattage: 1100W


  • Double temperature control
  • Comes with a temperature dial
  • The drip tray and water tank are removable
  • The froth nozzle is removable
  • 12 months warranty
  • Nipples are made up of stainless steel that won't rust easily
  • Nipples are made up of stainless steel that won't rust easily


  • No auto shut-off
  • Doesn’t come with an inbuilt coffee grinder

4) De'Longhi ECP3420

De'Longhi ECP3420

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It is made of durable ABS plastic with stainless steel accents. Some of its accessories, such as the tamper and portafilter, are made of plastic.

Though the material contains more plastic than SS (stainless steel), this machine is well-built and durable for a long time. It also includes storage for extra filter baskets underneath the lid of the water tank.

It consists of 15-bar pressure pumps and a pressurized portafilter.

You can easily adjust the pressure and change the extraction level. One of the best features of this espresso machine that we liked is its portafilter.

It is 3-in-1, so you can make a single or double shot of espresso and also use ESE pods.

It comes with adjustable controls that allow you to tailor it to your personal preferences.

It includes a self-priming feature, due to which its heating times are very fast. It doesn't take more than one minute to start brewing.

Thanks to its advanced reheating system, which maintains the optimal temperature you can brew cup after cup instantly.

You can also easily adjust or remove the bottom tray of the machine to put taller cups to fill espresso in them. This is extremely good for espresso lovers who prefer a large cup or glass of espresso.


1) Brewing capacity: 2.3 pounds

2) Product weight: 10.6 pounds

3) Product dimension: 7.25"D x 9.6"W x 11.9"H

4) Voltage: 120 volt

5) Wattage: 1100W


  • Self-priming option for a fast heating time
  • Rapid reheating
  • Fits coffee grounds and Easy to Serve Espresso (ESE) pods
  • Best for small kitchen
  • Comes with frother
  • Easy to clean
  • Simple to operate
  • Removable water tank


  • Doesn’t include a grinder
  • No auto shut-off
  • Made up of ABS plastic

5) Capresso Ultima Pro

Capresso Ultima Pro

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It is equipped with a lot of features that you only get in high-end espresso machines. For example, its self-tamping portafilter feature.

It is a feature that differentiates the Capresso Ultima Pro from its competitors.

The brew head above the portafilter is shaped like a parabolic disc, which tamps the ground coffee when you lock in the portafilter which means you don’t need to buy a separate tamper.

It has a 15-bar pressure pump, which is common in almost all espresso machines, and it is also compatible with brewing a perfect cup of espresso coffee.

This espresso machine starts its work very fast and heats up in just under ten seconds for both steaming and pulling shots. This means you won’t have to wait long between the two actions, and you'll also get your espresso coffee very quickly.

It has a 34-ounce removable water tank, which provides easy cleaning and convenient refilling.

Capresso Ultima Pro is a programmable espresso machine with an auto shut-off feature, so you don't have to stand there watching it work.

However, you can override this feature by pressing a button to stop the pump early. You can also set the machine to stop at the volume of water you want.


1) Brewing capacity: 2.1 pounds

2) Product weight: 12 pounds

3) Product dimension: 10.5"D x 12.25"W x 14"H

4) Voltage: 120 volt

5) Wattage: 1450W


  • Programmable (auto shut off)
  • Self-tamping portafilter
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to operate
  • Removable water tank


  • No steam wand included
  • It doesn’t come with a grinder
  • Heavy which reduces its portability

6) Chefman 15 bar 6-in-1

Chefman 6-in-1

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It allows you to make single and double shots of espresso, cappuccino, and latte. Chefman espresso machines come with a powerful 15-bar pressure pump and a built-in milk-frothing mechanism that help you brew a rich, delicious, and flavorful cup of espresso.

It includes a large 1.8-liter water tank. With this huge water capacity, you don't have to worry about refilling it daily. Also, you can operate this machine just by pressing a single button.

This machine also includes a control panel that includes eight buttons (with clear labels) that help you choose six different types of brews, including a clean and frothy option.

You just have to put water in the reservoir and coffee grounds in the portafilter of this equipment, then put a cup, mug, or whatever you choose to use to drink espresso over the drip tray.

Begin the brewing process with a single button press and wait a few seconds for your rich espresso. Since this machine comes with an auto-shutoff feature, it will be shut down once it completes the brewing process.

This equipment is CETL-approved and comes with advanced safety technology that makes it durable for long-term use.

It comes with an internal cleaning function, which makes it very easy to clean. So you can spend your time enjoying your espresso rather than cleaning the machine. Just press the "clean" button given on the control button.

The water reservoir, the milk reservoir, the portafilter, the portafilter baskets, the measuring scoop, the drip tray, and the removable coaster can be washed with hands and are BPA-free. The metal baskets and coasters are detachable and completely dishwasher-friendly.


1) Brewing capacity: 1.8 liter

2) Product weight: 10.58 pounds

3) Product dimension: 8.3"D x 11"W x 12.6"H

4) Voltage: 120 volt

5) Wattage: 1350W


  • Large water tank
  • Single click operation
  • The material used in machinery parts is BPA-free
  • Easy to clean
  • Internal cleaning feature
  • Superb temperature control
  • CETL-approved
  • Space-saving dimension


  • No in-built grinder

7) Hamilton Beach Latte Machine

Hamilton Beach Espresso Maker

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It comes with a 15-bar pressure pump that allows you to pull good, rich, and delicious shots of espresso.

If you like to drink milk-based espresso drinks, this machine is good for you because it also includes a steam wand that helps you prepare tasty milk-based drinks.

It contains a removable drip tray that can help you with two things: first, you can clean the tray easily, and second, you can also use taller cups. The water tank is removable and transparent.

It includes a swivel wand and a small cup warmer that keeps your espresso coffee warm.

It allows you to pull one or two shots, and that, too, in various cup sizes. It is also compatible with both ground coffee and ESE pods. So if you used to use coffee pods rather than ground coffee, you can use this espresso machine without any hesitation.

Among its many features, its patented slide and lock portafilter feature sets it apart from the competition. It also includes a swiveling steam wand that lets you steam and froth milk for lattes and cappuccinos.

It includes a 15-bar Italian pump that can supply the pressure necessary for excellent extraction of flavor and aroma from espresso coffee beans.

Similar to its other competitors, it includes a cup warmer that will keep your espresso warm. So you don't have to consume the espresso drink just after brewing your espresso.

Hamilton Beach advises us to run its espresso machine for 15 to 20 seconds before removing the cup.


1) Brewing capacity: 1.9 pounds

2) Product weight: 9.37 pounds

3) Product dimension: 9.6"D x 12"W x 11.6"H

4) Voltage: 110 volt

5) Wattage: 1350W


  • Includes a milk frother that can swivel
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to use
  • Capable of producing a latte, espresso, and cappuccino
  • Removable water tank


  • Contains plastic parts
  • Doesn’t come with a grinder

8) NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto

NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto espresso maker

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It is designed to exert pressure on the coffee pods and produce the best espresso coffee.

One of the things that I liked about this machine is that it can make at least 15 different flavors and types of espresso coffee. 

It also allows you to choose the intensity of your coffee flavors. It also comes with an interface with a 7-level LED display that notifies you when the espresso coffee is prepared.

Thanks to its 17 bars of pressure, it allows for high-level extraction for optimal flavor and aroma consistently.

This espresso machine also helps you keep the coffee fresh because it seals the capsule to prevent humidity and oxygen from damaging the coffee.

It is Dolce Gusto's proprietary technology that ensures an intensely aromatic and fresh cup every time.

One of the features of this espresso machine is that if it remains inactive for 5 minutes, it shuts itself off, which is really good when it comes to the safety of electric equipment.

The only disadvantage of this machine is that you can't make a triple espresso in one pull.

If you are in search of an espresso machine that can prepare triple shots of espresso in one pull, you should not buy this.


1) Brewing capacity: 3.89 pounds

2) Product weight: 6.83 pounds

3) Product dimension: 9.4 x 10.1 x 10.3 inches

4) Voltage: 115 volt

5) Wattage: 1460W


  • 7-level LED display
  • 17 bars of pressure for a creamier coffee
  • Auto shut off
  • Seals the coffee pods and keeps them fresh for a long time


  • Can’t prepare a triple espresso shot in one pull
  • Heavyweight

9) Kwister 20 Bar

Kwister 20 Bar Espresso Maker

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It can exert a pressure of 20 bars, which is far better for extracting the rich crema and foaming creamy milk in a short time.

Thanks to its NTC temperature control system, this espresso coffee machine with a steamer provides a constant temperature for brewing (197°F) and foaming (248°F).

It comes with a stainless steel frothing wand that can be rotated 360° so you get full steam control. One of the benefits of this wand is that it is detachable. So you can easily clean it.

It comes with a TFT touchscreen that is waterproof, dustproof, anti-fingerprint, and easy to clean. If you want to customize your espresso volume, you can choose from one shot (1.35oz), double shots (2.7oz), or even control the amount of coffee yourself.

The drip tray that comes with this espresso machine is also removable, so you can fit a big cup easily.

Apart from that, this coffee appliance is also safe for children because it comes with a child lock function. The company recommends choosing the right thickness of coffee powder to brew a good espresso.

If it's too fine, there will be standing water in the portafilter. If it's too coarse, the extraction will be too fast, and there won't be any crema.

You just need to press the On/Off button to start it. After frothing, if you still want to brew coffee, just press the steam button to enter the brewing function.


1) Brewing capacity: 1.9 pounds

2) Product weight: 9.37 pounds

3) Product dimension: 9.6"D x 12"W x 11.6"H

4) Voltage: 110 volt

5) Wattage: 1350W


  • TFT touch screen
  • Customizable espresso volume
  • Easy to operate
  • 20 bar pressure
  • Safe for children
  • Removable drip tray


  • No in-built grinder

Wrapping up

Here, I have got you covered with the top espresso makers under $200.

These machines take care of both beginners and coffee enthusiasts and offer features such as powerful brewing capabilities, frothing functionalities, and durable build materials.

While each model has its unique strengths, the overall winner depends on individual preferences, such as desired features, ease of use, and preferred design.


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