Fine ground espresso beans ground by single-dose espresso grinder

5 Best Single-Dose Espresso Grinders in 2024

Henry Muller

When brewing espresso shots, it is better to use freshly ground coffee.

However, if you use a normal coffee grinder, you will only be able to grind coffee in large amounts and you will have to store it which is not good when you are an individual.

In this case, single-dose grinders can help you.

With these grinders, you can grind the coffee in fine grind size in the amount that you exactly need for each shot of espresso.

In this article, I will give you a list of the best single-dose espresso grinders.

Let's start.

Factors to consider when buying a single-dose grinder

1) Grind consistency

Consistent grind ensures uniform extraction during the brewing process. If you choose a grinder that doesn't provide grind consistency, you will end up brewing bad espresso shots.

And that's why look for a grinder that produces a uniform particle size distribution. A top-notch burr grinder with precise settings can guarantee even grinding.

2) Grind size adjustment

Experiment is the key when it comes to espresso brewing. To find a suitable grind size, you will have to experiment with different grind sizes.

And for that, you will need a grind that allows you to adjust the 

3) Build quality and durability

Purchase a grinder that is composed of durable materials and can survive the rigors of regular use. Longevity is assured by using stainless steel or sturdy plastic construction with good build quality.

4) Noise level

If you want to use the grinder in a home or workplace where noise may be an issue, pay attention to the grinder's noise level. Models with quieter motors or noise-cancelling features are preferable.

5) Size and footprint

Single-dose grinders are often small, so be sure to take your workspace's or kitchen's available counter space into account. Choose a grinder whose size meets your requirements without sacrificing performance.

6) Ease of use and cleaning

Your overall experience will be improved by a grinder that is simple to use, has simple controls, and can be easily disassembled for cleaning. Desirable qualities include detachable burrs or parts that are simple to reach and clean.

5 Best single-dose espresso grinders

1) MiiCoffee DF64P

MiiCoffee DF64P

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It is designed to focus on espresso grinding only. It is designed so well that it reduces clumping during the grinding cycle.

It comes with 64mm stainless steel flat burrs which are durable and can be used for longer periods.

Thanks to its lid-equipped blow-out funnel, you can empty the dead space and achieve true zero retention. This helps you reduce coffee wastage.

We all know that when it comes to brewing espresso, precision is very important. This small grinder takes care of it as well. It comes with a step-less adjustment that provides an ideal range for all types of espresso shots.

It comes with a dial through which you can adjust the grind size. This provides you with complete control of grind size. So you can grind espresso beans in fine size for stronger shots and in coarse size for milder flavoring.

It also comes with a 58mm transparent food-grade dosing cup which ensures that you have the perfect vessel for your freshly ground coffee.

The dosing cup included in this is made from food-safe materials.

Along with it, the dosing cup is transparent which allows you to monitor the regrind at all times this ensures precision and cleanliness in your coffee preparation.

It also comes with an anti-popcorn hopper which is a convenient container for your pre-weighed dose of coffee beans.

This helps you have fresh coffee beans for your next brewing session.

2) MiiCoffee D40

 MiiCoffee D40 single-serving espresso grinder

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This single-dose grinder comes with a no-hopper design which allows you to put in only the exact amount of beans needed. This ensures each grind is fresh and flavorful.

It also comes with a blow-out funnel equipped with a lid that can prevent the wastage of coffee.

It is equipped with stainless steel 40mm conical burrs which can provide a consistent grind with minimal clumping.

These burrs are specifically designed to provide optimal grinding performance, ensuring that your coffee grounds are uniform.

It comes with its 95-step adjustment, so you have the flexibility to fine-tune your grind size to perfection.

It includes a dosing cup made up of food-grade stainless steel that serves as a container for your freshly ground coffee, Not only this but it can also be used as a weighing tool for your beans.

This espresso grinder also includes a magnetic cup seat which prevents the cup from moving or shifting during the grinding process. This keeps the dosing cup stable and measurement precise.

It also includes a bellow which enhances its low retention and capabilities as you can easily and effectively empty the dead space in the grinding chamber using it.

3) MiiCoffee C38

MiiCoffee C38

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It is small but it comes with some impressive features.

It is equipped with stainless steel 38mm conical burrs that can provide you with a consistent grind with minimal clumping.

What sets these burrs apart is their unique split-shaft design, which ensures stability and generates more uniform grinds.

Its minimal design allows it to easily fit under any kitchen cabinet, and it's even convenient to take with you while traveling or camping.

Since it comes with a no-hopper design and blow-out funnel, you prevent using stale coffee and wasting the coffee grounds. 

You simply need to put in the exact amount of beans needed for your brew.

With its 120-step adjustment, you have an extensive range to fine-tune your grind size.

Whether you're brewing espresso, pour-over coffee, or even French press, the C38 offers the versatility to meet your brewing preferences with ease.

It also comes with a magnetic dosing cup made of food-grade aluminum. Since it is magnetic, it remains stable and let you add grounds more precisely.

It also comes with a bellow that helps you empty the dead space in the grinding chamber. Thanks to this, you can reduce the presence of residue from previous grinds.

So whenever you start a new grinding session, you start it with a clean grind chamber.

4) MiiCoffee DF83

MiiCoffee DF83

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It is equipped with Italian-made ItalMill 83mm stainless steel flat burrs which gives you a fluffy grind with minimal clumping and consistent particle size distribution.

These large-sized burrs reduce grind time while ensuring exceptional grind quality.

You can also upgrade this DF83 model to SSP 83mm burrs for outstanding consistency and extended durability.

It comes with a dual-purpose design that offers both a large-size hopper and a bellow for single-dose grinding.

The generous 225-gram hopper capacity allows you to have enough beans for multiple drinks without the hassle of frequent refills.

It also includes bellow using which you can put in the exact amount of beans needed, ensuring maximum freshness in each cup.

It comes with a wave spring washer design that allows for proper alignment of the top burr. This feature not only ensures optimal grinding performance but also makes removing the top burr collar easy.

It also comes with a step-less adjustment and a large dial, so you have full control over the grind size, from fine to coarse.

It also comes with a 58mm metal dosing cup made of food-safe materials.

This dosing cup allows you to see the coffee grinds at all times which ensures accuracy and convenience during the dosing process.

When it comes to retention, the DF83 shines with its near-zero retention of less than 0.1 gram.

Thanks to the blow-out funnel and lid, the dead space in the grinder is completely emptied which minimizes any residue from previous grinds.

This ensures that each time you grind, you start with a clean slate and enjoy the freshest flavors in your cup.

5) Viesimple small espresso grinder

Viesimple single dose grinder

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This is operated It is made up of high-quality aluminum which makes it highly durable.

It comes with over 20 adjustable grinding settings.

It includes stainless steel burrs that produce fine and even grounds which helps you preserve the rich aroma of the coffee.

Thanks to its anti-static technology, the ground coffee chamber remains mess-free. This keeps your kitchen tidy and makes its cleaning easy.

Additionally, it also includes the unique design of the silica gel bean bin that adds to your overall user experience by improving convenience and saving coffee grounds.

This espresso grinder also doesn't let you face the clogging issue. Its propeller efficiently discharges the coffee grounds, prevents clogs, and ensures smooth operation.

As it comes with a high-grade motor, you will get enhanced grinding performance.

It is also small in size.

Although, it is very efficient at grinding. You can grind up to 30g of coffee beans per batch which ensures a fresh supply of coffee grounds whenever you need them.

It comes with a blow-out funnel equipped with a lid. This ensures that you can easily empty the dead space in the grinder.

The grinder also features an intuitive scale controller that enables you to select the desired grind size effortlessly.

With its user-friendly interface, you can adjust the settings with ease, ensuring precision and consistency in every grind.

What is a single-dose espresso grinder?

The word "Single-dose" is enough to understand it.

Where other grinders are used to grind coffee beans in large amounts, the single-dose grinders are designed to grind only the quantity of coffee required for each espresso shot.

They are small in size which makes them easy to carry and store even in the small kitchen or office area.

Why Should You Use It?

The main reason is "on-demand" grinding.

To brew perfect espresso shots, you need to use freshly roasted coffee beans.

In this case, if you use other grinders, you will have to grind coffee in large amounts, but if you use single-dose grinders, you can grind fine espresso grounds in the exact quantity that you need for each shot.

These grinders are also good for home usage because they are small and require less counter space.


Here, I have got you covered with a list of the top single-dose grinders for espresso.

These grinders' accuracy, consistency, and freshness can greatly improve the caliber of your espresso shots.

While buying them, you should consider their features like grind consistency, grind size adjustability, build quality, noise level, size, and ease of use and cleaning.


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