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6 Differences Between Latte and Iced Coffee

Audrey Harrison
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Have you ever entered your home from the scorching heat and moved your hand to get your coffee beans before you start brewing?

Boom! You have the biggest question mark in front of you- which coffee drink you make.

In this scenario, I have seen most people picking a latte. But to beat the heat iced coffee is another go-to option.

Thus to end this constant to and fro of selection, I thought why not do a complete analysis?

So that the next time I get confused, I can make the right decision. When I did this, I found that my cravings were satisfied better so I thought why not share it with you too?

So here I am sharing with you the details about latte and iced coffee. Plus I will also share with you the easiest recipe to make these drinks at home in no time.

So let's get started

Overview of Latte

What is Latte?

Latte is a flavorful coffee drink that is made by mixing espresso and milk. It even has that eye-catching latte art which adds more beauty.

Do you know the meaning of Latte in Italian is milk? Why? Because the latte has milk as the main dominating factor in this drink. Best known for its smooth and creamy texture. Milk here balances the espresso.

How to Make Latte?

Step 1: Brew an espresso

Begin by brewing an espresso shot using your favorite espresso machine or a stovetop espresso maker.

Step 2: Steam the milk

Put milk on a heat source and steam it to create a creamy and velvety texture. Once done, pour the steamed milk over the espresso shot and hold back the foam with a spoon.

Step 3: Add foam from above

Lastly, top the latte with a layer of milk foam for a finishing touch.

Overview of Iced Coffee

What is Iced Coffee?

Iced coffee is a refreshing coffee drink served cold. It has ice cubes which makes it more refreshing.

It's made by brewing coffee using any method, such as drip brewing or French press, and then chilling it before serving.

Iced coffee offers a cool and refreshing way to enjoy your caffeine fix, on hot days.

How to make Iced coffee?

Step 1: Brew a coffee

Start by brewing a pot of coffee using your preferred method, such as drip brewing or French press.

Step 2: Refrigerate it

Allow the brewed coffee to cool at room temperature, then transfer it to the refrigerator to chill.

Step 3: Serve it over ice

Take a glass, add ice cubes, and pour the chilled coffee over the ice.

Step 4: Optional additions

Lastly pour some milk, cream, sweeteners, or flavored syrups according to your taste.

Latte vs Iced Coffee: Quick Differences Explained

1) Ingredients

The latte is made with espresso and steamed milk. It provides a creamy texture and rich flavor to your coffee. On the other hand, iced coffee is served over ice. It maintains the traditional coffee taste with a refreshing chill.

2) Temperature

Latte is served hot. It offers warmth and comfort during cooler weather. In contrast, iced coffee is enjoyed cold, perfect for warm days, or as a summer drink.

3) Strength

Latte is milder in flavor compared to regular coffee, as espresso is mixed with milk. On the other side, iced coffee retains the strength of brewed coffee and has a bold flavor profile.

4) Texture

The latte is creamy and velvety, thanks to the steamed milk which provides a smooth mouthfeel. While iced coffee is lighter and less creamy, with a thinner consistency due to the absence of milk froth.

5) Caffeine content

Latte has less caffeine per serving due to the milk dilution. In contrast, iced coffee retains the full caffeine content of brewed coffee and offers a stronger kick.

6) Popularity

Latte is loved by coffee lovers for its comforting and customizable nature, often enjoyed as a morning or afternoon treat. On the other hand, iced coffee is gaining popularity,  in warmer months or regions with hot climates, valued for its cooling properties and versatility.

Iced Coffee or Latte: Which is more suitable for you?

The choice between iced coffee and a latte depends on your taste preferences. If you prefer bold flavor or need a strong caffeine kick then iced coffee is ideal.

But if you want something comforting and a coffee that can be customized then a latte is your go-to option.

Wrapping up

Here, I have got you covered with the differences between iced coffee and latte.

Both iced coffee and latte have their own pros and cons. That's all for this article.

I hope now you can pick the one from these two flavorful drinks. Give a latte a try if you have a sweet tooth. Go for iced coffee if you are running late in the morning.

So get your barista hat, pick your ingredients, and start brewing. Which team are you TEAM LATTE or TEAM ICED COFFEE?


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