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Aeropress vs Aeropress Go: Know The Exact Difference

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For a coffee lover craving a cleaner and more flavorful cup, there is nothing better than an Aeropress. It stands out in the coffee world for its rich flavor and aroma.
But wait, you must have heard of the new appliance in the coffee game! Yes! The Aeropress Go.

Well! You might wonder the difference between the two because they both share the same name and have so many similarities, but they also have certain distinctions.

Today I will share with you the difference between Aeropress and Aeropress Go, compare their features, pros, and cons, and guide you in deciding the ideal match for your coffee adventures.

Aeropress overview

What is Aeropress?

Alan Adler is the inventor behind this amazing Aeropress. Known for its versatility it is a unique coffee-brewing device designed to brew a full-bodied, clean coffee using air pressure and immersion brewing.

Its design is pretty simple and has two cylindrical chambers which are made of plastic. As it is lightweight and durable, it is ideal for both home use and travel.

It works by mixing ground coffee and hot water in the chamber. Thereafter a plunger is used to create pressure and force the coffee through a paper or metal filter resulting in proper extraction of flavors and aroma.

Aeropress is best known for its quick brewing as it hardly takes a minute or two to brew a cup.


1) Quick brewing

The Aeropress can complete a cycle and brew a delectable cup of coffee in just a minute or two, which makes it ideal for busy mornings when you are running late.

2) Easy to clean

Cleanup is handy; you just have to remove the filter cap and dump the coffee grounds into the waste bin or you can use it for compost.

3) Portable

Its small size and durability make it a perfect choice for travelers and campers.

4) Complete control

You can adjust brewing parameters, such as coffee grind size, water temperature, and steeping time based on your preferences which help you yield a personalized cup.


1) Single-serve

Aeropress just brews a single cup of coffee in one cycle. It is favorable for individuals but if you are someone who brews large batches then it might not be suitable to serve you.

2) Paper filters

It generates waste as it uses paper filters, which is an additional cost.

Aeropress Go Overview

What is Aeropress Go?

You can think of it as an updated version of the original Aeropress. It is developed giving preference to portability and holds many of the features of the original Aeropress but is comparatively more compact and travel-friendly.


1) Travel-friendly

The Aeropress Go is designed keeping travelers in mind. It has a sleek design with a compact size and also includes a travel mug.

2) Easy to clean

Cleaning is very straightforward just like the original Aeropress, with the focus that you spend the least time on maintenance.

3) Perfect for outdoors

It has a very solid design which makes it excellent for outdoor adventures where durability is required.

4) Consistency

If you want a consistent cup of coffee with every brew then you can surely pick it.


1) Single-serve

As it is an updated version of the original Aeropress, it's specifically made for single-serve consumers.

2) Smaller brewing capacity

As it is comparatively more compact it can brew smaller capacity as compared to the original Aeropress.

What main changes are done in Aeropress Go?

With the need for a more portable coffee maker, Aeropress Go was developed. As compared to Aeropress it has certain variations which include:

1) Compact size

As compared to Aeropress, it is significantly smaller so you can easily carry it in your bag.

2) Comes with a travel mug

The Aeropress Go comes with a travel mug which also works as a carrying case.

3) Fewer pieces

It has fewer detachable parts which makes it simple and easy to clean.

Aeropress vs Aeropress Go: Quick comparison

1) Portability

When it comes to portability, Aeropress Go is the clear winner. It is designed with travel in mind, so it is comparatively smaller and more compact than the Aeropress.

The idea behind the travel mug focuses on multipurpose use, as the same travel mug can serve as both a brewing chamber and a cup. While the original Aeropress is quite portable, it doesn't have a dedicated travel mug.

2) Design

The original Aeropress has a traditional design that is durable in the long run. It comes with two cylindrical chambers and a plunger, which makes it a straightforward and effective brewing method.

The Aeropress Go mainly focuses on compactness and travel friendliness. It is perfect to be an all-in-one coffee maker, as its main brewing chamber also serves as a travel mug.

So if you want a coffee maker that is easy to carry and serves multiple purposes, then you must pick the Aeropress Go.

3) Brewing capacity

If compared in terms of brewing capacity, Aeropress can brew large batches, which makes it suitable for multiple servings where you want to brew multiple cups for a group of people.

While the Aeropress Go is specifically designed for single cups, its small brewing chamber is designed to serve individuals and travelers who want a compact solution.

4) Size

In terms of size, Aeropress Go is smaller. Its compact dimensions make it easy to accommodate in any bag or luggage, saving ample space.

Despite being compact, the original Aeropress is quite large due to its classic design. It is perfect for coffee lovers who do not have space issues.

5) Price

The traditional Aeropress is considered best as a cost-effective coffee brewing option. While the Aeropress Go, with its added travel mug and compact design, costs a bit more than the original Aeropress.

If you are running tight on budget, then you must choose Aeropress.

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Similarities between Aeropress Go and Aeropress

Despite the differences, the Aeropress and Aeropress Go have certain similarities:
Both coffee makers use air pressure and immersion brewing methods. Stands out for its ease of use and quick brewing times.

You can customize brewing parameters in both like grind size, water temperature, and steeping time.

Both yield a clean, flavorful cup of coffee with some bitterness.

Aeropress Go or Original: Which one should you choose?

Well! The choice between the original Aeropress and its Go version is tough. But it depends on your requirements.

If you want better portability and travel friendliness, then pick the Aeropress Go.

For larger brewing needs and a classic design, you must choose the original Aeropress.

If you're a coffee lover who focuses on versatility and wants complete control over your brewing process, both are good to go.

Wrapping up

Here, I have got you covered with the differences between the Aeropress original and Go.

Both of them are perfect for a flavorful coffee-brewing experience.

That’s all for this article. I hope now you know the details about them and can pick one that best matches your requirements.

I would suggest giving both a try and then selecting the one that best matches your preferences.


1) Scoop or stirring stick: Which is better?

Both tools are effective and work great for stirring. It's a matter of personal preference.

2) Is coffee used in both Aeropress different?

No! There is nothing like that. You can use the same coffee grounds for both coffee makers.

3) Can you fit a grinder in Aeropress Go?

It can be tricky, but some compact manual grinders can be stored inside the Aeropress Go for travel purposes.

4) Are the flavor and aroma of coffee brewed in Aeropress Go the same as Aeropress?

Yes! Both coffee makers yield similar flavor profiles with the same brewing parameters.

5) Is Aeropress Go better than Aeropress?

It depends on one's preferences and priorities. But if you want portability, the Aeropress Go is the better choice, while if you want to brew large batches, the original Aeropress might be more feasible.


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