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7 Ancient Coffee Brewing Methods

Henry Muller

Coffee has been one of the favorite drinks sipped by people all over the globe for ages. But have you ever wondered how people enjoyed coffee before these fancy machines and pre-ground beans?

The history of coffee brewing is decades old. Thus to satisfy your quest to know more about your favorite drink here I am. Today in this blog I will share 7 ancient yet different coffee brewing methods that shaped the coffee experience we know today.

What do I mean by ancient coffee brewing methods?

Ancient coffee brewing methods include traditional techniques that were used to brew coffee before modern coffee machines came into the picture.

These methods brew the best coffee using simple tools and natural techniques.

7 Ancient Methods to Brew Coffee

1) Ethiopian coffee ceremony using jebena

Ethiopian coffee ceremony using jebena

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The Ethiopian coffee ceremony is an old-age tradition appreciated and savored as the art of coffee brewing and communal bonding.

The heart of this brewing method includes Jebena, a traditional clay pot that uses an open flame to brew coffee.

The process begins by roasting green coffee beans, grinding them into a finely crushed powder, and lastly blending it with water in the Jebena.

The result is a rich and aromatic coffee often flavored with spices like cardamom.

2) Turkish way using cezve

Turkish way using cezve

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Turkish coffee is marked for its unique brewing method. It is brewed using a Cezve, best known for its intense flavor and unique preparation method.

The Cezve is simply a small pot with a long handle. It is used to brew a concentrated coffee mixing finely ground coffee with sugar and water over low flame. This coffee is traditionally served without any filtration.

Here the grounds are allowed to settle at the bottom of the cup. This classic method of brewing yields a thick and potent brew which is sipped slowly.

3) Arabic method using dallah

Arabic method using dallah

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Arabic coffee is best made in a decorated pot called Dallah. Under this method, boiled water is added in dallah, after which the ingredients like cardamom and coarsely ground coffee are added to it.

In the next steps, the coffee mixture is kept aside in Dallah for a while before serving. Dallah is a tall and slender pot that has a long spout.

The coffee made using dallah is served in finjans, which are small cups and this coffee is complemented with dates or sweets. Arabic coffee is bold and aromatic.

4) Using Geyser coffee maker

Using Geyser coffee maker

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The Geyser coffee maker is also called a Moka pot. It is an Italian method that brews the best coffee by pouring boiling water over ground coffee beans.

This method brews a strong and delicious espresso-like coffee. It is perfect for those who like bold and concentrated coffee.

What makes the geyser coffee maker stand out is its unique design and functionality. Coffee lovers globally like to have it as a morning energy booster.

Here steam pressure is used to brew this coffee. It works by adding water in the lower chamber, that creates pressure and pushes hot water through ground coffee in the upper chamber.

5) Cowboy coffee

Cowboy coffee is a simple yet useful method of brewing coffee. Here coffee is brewed over an open fire using minimal equipments.

To make cowboy coffee, all you have to do is add coarse coffee grounds directly to a pot of boiling water. Once done just let it steep before pouring it into cups.

Once the coffee is simmered for a while, the grounds are strained out, and strong, gritty coffee is served.

6) Socks coffee method

Socks coffee method

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The coffee made using the sock coffee method is termed the "sock brew". It is a traditional brewing technique.

Mostly followed by many Asian countries for their daily coffee ritual. It works by simmering coffee grounds in hot water.

The secret here is that the coffee water mixture is added to a cloth filter or sock-shaped bag, that infuses the coffee with deep flavors and results in a great, satisfying coffee.

Plus it is smooth and aromatic with rich and complex flavors. The best part about this method is its simplicity and versatility, which makes it a top preference among home brewers.

7) Coffee Cherry Tea

Coffee isn't just all about the roasted beans! You will be amazed to know that in some regions, the fruit covering the coffee bean, also called the coffee cherry, is used as a tea.

Here to make this coffee cherry tea dried coffee cherries are steeped in hot water, which produces a caffeine-free drink with a slightly sweet and fruity taste.  

If we talk about flavors, this coffee is light and refreshing, with subtle notes of dried fruit. Coffee lovers looking for a caffeine-free alternative to traditional coffee, sip it as a delightful drink.

Wrapping up

From ancient times to the current period, the coffee world has observed a drastic change.

Today brewing flavorful coffee is pretty simple and quick. That's all for this ancient coffee brewing method exploration.

I hope now you know how coffee was brewed initially and how you can make it if you ever want to sip some historical coffee.

So get your ingredients, put on your barista hat, and start brewing.


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