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7 Best Coffee Makers For RV in 2024

Henry Muller

When you want to enjoy coffee and an RV lifestyle, you need to get a coffee maker that is suitable to be used in recreational vehicles.

With these coffee makers, you can easily make coffee even if you are on the journey.

In this article, I will provide you with a list of the best coffee makers for RV.

Let’s start with the buying guide first.

Things to consider when buying an RV coffee maker

1) Brewing Method

Coffee makers come in various types, such as drip, single-serve, French press, percolator, and more. Consider your preferred brewing method and whether it aligns with your RV's setup. Some methods are more power-efficient than others, so it's essential to find a balance between your coffee taste and your RV's power capabilities.

2) Power Source

RVs have different power sources, including electricity, propane, and batteries. Ensure your chosen coffee maker is compatible with your RV's power source. Low power consumption is key, but so is compatibility.

3) Coffee Quantity

Determine how many cups of coffee you need to brew at once. If you're an individual traveler or you and your partner prefer single cups, a single-serve coffee maker may be perfect. For larger groups or families, a larger-capacity coffee maker may be necessary.

4) Coffee Type

Consider your coffee preferences. Do you prefer ground coffee, coffee pods, or both? Ensure your coffee maker accommodates your coffee type of choice. Versatility can be a game-changer on the road.

5) Size and Space

RV kitchens are known for their limited counter and storage space. Prioritize a coffee maker that's compact and space-efficient, allowing you to make the most of your kitchen area. Collapsible or space-saving designs are a bonus.

6) Durability

RV life can be rough on appliances due to constant movement and vibrations. Look for a coffee maker that's built to withstand the rigors of the road, with durable construction and sturdy components.

7) Water Supply

Some RVs have specific water systems, and you might need a coffee maker that can tap into this system directly. Others may require a separate water reservoir. Ensure your chosen coffee maker aligns with your RV's water setup.

8) Brewing Time

RV travel often involves early morning starts. Consider the brewing time of your coffee maker. Fast brew times are advantageous, especially if you're eager to hit the road or if you have limited time to spare.

9) Cleaning and Maintenance

Look for a coffee maker that's easy to clean and maintain. RV life is already filled with chores; a coffee maker that adds simplicity to your routine can be a great asset.

10) Noise Level

Coffee makers can vary in noise levels. If you prefer a quiet morning in the serenity of nature, opt for a coffee maker with a quieter operation to avoid disturbing your fellow campers.

11) Accessories and Portability

Consider whether the coffee maker comes with accessories like a travel case, mugs, or filters. Portability features, like a built-in handle or travel bag, can make your coffee maker more convenient for RV living.

7 Best Coffee Makers for RV

1) Hamilton Beach The Scoop Single Serve Coffee Maker

Hamilton Beach The Scoop Single Serve Coffee Maker

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The first thing that strikes you about this coffee maker is its user-friendly design.

The built-in mesh brew basket doubles as a scoop eliminating the need to measure or pour coffee grounds separately. This simplicity is especially appreciated in the confined spaces of an RV kitchen. In the morning rush, convenience is key, and this coffee maker delivers.

One common frustration for RV travelers is the need to refill the coffee maker's water reservoir frequently, especially when brewing for multiple people.

The Hamilton Beach Single Serve Coffee Maker addresses this issue with its large 40 oz. removable water reservoir. With this generous capacity, you can brew multiple cups back-to-back without the hassle of refilling.

This feature saves time and minimizes interruptions during your morning coffee routine, which is particularly beneficial when you're eager to hit the road.

Budget-conscious RVers will appreciate that this coffee maker doesn't use single-serve pods or paper filters.

Instead, it relies on your choice of ground coffee. By avoiding plastic coffee pods that are expensive and environmentally unfriendly, you're not only reducing waste but also preserving the taste and aroma of your favorite beans.

It can brew up to 14 oz. of fresh coffee in mere minutes, ensuring that you don't have to wait long for that all-important first cup of the day. The fast brewing time is a game-changer, especially when you're eager to start your day's adventures or need a quick pick-me-up during a pit stop.

Whether you prefer a standard 8 oz. cup of coffee or want to fill up your 7" travel mug with 14 oz. of your favorite brew, this single-serve coffee maker has you covered.

The flip-up/down stand is adjustable, making it effortless to accommodate various cup sizes. This adaptability ensures that everyone in your RV can enjoy their coffee just the way they like it.

2) ESPSCOFE 12V Camping Coffee Makers

ESPSCOFE 12V Camping Coffee Makers

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The first thing that sets this portable espresso maker apart is its compact and space-saving design.

In the confined spaces of an RV or when traveling, every inch of space counts. This mini espresso maker doesn't occupy a large footprint, making it ideal for RV kitchens or small living spaces. Its portability extends beyond just your RV; it's equally at home in the great outdoors.

Whether you're camping, hiking, backpacking, or picnicking, this espresso maker is your reliable companion. It's designed for individuals who crave a quality espresso shot anytime, anywhere.

It offers a unique 2-in-1 brewing experience. When you have access to hot water above 194°F, simply press the button for 5 seconds to make a rich espresso, capable of serving you over 100 times.

However, the true magic happens when you're out in the wild and don't have the luxury of hot water. This camping espresso maker is designed to work with cold water, allowing you to enjoy a robust coffee 3-4 times on a single charge.

What's more, its ingenious coffee cup design ensures that your beverage maintains its temperature and mellow aroma without the need to hold the entire machine body, adding to the convenience of your outdoor coffee ritual.

It's self-cleaning – just add boiling water and press the switch for 5 seconds to rinse the machine without the hassle of capsules. For deeper cleaning, the stainless steel espresso maker can be easily disassembled, making maintenance easy.

The upper motor can be wiped clean with a wet towel, ensuring that your coffee maker remains in pristine condition for your next brew.

This electric espresso coffee maker comes with a durable and water-resistant green carrying case. The case is designed to hold up to 6 Nespresso capsules, making it perfect for travelers who like to be well-prepared.

3) French press coffee brewer

French press coffee brewer

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This coffee maker is constructed from 304 stainless steel, both on the interior and exterior, this French press is built to last. The stainless steel not only ensures the longevity of the coffee maker but also plays a crucial role in maintaining the purity and flavor of your coffee.

Also, this blog doesn’t include any plastic components that come in contact with your brew, so you can savor the full, unadulterated aroma and taste of your favorite beans.

This French press incorporates a double-wall insulated pot to keep your coffee or tea piping hot while ensuring the exterior remains cool to the touch.

This feature makes it the ideal travel companion, allowing you to enjoy a steaming cup of coffee without worrying about scalding your hands.

Whether you're at home, on the road, or out exploring in your RV, the Mixpresso French Press is designed to make your morning ritual comfortable and safe.

It comes with a 3-layer filter structure. This advanced design captures even the tiniest coffee grounds, resulting in an incredibly smooth and flavorful cup of coffee.

The filter screen is easy to disassemble and clean, ensuring that every brew is as pristine and pure as the last. With this French press, you can relish the true essence of gourmet coffee in every sip.

4) Mixpresso Single Serve Coffee Brewer

Mixpresso Single Serve Coffee Brewer

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This coffee machine provides you with the flexibility to choose between ground coffee or single-cup pods.

The quick-brewing technology ensures that your preferred brand of ground coffee is transformed into a steaming cup of joy almost instantly.

This versatility empowers you to enjoy a wide range of coffee experiences, all from the comfort of your RV or home.

Thanks to its heavy-duty construction, it's the ideal choice for a solo coffee enthusiast who is on the journey.

You also can program this coffee maker to prepare 5-cup sizes, ranging from a 6-ounce pick-me-up to a satisfying 14-ounce cup, ensuring that you wake up with the energy and delicious taste you deserve.

This RV coffee maker comes with a generous 30-ounce removable water tank. The clearly marked scale allows you to prepare multiple cups of hot coffee without the constant need to refill.

It's compact and durable, making it a perfect fit for your RV's kitchen or any small living space. The removable drip tray adds to its practicality by allowing you to adjust the height to prevent coffee spillage.

This personal coffee maker can accommodate travel mugs up to 7.2 inches in height or standard cups, adapting to your specific needs seamlessly.

5) Outin Nano Portable coffee maker

Outin Nano Portable coffee maker

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This RV coffee machine features a higher efficiency battery that sets it apart from the competition, allowing you to brew one more cup than similar products.

With a single press, it not only heats the water but also expertly extracts your espresso, ensuring a hassle-free and delightful coffee experience.

The upgraded coffee cup height to 2.9 inches (compared to 1.57 inches in other brands) frees your hands from holding the portable espresso maker during the extraction process, making it incredibly user-friendly.

The efficiency of the upgraded battery is a game-changer, allowing you to brew 3-5 cups when fully charged, a cup more than many competitors. This espresso machine boasts a built-in 7500mAh rechargeable battery, offering extended use compared to other brands that can only brew 2-4 cups.

Plus, the rapid heating function ensures that cold water reaches optimal brewing temperature in just 3-4 minutes, which is a remarkable 6 minutes faster than some brands. The result is a scorching 94°C/201°F espresso, brewed under 20 bars of pressure, delivering a rich crema and incredible flavor.

It can produce 4-5 cups with 50ml of cold water and 2-3 cups with 80ml of cold water when fully charged at 25°C/77°F.

This coffee maker is leak-proof and heat-insulated, this coffee maker is engineered to ensure your safety and peace of mind. It won't cause physical harm or accidents, thanks to its smart design.

Along with these, it's also compatible with a 5V car charging adapter, allowing you to charge it wherever you go, whether inside or outside your vehicle.

6) COLETTI Bozeman Camping Coffee Pot

COLETTI Bozeman Camping Coffee Pot

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This camp coffee maker is entirely free of aluminum or plastic, ensuring that nothing leaches into your brew.

It is made with construction-grade steel and features a heat-toughened glass top, providing both longevity and a glimpse into the brewing process. The hardwood handle completes the rugged look while offering a comfortable grip.

This RV-suitable coffee maker is essential to camp kitchen equipment for those who value authenticity and safety in their wilderness experience.

It also includes a pack of medical-grade filters. Although not mandatory for operation, these filters keep finely ground coffee beans out of your brew.

The camp coffee percolator is ready to use right out of the box, but the filters are there for those who want their coffee just right.

7) Aeropress coffee maker

Aeropress coffee maker

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Aeropress is one of the most suitable types of coffee maker that you can use even if you are on the journey of longer periods. It completely needs manual effort to brew coffee.

It's the only press that unites agitation, pressure, and micro-filtration to allow you to use finer ground coffee.

The AeroPress's patented 3-in-1 brew technology is a game-changer. It eliminates bitterness and acidity, replacing them with a smooth, rich, full-bodied cup of coffee.

The option to use paper or metal micro-filters allows you to employ finer ground coffee, resulting in a faster brew time and absolutely no grit (unlike the mesh filter of a French press).

With cleanup taking mere seconds, your coffee experience is all about the flavor, with none of the fuss. The AeroPress's durable and shatterproof design is not only perfect for your daily coffee ritual but also ideal for travel, and camping, and as a thoughtful gift for fellow coffee enthusiasts.

What is an RV coffee maker?

An RV coffee maker is a specialized coffee brewing appliance designed for use in recreational vehicles (RVs), motorhomes, campers, and other mobile or compact living spaces.

These coffee makers are specifically engineered to meet the unique requirements and constraints of RV travel.

Characteristics of RV coffee makers

1) Compact-size

RV coffee makers are designed to be space-efficient, often smaller than standard home coffee makers. They can fit comfortably in the compact kitchens or galley areas of recreational vehicles.

2) Versatile Power Sources

RV coffee makers can operate using various power sources, including electricity, propane, or manual operation. This versatility ensures that you can use them in different RV setups, whether you have access to electricity or not.

3) Portability

Many RV coffee makers are lightweight and portable, making them easy to move around within the RV or even use outdoors. Portability is essential for RV enthusiasts who may want to enjoy their coffee in various locations around their campsite.

4) Brew Capacity

RV coffee makers come in different sizes to accommodate various needs. Some are designed for single-serve brewing, while others can make multiple cups of coffee at once, catering to both solo travelers and groups.

5) Durability

Given the potential for a bumpy and rough ride in an RV, these coffee makers are often built with durability in mind. They should be able to withstand vibrations and jolts without getting damaged.

6) Brewing Options

RV coffee makers can offer various brewing methods, such as single-serve pods, drip brewing, percolation, or the use of a French press. This variety allows RV users to enjoy their preferred style of coffee.

7) Easy Maintenance

RV coffee makers are typically designed for easy cleaning and maintenance. They have user-friendly features and materials that simplify the cleaning process, which is crucial when resources like water and space are limited in an RV.

8) Safety Features

Some RV coffee makers include safety features like automatic shut-off mechanisms or spill-prevention designs. These features help ensure safety during travel and prevent accidents or damage.

9) Adaptability to RV Living

These coffee makers often feature non-slip bases or other design elements that make them suitable for the dynamic environment of an RV. This includes features to secure the appliance during travel.

10) Energy Efficiency

Given the limited power supply in RVs, some RV coffee makers are designed to be energy-efficient, consuming minimal power or propane while still producing great coffee.

Wrapping up

Here, I have got you covered with the best coffee makers for your recreational vehicle (RV).

RV coffee makers are specifically designed to be used in campervans where storing space and electricity availability are less and other possible factors like vibration and jumping are high.

I hope the list of RV coffee machines mentioned here will help you choose the right coffee machine.


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