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7 Best Espresso Beans For Breville Espresso Machines (2024)

Henry Muller

The journey of brewing a perfect espresso doesn’t end with buying the right Breville espresso machines, you must have the right coffee beans for it too.

In this article, I will be listing the best espresso beans for Breville.

Now a question arises do you need espresso beans, especially for Breville machines?

Well, your answer may be no.

But in my journey of coffee brewing, I have come across several coffee bean brands that work best with Breville espresso makers.

In this article, I will be listing the best espresso beans for Breville espresso machines.

So let’s begin.

Things to consider before buying the coffee beans for Breville espresso machine

1) Roast level

You will find espresso beans with various roast levels. It could be a light, medium, or dark roast.

If you want to hold the bean's original flavors, then you must go for lighter roasts, but if you are someone who loves strong flavors, then a darker roast will be perfect for you.

2) Freshness

Choose fresh beans. You can check for freshness with the roast date mentioned. Freshly roasted beans carry a strong aroma and taste that result in a perfect espresso shot.

3) Bean Type

The bean type depends on one's preferences. You can choose either a single-origin coffee or an espresso blend.

A single-origin bean comes from a specific region and has unique flavors. While blended ones come from different origins, resulting in a well-balanced taste.

4) Expiry date

Coffee beans start losing their taste and aroma once roasted, so you need to use the most freshly roasted beans in order to ensure you enjoy their optimum flavor.

7 Best Espresso Beans for Breville Espresso Machines

1) Lavazza super crema whole bean coffee blend

Lavazza super crema whole bean coffee blend

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Lavazza Super Crema whole beans are light-medium roasted beans. This perfect balance allows these beans to be used for a wide range of espresso extraction methods.

The taste experience provided by these beans is delightful. One of the favorite things I like about it is its mild and creamy flavor.

The combination of 60% Arabica and 40% Robusta beans plays a significant role in this rich taste profile.

The Arabica beans contribute a smooth, nuanced taste with subtle acidity, while the Robusta beans add body, depth, and a pleasant lingering aftertaste.

This masterful blend results in a balanced and satisfying espresso that satisfies both new and seasoned coffee enthusiasts.

The aroma is an important aspect of any coffee experience. And these beans are nowhere behind to provide you with the same.

Upon opening this product, you will be greeted by a captivating scent that combines the sweetness of hazelnuts with the comforting aroma of brown sugar.

These whole roasted beans maintain a fine balance between Arabica and Robusta beans, with a 60% Arabica and 40% Robusta composition.

2) Starbucks dark roast whole beans

Starbucks dark roast whole beans

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Starbucks' dark-roasted espresso beans have natural flavors. Also, they are infused with rich molasses and caramel notes, which results in a bold and robust coffee that builds the perfect foundation for brewing classic espresso drinks.

Whether you prefer a straight shot of espresso or a velvety cappuccino, this dark roast brings depth and intensity to each cup.

As we all know that Starbucks is known for its highest quality standards. It makes sure that each bag of whole-bean coffee reaches you with the same level of freshness they serve in their cafes.

This 18-ounce bag is designed to preserve the coffee's freshness, so you can enjoy a consistently excellent cup of espresso every time you brew.

This dedication to freshness ensures that you experience the full range of flavors that the carefully roasted 100% Arabica coffee beans have to offer.

Along with the Breville machines, you can also use them in various brewing methods such as drip brewers, coffee presses, pour-overs, and moka pots. You just need to maintain the grind size for different brewers.

3) Lavazza Italiano whole beans

Lavazza Italiano whole espresso beans

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Lavazza Espresso Italiano coffee beans are medium-roasted coffee beans that are roasted so well that you can ensure optimal extraction.

The medium roast allows the coffee to retain its acidity, sweetness, and subtle fruity undertones, so if you use these beans, you will be able to brew a good-quality espresso shot.

It comes with an intensity level of 5/10. So you can say that it is medium intense.

These beans have fruity and floral notes. As you grind the whole beans, an enchanting fragrance fills the air and rewards you with an amazing espresso brewing experience.

The beans used in this product are 100% Arabica beans, which are known for their smoothness, refined acidity, and diverse flavor profiles.

4) Illy Classico whole bean coffee

Illy Classico whole bean coffee

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Illy Classico medium-roasted coffee beans are the result of a perfect blend of nine premium Arabica coffee sources from around the world. This offers a good balance of flavors that leave a lasting impression.

With a medium roast profile, the beans undergo a careful roasting process that accentuates the natural sweetness of the Arabica beans while unveiling delightful notes of caramel, orange blossom, and jasmine.

The result is a complex and refined coffee that epitomizes the pinnacle of coffee artistry.

While Illy could offer a multitude of roasts and blends, they have dedicated eight decades to perfecting a singular, signature blend of 100% Arabica coffee.

If you brew espresso with these beans, it can result in a rich and velvety espresso that delights the senses with each sip.

To preserve the complexity and flavor of the Illy blend, the company employs unique pressurized packaging which not only maintains the coffee's freshness but also enhances its aroma.

5) Kicking Horse whole coffee beans

 Kicking Horse whole espresso beans

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Kicking Horse Coffee's Cliff Hanger Espresso beans are medium-roasted. These beans are Certified as 100% organic, Kosher, and cultivated under shade-grown conditions.

These beans are cultivated without the use of harmful pesticides or synthetic fertilizers.

Along with this, they are packed so well that they can preserve the taste and aroma of the coffee beans very well.

6) Eight O'Clock coffee dark Italian roast

Eight O'Clock coffee dark Itali

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Eight O'Clock dark roast coffee beans comes with distinct winey notes that awaken the palate.

The dark roast profile of Eight O'Clock Coffee brings forth a bold and strong aroma that fills the room with its enticing fragrance.

As you take your first sip, you get the captivating flavors of chocolate and caramel.

This product is made using 100% Arabica beans that ensures premium quality and exceptional taste.

Moreover, the coffee is Kosher certified, catering to the preferences of a diverse audience.

7) Lavazza gran roasted espresso beans

Lavazza gran roasted espresso beans

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Lavazza Gran Riserva includes well-rounded, dark-roasted espresso beans. When you brew espresso coffee using these beans, you can enjoy the essence of fine Italian coffee.

The velvety crema crowning your espresso shot is a sign of its exceptional quality and precise roasting.

The coffee beans used in this product are roasted and blended in Italy so you get the authentic touch of espresso beans.

The beans' consistency and quality ensure optimal extraction when used with an espresso machine. Yes, Breville as well.

Wrapping up

Here, I have got you covered with the best espresso beans for Breville.

There is nothing like the right cup of espresso. The espresso shot varies based on one's taste and choices.

I guess now you know all about the best espresso beans available to pair with your high-quality Breville espresso machine. These beans can surely serve you a soul-satisfying cup.


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