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What is Long Black Coffee?

Audrey Harrison
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Nowadays, there are so many varieties of coffee on the menu that choosing one can be confusing.

There is espresso, lattes, mochas, cappuccinos, and what jot. No matter if you like your coffee black or white, one smart thing to do is to know your coffee, and then you will be able to decide which suits your taste buds the best.

One coffee you may have frequently spotted on the barista menu must be long black coffee, so if you have often wondered what it is and how it tastes like, I am here to answer all your questions so that you can confidently order your cup of coffee next time.  

What is Long Black Coffee?

Long black coffee is an espresso drink made by adding a double shot of espresso over hot water. When this method is used to make coffee, the cream of coffee, called crema, stays intact and forms a beautiful layer on top of the drink.

The amount of water used to make this drink is very little, making the coffee flavor more distinct and strong. Long black coffee is often confused with americano, but they are different.  

The term “long black” comes from the unique method of preparing coffee. Black refers to the dark color of the drink, which comes from a large amount of coffee present in it, and long refers to the increased volume of the double espresso.  

History of long black

The history of long black coffee lies in the cafes of Italy. Traditionally,  espresso and cappuccino were the only two drinks served in Italy, but when the Americans started visiting these coffee places in large numbers, they always asked for big cups of black coffee instead of the small espresso shots they usually served.

So the barista had to adjust to the order quickly and started serving the same espresso shot in double quantity in a larger cup, which made the coffee flavor very intense.

The Americans were accustomed to a slightly lighter taste, so the drink was perfected by taking some hot water in a cup before adding espresso shots.  This is how long black coffee came into existence, it was an invention by baristas in Italy to please their out-of-town guests.  

Characteristics of long black coffee

1) Long black coffee has an intense flavor profile which comes from the interaction of hot water with robust espresso coffee. This mix gives the drink depth and satisfies those craving a strong, satisfying brew.

2) One distinct characteristic of long black coffee is the golden crema that features on the top of the drink.  It makes your cup of coffee look beautiful and adds a smooth textured layer to the otherwise bold coffee.  

3) Drinking a long black coffee is an aromatic experience for coffee lovers as it has a feel of layered aroma to it as it combines the rich earthy notes of coffee with the subtleness of hot water. The hot water enhances the scent and layer.  

How to make long black coffee?

There is nothing you need to do to make an aromatic cup of long black coffee, which is quite easy to make. You just need good quality light to medium roast coffee beans and hot water.  Here is a simple way to make yourself pong black coffee

Step 1

Grind coffee beans to a fine size, which is perfect for espresso in a grinder.

Step 2

Brew two espresso shots in an espresso machine using water of approximately 92-94°C. 

Step 3

Pour 5 to 6 ounces of water from the espresso machine to a separate tall glass. This will ensure that the water is of the same temperature as above, and this will help maintain the drink's temperature.

Step 4

Pour the espresso shots slowly over hot water and let the crema form and dissolve on top.  That's it, pretty quick!  

You may always add extra ingredients like milk, cream, cinnamon powder, or sweetener at the end to add flavors to coffee according to your taste.  

How to serve it?

Long black is usually served in a 200- 220 ml ceramic cup, which is tall and narrow to preserve its aromatic crema and to enhance its layered appearance. It is served black, but some may add milk or cream while serving to add to the taste.  

Its Regional and Cultural Variations

While originated in Italy, long black coffee has found its popularity all around the globe. It is the most celebrated drink in New Zealand and Australia. It is loved for its different qualities in different parts of the world.  

In Europe, it is highly enjoyed as an alternative to traditional espresso. Its larger volume and intense flavor have attracted many people to it.  

In America, it is celebrated for its simplicity and strength and complements the diverse coffee scene there. It has carved its niche among coffee lovers who prefer a less diluted coffee and stands out among all the variety of espresso-based drinks.

It has gained popularity in Asian countries with strong coffee cultures, like South Korea and Japan. It is loved for its strong, robust flavor and its uniqueness.  

Countrywide names of a long black coffee

1) America- Caffe americano

2) England- Black coffee

3) Australia- Long Black coffee

4) Italy- Lango

5) Japan- American Coffee

6) India- Americano

Wrapping up

Here, I have got you covered with the important information of long black americano coffee.

In conclusion, Whether you're a coffee addict or a casual drinker, exploring the world of long black coffee can offer a delightful and satisfying experience, its flavourful, aromatic, and unique form of coffee within the realm of espresso-based beverages.

So,  if you are thinking about trying a long black coffee on your next cafe visit,  do not hesitate to try it and explore its flavourful sphere.


1) Is a long black stronger than a latte?

Yes, a long black coffee is generally stronger than a latte. Milk is used in a latte with a shot or two of espresso, whereas long black coffee just has an espresso shot and water, making it more flavourful.

2) Is a long black coffee with water?

Yes, there are just one or two shots of espresso poured upon water while making a long black coffee.  

3) Do you need special coffee beans to brew long black?

No,  you just need good-quality beans.  It also depends on your preference for flavor and taste.


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